I am not saying what you think I’m saying or what I think you think I am saying. I’m just saying, 51 and 45 goals, 95 and 91 points in the last two seasons is all I’m saying. Would catapult us to contender status you’re saying or I think you’re saying and all I’m saying is you’re right. But you’re saying what I’m saying is crazy, an offer sheet? Is that what you’re saying? I may be saying that or you’re saying that and I’m saying the same thing but it’s not like it hasn’t crossed your mind, even if you weren’t saying it before, you’re saying it now or saying it because I said it but it doesn’t matter what you or I are saying. Some of you are saying 4 1st round draft picks Scribe, is that what you’re saying? Again, I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying it’s not about the picks anymore and you know this without me or you even saying it. I’m saying 7.5 million, 7 years may do it because we have  10 is all I’m saying and Stoll is a UFA next season you’re saying or you should be saying so what I’m saying to you is this is not as crazy as you think even though it is a little nuts I can still hear you saying, and that’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Say whaaaaa??

  2. I doubt Dean would do it, but damn, this would pretty much make us unbeatable.

  3. I’m just sayin’ you need some sleep…and some family time!

  4. Someone is smoking some really good weed. Ain’t gonna happen…

  5. You don’t say…

  6. This is just as likely as Mike Richards being traded….

  7. Say, who gets relegated to 3rd line C?

  8. It still is pretty crazy.

  9. I had a discussion with friend who is more knowledeable about this then I..
    he basically said when you offer a sheet to a RFA if the Team player is on doesn’t match
    it then you get the player.. contract starts from beginning. BUT that it is a Very Very uncool
    thing to do and 90 something of the time it isn’t done..BUT he did give me the example of
    Edmonton doing with Penner when he was with Sucks.
    So Bobby you are just on overdrive from the last few days of trading yes?
    GO KING GO!!!


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