So, you’ve been asking, “who is available?”

From sportscity.com, with my notes on each:

Player Team Age 2010-11 Cap # Notes
Alexander Semin Washington Capitals 26 $6,000,000 He re-signed for 1 more year @ $6.7 million. Caps would want defense in return.
Simon Gagne Tampa Bay Lightning 30 $5,250,000 Too injury prone. Surly loves him
Cory Stillman Carolina Hurricanes 36 $3,533,000 Too old to be of any real top 6 help
Marco Sturm Washington Capitals 31 $3,500,000 heh
Alexei Ponikarovsky Los Angeles Kings 30 $3,200,000 Not top 6 but really like him and he is still ours
Alexander Frolov New York Rangers 28 $3,000,000 heh heh
Erik Cole Carolina Hurricanes 31 $2,900,000 Like him a lot and advocated before trade deadline we should consider him
Sergei Samsonov Carolina Hurricanes 31 $2,533,000 Hell no
Matt Moulson New York Islanders 26 $2,450,000 He re-signed with NYI. Still bitter over losing him
Antti Miettinen Minnesota Wild 29 $2,333,000 Good production, maybe
Andrew Brunette Minnesota Wild 36 $2,333,000 Like him a lot actually but defensively…meh. Not sure he would fit.
Ethan Moreau Columbus Blue Jackets 34 $2,000,000 No way
Nikolai Zherdev Philadelphia Flyers 25 $2,000,000 Don’t know enough about him
Jussi Jokinen Carolina Hurricanes 27 $1,700,000 He would be cheap but not top 6
Alex Tanguay Calgary Flames 30 $1,700,000 He re-signed with the Flames.
Donald Brashear Atlanta Thrashers 38 $1,400,000 Get serious. Didn’t he retire?
Pascal Dupuis Pittsburgh Penguins 31 $1,400,000 Would come cheap, but, again, not top 6
Jarkko Ruutu Anaheim Ducks 34 $1,300,000 Only if we are going to use him as a Pinata
Curtis Glencross Calgary Flames 27 $1,200,000 Re-signed with the Flames.
Aaron Voros Toronto Maple Leafs 28 $1,000,000 Who?
Ryan Jones Edmonton Oilers 26 $975,000 Re-signed with the Oilers.
Ben Eager San Jose Sharks 26 $965,000 ha ha. Never in a million freaking years
Ville Leino Philadelphia Flyers 26 $800,000 Had a decent season but before this season, never heard of him. He is a Flyer though so that means he gets an edge over anyone else per Lombardi’s history
Darcy Hordichuk Vancouver Canucks 29 $775,000 Unless his name is “Kesler”, I don’t want him. We got the only former Canuck that I liked
Brad Winchester St. Louis Blues 29 $700,000 Bottom 6
Eric Boulton Atlanta Thrashers 33 $650,000 Never heard of him.
Drew Miller Detroit Red Wings 26 $650,000 I thought he was a football player
Jon Sim New York Islanders 32 $650,000 lol, I mean that in a nice way
Tanner Glass Vancouver Canucks 26 $625,000 No player named “glass” should play in Terry Murray’s system
David Koci Colorado Avalanche 29 $575,000 We already have an otherwise useless player who can fight
Jeff Taffe Chicago Blackhawks 29 $550,000 Moving right along
Chris Durno Tampa Bay Lightning 29 $550,000 Jesus
Steve MacIntyre Edmonton Oilers 29 $500,000 It’s getting worse
Mathieu Darche Montreal Canadiens 33 $500,000 Re-signed with the Canadiens.
Jeff Tambellini Vancouver Canucks 26 $500,000 Only if we can send him to the minors for the rest of his life as payback to his prick father
Sean Bergenheim Tampa Bay Lightning 26 $700,000

Now, I may have left the most interesting for last. Sean Bergenheim. HUGE playoff performance. A late bloomer. Not sure he is ready for prime time yet but if that playoff performance is any indication of what he could become, he could be one hell of a player…we’re talking Teddy Purcell kind of player…I am kidding, kind of. Back to Bergie (his new nickname) – more likely than not, the Lightning sign him but if he hits UFA status, he would be a low risk, high reward move for Lombardi at likely a very reasonable price. That is speaking Dean’s language.

For what it’s worth, I still want Tyler Kennedy.

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  1. Have to think Gagne has the edge over them all. I have a feeling Dean calls him first thing July 1st, even before Brad Richards…

  2. Slim pickens…

  3. I like the idea of picking up Gagne @ $6MM on a 2-3 year deal with Bergenheim on a 5 year in the $3-5MM. Or Bergenheim and Leino would be OK.

    I really like the idea of getting 2 of them.

    We don’t need another C moved to LW so really what’s the point of pursuing B. Richards?

  4. “Jussi Jokinen Carolina Hurricanes 27 $1,700,000 He would be cheap but not top 6”

    Rumor is that he’s asking for $4 million and will probably get $3.5/year. How is 65 points and 52 points in back-to-back seasons not a top 6? Plus he is only 27 and the Kings could use the speed and he can score in the shootout/breakaways. Put him with Kopitar and Williams and he will easily out produce Smyth. Penner-Richards-Brown is a more than solid 2nd line. Richards could get 60 assists playing with Penner and Brown.

    Too bad it sounds like he will re-sign with Carolina. :(

    Brad Richards also played LW with Tampa and won a cup. ;)

  5. IF you’re going down the road of moving a C to LW, I’d want Brooks Laich for that.

    I also wouldn’t against saving a few pennies for a modest offer to keep Poni around.

    I’d consider Zus too if he’d be willing to take a 3rd/4th line role and we could banish Westgarth to the hinterlands. Hell, I’d offer Surly or Scribe $2MM to play RW if it meant we banished Westie….

  6. Just off your list I see 3 I would really like, and 1 that I’m not sure of, for our top 6.
    B. Richards-only draw back is that he’s going to be expensive (even at a discount, we’d still have to shuffle some salaries around to make it work), but would absolutely be a great left winger for us to pick up.
    Zherdev-Absolutely incredible puck handler (probably better than any player in the Kings line up), but incredibly inconsistant, offensively, and defensively. He is only 26 though, and TM is a good coach at developing players in the defensive zone. He would come with some personal behavior issues away from the rink as well. Needs to develope some class.
    Semin-Right wings not really our problem in the top 6.
    Leino-Exactly what the Kings are looking for, and price would be manageable (once it’s been negotiated). He has only had 1 great season though, and needs to develope a mean streak.

  7. The options that are realistic:

    Jokinen – best option available.

    Laich – the conversion to wing could work.

    Zherdev: It wouldn’t really work for the Kings defensively, but he has history with Richards and played well offensively, and I am O.K. with the team having one cherry picker, Smyth can in many ways have been already classified as such. Also he is a player people always take on the short term.

    Gagne – Short term, intense history with LA Kings staff, a lot of history with Richards, coming off a strong year, likely receiving a short term contract. All that is up in the air is his on ice performance, that shouldn’t be a big deal right? /sarcasm

    Leino – Speedy, but hasn’t shown to be truly consistent yet and is rumored to be looking for a medium length contract for big dollars, far more than he is worth, but he could work. Depends on the risk Dean is willing to take.

  8. Raid the Hurricanes and take both Cole and Jokinen.

  9. I did Not want to like Poni..but begrudgingly I now do. He started off slow..I was calling him Poki..but after he was injured and rehabed, he started getting it together. I liked his try and compete attitude by the end of the season. He is a team guy which is a big plus to me.
    Now I will probably get shi* for this, but must stand up for my Fro! I watched all Ranger games this season, til his season ending injury. If you isolate a single player you can really see his skills and weaknesses. He knows his position on ice, etc. You all know him. I noticed he is not the quickest skatee this year, but still a string body that went out of his comfort zone to take the body per Tortarella’s demands. Please Don’t slam Fro.
    Brad Winchester is the dirty piece of crap that injured Fro. We Don’t want cheap shot players..we wamt skill.No thank you.
    No Nucks or stinkin sharks either!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. What if Drury is bought out by the Rangers do we try for him? He could fill a whole that was left when Simmer got traded this week. Just saying!

  11. oh wait he is a center this team could be all centers by the end of the summer!!! LOL

  12. What about Fleischmann? 26 years old, scored 31 points in 45 games last season. He’s got a weird blood condition, but if he’s medically cleared, he could be a high-risk, high-reward type player that would be great for a test run, one year deal kind of thing.

    My preference order would be Laich, Leino, Vrbata, Jokinen, Fleischmann, Dupuis, Zherdev, Higgins, Bergenheim, Cole, Upshall, Poni. Some of these guys are RWers who might just fill Simmonds’s spot on the RW or switch over to LW. I wouldn’t be against giving Scott Parse another top 6 shot. I’d rather do that than overpay for one of the guys above.

  13. You never heard about Leino before this season? Are you kidding?
    Go check his playoff stats in 2009-10, and his highlights. If the Flyers would have won the Cup, he was a Conn Smythe candidate. Dude is money in the playoffs, IMO he’s the best option out there.

    I wouldn’t mind either Laich or Gagne too.

    • I agree with the wtf about never hearing about him before. He played great in the playoffs, but he seems inconsistent to me. Maybe he wasn’t given as many good opportunities though due to Philly’s depth.

      The only problem in getting him is now Philly has more cap space and will probably be looking to keep him. Who knows though, they’ve still got to sign Simmonds and others.

  14. Ah, another thing.
    If Jussi Jokinen isn’t top6 material, I don’t know how to define him.


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