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Canes forward Erik Cole does appear headed to free agency on Friday.

Cole’s agent, Steve Bartlett, confirmed today that Cole would like to test his market value at age 32 and explore what teams might be interested in signing him.

“Erik wants to see what the options are on July 1st,” Bartlett said via email. “That is in no way a slam on the Hurricanes or his appreciation of the role they have played in his career. He has never really explored free agency in his career and feels that he is at the age when it makes sense to see all offers before deciding on what he wants to do.

Cole made $3 million last season in the second year of a two-year contract. He played 82 games and scored 26 goals, third-best on the Canes, and also had a team-high nine game-winning goals.

Canes general manager Jim Rutherford said today he was pessimistic about re-signing Cole, as well as forwards Jussi Jokinen and Chad LaRose. All become unrestricted free agents on Friday.

“I’m very disappointed,” Rutherford said.

See. Told you. I think the LA Kings go for him or, possibly, Jussi Jokinen. GO KINGS!

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  1. I would still rather have Jokinen. Younger with more speed.

    • Younger, inconsistent, little to no physical game, with a good skill set. Does that sound like a Terry Murray type of player? Strangely, I can see the Ducks landing him.

    • We will have our chance, it is reported by the Carolina GM that Jokinen will hit free agency and he is looking for exactly what we are offering for our second line wing…

      • I have relegated myself to the conclusion that there are players that fit within Terry Murray’s structure and those that do not. A talented player without the physical game won’t make it. Jokinen won’t make it.

        • I don’t know if it’s just having a physical game. I think it’s more about being willing to dumb down one’s game at the offensive blueline, that is the recipe for success in TM’s system.

        • Under that description, neither would Penner.

          • Penner brings size and front of the net presence. That is a very important part of our system.

          • He brings size, but I would argue against front of the net presence. He is a perimeter sniper and he doesn’t use his size to a physical advantage. He is the definition of a “talented player without the physical game”.

  2. I understand what you are saying about Murray, but he has to open up the offense if he wants to keep his job, right? You can’t play a defense-first or an offense-first scheme; you must bring balance and possession.

    Washington has tried both ways and have failed miserably. All offense and bounced early. Then they went all defense like the Kings and were bounced early.

    Boston plays a more balanced style, maybe a little too open at times because they have Thomas in net, they do give up a lot of shots against, but they play a very balanced style.

    With a top 6 of Kopitar, Richards, Brown, Penner, Williams and Jokinen, the Kings could easily play a more balance style. Richards solves a lot of matchup problems for the Kings, both on offense and defense.

    Remember that Richards had more success with Murray and Stevens as his coaches. He was over a PPG while playing for them.

    I don’t know, I just like Jussi’s game more than Cole’s. Jokinen has had more success playing in the West too.

    • I hope Murray adapts. It sure would be nice to see him join the new NHL. If he does, I think we go far. If he doesn’t, he gets fired and his replacement hopefully will. This is Terry Murray’s last season if he blows it. Lombardi has taken all of his excuses away.

  3. I am not sure it is worthwhile investing a lot of money in a player this age. This could be Smyth 2.0 in terms of a big contract that in a few years is not worth it. However, for the right money could be a good deal…

  4. I like Cole, but his age does give me pause. He’s been terrific for Carolina, a true leader, and is in no way the problem with why Carolina has been on the decline for the last few years now. If DL signed him on a short term deal I wouldn’t fight it, but I would have a wait and see approach.

    I also agree that TM must open things up, with a more balanced attack, if this team is ever going to reach it’s maximum potential, it has to allow for more creativity, and less manufactured offense. A lot more flow in the offensive zone, instead of this stop, and start, grinding along the boards.

    I’m not convinced that this is TM’s last season if he doesn’t change, though. A 2nd round appearance will probably secure his job, and he’s already proven (twice) that he can coach us into the playoffs .

    Lets face it, his defense first can get us there, and if Kopi wasn’t injured, we might have even made it past San Jose, and beyond last season. I do think however, it has also hindered us from taking that next step in our developement.

    IMO Defense wins nothing, without the proper offense to back it up.

    • No team ever wins with out scoring…something true beyond hockey.

      Defense matters but you can’t win with it. “Not losing” is the defense’s role — that’s only half the battle.

  5. 21 Million available in cap space

    -5 for Doughty
    -1 for Lewis
    -1 for Richie
    -1 for Lokti
    -1 for Marty
    ( these are estimates, some if not all could get more )

    11 million left

    3+ million for Cole

    4+ million for Gagne

    2+ million for Ward

    2+ million for Kennedy

    There’s 11 million

    • The point is there is space available to fill in for Smyth, Simmonds & Poni

      Any combination could work, or the figures could be increased for 3 players

  6. Doesn’t Doughty have to be signed in the next 24 hours? I will confess, this is making me a tad nervous.

    • Doughty is a RFA, he doesn’t need to be signed before July 1st. Dean just wants it done soon so that Doughty can worry about his workouts instead of his contract.

      Bobby Ryan was signed in September last year.

  7. Holy Shit. Fraser can’t be bought out due to injury now. Tambellini needs his ass kicked.

    • Hadn’t heard about that. Do you have a link?

      • Never mind, I found it. Sometimes the hardest stuff to notice id the stuff that’s right in front of you. lol

    • The more I read about it the more I agree with you. He needs his ass kicked.

    • There has to be some way to fuck the Oilers on this one. Doesn’t this nullify the trade?

      • It does, but the Kings can’t nullify it because they can’t risk taking Smyth back a day before free agency. They need the cap space.

        • I agree. The Kings basically are just going to have to bite the bullit on this one, take a number, and screw’em later. DL doesn’t seem like a petty guy, but I hope, at the very least, Tambellini just screwed himself out of any future dealings with DL.

  8. What say all ye about taking a risk on Thomas Fleischmann?

    [Poor Medical Humor]
    If he’s on blood thinners, he could draw a lot of double minors as the blood will flow easily….
    [/Poor Medical Humor]


  9. Looks like Cole is a Canadien


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