As a sequel to Steve Tambellini is a Prick, Part I, we bring you the sequel co-starring Colin Fraser.

Colin Fraser, acquired by the LA Kings in the Ryan Smyth does his impression of Lassie and runs home trade, has an injury that will keep him out of the lineup…for the first two months of the season. The injury is allegedly more serious than just the inherent psychological defect associated with being a “former Oiler” and affects some part of his physical anatomy. It is yet unclear what the nature and extent of this physical injury may be. I have read unhealed fracture or cyst. Be happy for Fraser though – he is no longer in Canada and will therefore get proper medical care.

I can hear you reacting with piss and vinegar, wanting heads, Tambellini flogged, Taylor Hall forced to undergo dental work, or Vancouver rioters dropped off in downtown Edmonton. But, I submit to you throwing around flames in hell doesn’t solve anything. It just adds to the decor.


The Oilers, their fans, their city, is already punished daily by having this miscreant, Steve Tambellini, at their hockey team’s helm. Every season and off-season, they have to suffer through his incompetence. So, let it be. That is punishment enough. Let Karma have its way with this prick. We have over $16 million dollars in cap space and are one top six winger away from competing for the Stanley Cup. The Oilers are planning for their potential return to the playoffs in 2016. Let’s move forward. GO KINGS!