This comes from a source I trust, one that has nailed each fact he has brought to me. I learned after the last word I received from someone other than said source that I can trust only him. Because he is right. Every damn time so far. Got that? Good.

Now, here is the word. Relax about Drew Doughty. There is no signature yet but there is a deal in place. It’s awaiting signature. It may not be announced immediately. There are reasons for that. Just know that, as of 10:04pm this evening, I have heard Drew Doughty will be a Los Angeles King. I don’t have the details and, even if I did, I would not post them until it was official. But seriously, was there ever any doubt?

Deep breath.

So, this Nashville thing is pretty interest, eh? They don’t make the qualifying offer on time and a nice list of RFAs may become UFAs. It’s headed to arbitration. Some good names on that list? Perhaps. Look at that list carefully – Sergei Kostitsyn, Nick Spaling, Matt Halischuk, Chris Mueller, Andreas Thuresson, Linus Klasen and Cal O’Reilly. Anyone on that list the LA Kings may want? Any other Predator we may want? I am asking questions, not making statements. I’ll let that one percolate.

Lots of things happening.

I may be a little slow on the trigger finger the next few days as I will be distracted by sandy beaches and ocean waves but the moment I am behind a computer and hear something worth sharing, I will do so…because sharing is caring. GO KINGS!

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  1. was there ever any doubt?

    What? Have you read Hammonds blog lately?

    Seriously, that’s good news! and I’m trusting you, not your source.

    David Poile is an IDIOT! Why would anyone wait till the last minute to mail them all out at once? He had to know the list, at least a week ago (or at least part of it). I hope he loses Shea Weber. Then when they ask what happened? he can say “I’m an IDIOT!”.

    • Weber is going to arbitration so he is not on that list. I also don’t know why they wait until the last minute. In my office, one of my rules is simple: you procrastinate and I have your head on a platter.

  2. I was never worried about Doughty signing. He knows he will get fair compensation and that the Kings have a very good thing going on here.

    As far as Nashville is considered, I wouldn’t mind the Kings trying to sign Cal O’Reilly, depending on the price. Pretty good upside.

  3. Great, now I’m worried. ;)

  4. Spaling and O’Reilly are good youngsters, but nothing to write home about. Kostitsyn is what we are looking for, but I doubt Dean has interest due to his disgruntled past. I have a feeling we walk away with Gagne, makes too much sense.

    • “…makes too much sense.”

      And this is exactly why he will not be an LA Kings today or in the future. ;)

      Dean goes off the board.

  5. T Kennedy resigned with Pittsburgh. :(

  6. Word is Deano is meeting with Richards and his agent right now. Holy smokes! I didn’t think Deano would be interested.

  7. TFP and Bernstein are reporting now that Doughty wants more than Kopitar. WTF? Now way they can afford BRichards if that’s the case. They would barely have enough left over to sign anyone to fill in the holes at wing.

  8. Handzus, supposedly signed with Philly. Good for you Zuesman! Good luck.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Richards and Doughty would be nice!



    Ack, don’t like all this $7 million talk… Pretty sad that it is rumored he is seeking more money than Brad Richards, Kopitar, etc… He’s good, but he isn’t that good yet. Richards has actually won hardware, Doughty has just been nominated once and then had a down year. We all know what he is, but he wants to be paid for what he is going. Hopefully this doesn’t become long and drawn out.

    • There has been an interesting and unexpected turn that I heard about a week ago but I decided, wisely I think, to leave it alone. I am taking a wait and see on this one.


    … From that came this:

    The Kings could be waiting on the results of defenseman Shea Weber’s negotiations with the Nashville Predators, using his next contract as a comparable in negotiating with Doughty.

    … and I think that’s exactly what’s happening. Doughty is restricted; the FlyersLite pretty much hold all the cards, and because of that, they can afford to wait. The problem with this tactic is that it could negatively affect Doughty’s level of commitment to the team, which has already been negatively affected by the trade of Simmonds. Drew is still a very young man; he’s not a 30-something veteran who’s been around the block a few times and can take things more in stride.

    Drew’s impact for and his value to the team is similar to Kopitar’s. I would hope that the team has already offered him a contract in the Kopitar ballpark, but I fear that Lombardi hasn’t offered him anything or even seriously negotiated with Drew yet. Hopefully, that hasn’t been the case, because that could really come back to bite Dean in the ass.

    • You don’t think he’s offered him anything?… I would bet against that. We also don’t know which side is waiting for Weber, or if its mutual.

      Also this FlyersLite business… its really just coaching and management. Player wise we have more ex Oilers than we do ex Flyers. Stoll, Greene, Penner and Fraser vs Richards, Gagne and Williams. Unless I’m forgetting someone. Why not call us OilersLite?

      As farvas coaching and management are concerned, then yeah, we have lots o Flyers in the house. However its not just Dean who hires people he is familiar with and used to work next to. That’s true of almost every business. Nepotism makes the world go round.

      • Dean offered him a title, instead of more money… ;)

      • We also don’t know which side is waiting for Weber, or if its mutual.

        … It might be mutual. But the team holds all the cards in this case, not the player, so the burden’s on them. If Drew was unrestricted, that would be one thing. The Doughty camp can’t accept a deal if there’s been no serious deal offered. From what I know of Lombardi, and how he’s done deals in the past – perhaps Dean did make an offer and Doughty’s agent probably laughed a little and said “yeah call us back when you want to really get a deal done, OK?”

        Also this FlyersLite business… its really just coaching and management.

        … Uhh, no it’s not. Fully half of the projected top six are former Flyers. Only one of them are former Oilers, and that’s pushing it because Penner might get forced out of the top six or traded before the season starts, unless Dean needs a guy to bash next season and hasn’t found anyone else yet. I also like how you included “and Fraser” in there, as if he’s even gonna have a role next season on the team. I don’t see it, but hell anything’s possible I suppose.

        “Nepotism makes the world go round.”

        … Yeah, I know. Doesn’t mean I have to like it in every circumstance and that it’s worked best for the hockey club up to this point, because it hasn’t.

        • Your continued assumption that Dean isn’t offering Doughty any serious contracts is truly just your bias at work. He has only truly lowballed two rfa’s while he has been here- cammy and o’sullivan. Cammy we know he didn’t really want , so that isn’t comparable, and it turns out he was right with sully that he wasn’t worth very much in the end, so again, not a good comparison. You can’t count Boyle, Purcell or moulson here, totally different situations. You really have to go back to his San Jose days to see trouble in signing rfas. He signed Johnson (twice), quick, Bernier, Kopitar, brown, Richardson before arbitration, so really your assumptions about Dean here aren’t even grounded in reality or any sense of recent history.

          As for Fraser, hey, you can’t blame a Guy for using a statistic. 4 oilerrs to 3 flyers is just a fact Jack :)

          Yes the top six is half flyers (though Williams is reaily far removed drum flyer -dom and in my eyes more truly an ex hurricane. Either way, are you gonna sit here and tell me that gagne, Richards and Williams are not good players to have in the top six? All are extremely talented an proven performers and leaders. All are proven to be very good in the playoffs. So what’s the problem? You say that ‘it hasn’t worked so far’, but two of the three you are talking about haven’t Even played a game as a king yet. So there is no ‘so far’. The only So far is really Handzus, and every loved him. He worked out pretty damn well. You can’t count the other forgotten bridge players like Gauthier. So What hasn’t worked so far? The team improving every year? Improving every year isn’t good? Being forced to replace Mark Hardy because of extenuating circumstances with a Guy who helped lure gagne here and gave Richards his best two hockey seasons isn’t good? Ron Hextall isn’t good?

          I know Its funny to say flyers west and flyers light and all that as kind of a joke, because its partially true and it is funny, but I just don’t see where the vitriol for it comes from other than a strict bias against Lombardi almost regardless of the decisions he makes. Did you dislike Philly before Lombardi came along?


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