As of 9:38am, PST.

Here it is boys and girls. An open forum to talk about Free Agency. I will update this post as I get information although I will be on the road for several hours today. Regardless of my updates, chat away and post anything credible you know.

Here is what I read or know so far:

The LA Kings are meeting with Brad Richards. My first response, whaaaaa?

Dennis Bernstein claims that Doughty’s contract could top $7 million. I have not heard any number yet. We shall see.

Michal Handzus has signed with the Flyers? That is being reported. I have not seen anything official or credible on this yet. Not saying it won’t happen but just beware of bullshit today and this weekend. I do know they are “talking” and I would not be surprised if he signs there.

Larry Brooks claims that if the LA Kings sign Brad Richards, then the Rangers should one minute later put in an offer sheet to Drew Doughty. Well, Larry Brooks is a…you know what, I am not going to go there.

You can talk about Jagr if you wish…I just don’t give a damn about him or where he goes.

The Penguins have signed Tyler Kennedy. Damn.

Steve Stamkos is not close to a new deal. Interesting. I still believe one of Oilers, Islanders or Maple Leafs could offer sheet him

9:47 PST

Helene Elliott is reporting: “Tim Leiweke of Kings and Mike Altieri seen outside offices of Brad Richards’ agent. So despite Lombardi’s insistence Kings were not in hunt…yes, the Kings are making a major push for Brad Richards. they didn’t want it known but they are gong in with big presentation, big money” All together now, hmmmmm.

A Tim Leiweke quote! “We are here to meet with Brad Richards’ agent.” God, I hope he doesn’t use the “it’s about the Cap, not the cash” line again.


Ben Eager signs with Oilers. 3.3 for 3 years. Perfect for that team and Tambellini. Now, all the pricks can get together in a circle jerk.

10:10 PST

Blackhawks have signed O’D to a 1 year deal. Ahhh. I miss O’D. One of the coolest guys in the league.

10:11 PST

Leaving soon. POST WHAT YOU KNOW!

10:14 PST

Panthers inked Scotty Upshall. One less wing on the market.

One thing to keep in mind is that Dean Lombardi LOVES centers and if given the opportunity to move a center to left wing, he will do it…and so will Terry Murray. His priorities are goalie, defense, center, wing, in that order.

10:23 PST

Jaromir Jagr signs with the Flyers. Holmgren has lost his mind? No $$ details yet.

Raffi Torres goes to Coyotes. 2 years, 3.5M. Hoping he was going to Oilers. I like all the pricks in one place.

10:55 PST

Hawks signed Andrew Brunette

Ed Jovanovski lands in Florida – 4 years, $16.5M. Clearly, he has no interest in winning at this point and just wants his pay day.

11:01 PST

Jagr is over $3M for 1 year contract. Flyers may be done in UFA market.

Per Helene, Kings are in the offices of Richards’ agent and are commencing presentation. Isn’t it great having Helene? Someone that reports things as they happen?

11:13 PST

Zeus not signed with Flyers. Yet.

For the next few hours, further updates will come on Twitter – @kingsofhockey

Surly here now – 8:33AM in Maui (that’s 11:33AM for you losers still on the mainland in LA)

Yep, that’s how crazy I am. In Maui and following free agency like the obsessed fool I am. I’ll keep this going while Scribe goofs around on twitter.

Vrbata stays in Phoenix. Theodore, Goc to Florida. Avs trade a 1st and 2nd rounder for Semyon Varlamov. Talbot signs in Philly. Leino looking for buku bucks. Nashville’s RFA snafu hearing set for July 8th and Larry Brooks is still convinced that Richards covets New York just as much as Brooksie covets a mask and voice synthesizer in press scrums with John Tortarella.

11:44 PST

Jets finally make a splash, sign Derek Meech to two way contract. OK, so maybe it’s more of a shallow end toe test than a splash. All the buzz right now is on Philly signing ex Penguins. Maybe they traded Mike Richards so that he wouldn’t put black widow spiders in Max Talbots jock strap.

11:52AM PST

Canes sign goalie Brian Boucher. To clean up old news, Stars signed Vernon Fiddler, Radek Dvorak and Adam Pardy.

11:56 PST

Crazy action today. Can you say “scared shitless of looming CBA’?

Most bigger names still out there. Richards, Gagne, Leino, Cole, Connelly, Ponikarovsky…

Also, Peter Budaj signs for two years in Montreal. A shame, I really enjoyed the Kings playing against him.

12:02PM PST

Mike Rupp signs with Rangers for 3 years. Scooby Doo impersonators in New York ecstatic.


Detroit lands Defenseman Mike Commodore for 1 year.


Mike Richards is tweeting about baseball…. Dreger thinks Montreal is close to signing Erik Cole.


Pittsburgh signs Steve Sullivan. Sullivan would have stayed in Nashville if they hadn’t forgotten to mail him his last few paychecks.


Looks like Joel Ward and Roman Hamrlik to Washington and Marty Reasoner to the Islanders.


Another one bites the dust. Erik Cole to Montreal for 4 years. C’est la vie.


Cam Barker and Darcy Hordichuk to the Oilers. Poor Ryan Smyth is going to have a lot of assholes to tame in that locker room.


The wonderful Helene Elliott gives us this quote Tim Leiweke on the Brad Richards meeting.

“went well. He was very impressed. Our team did the best player presentation I have ever seen.”

I just hope this time we don’t try to woo a hockey player with Taylor Swift.


Stars sign Michael Ryder for two years @ 3.5MM per.


Versteg traded to Panthers for 2nd and 3rd round picks. Going to be very interesting to see how they do next season. Major shakeups. Does all this movement mean David Booth could be had f we don’t get Richards?


Interview with Leiweke on Richards meeting posted by Hammond:


Sabres sign Leino. 6 years, 27 million. 4.5 per year, yeesh. Ducks trade for Kurtis Foster, sending one of the all time league schmucks Andy Sutton out of Southern California and to guess where? The Oilers! That team is taking their cues from Canucks last year – load up on douche bags.


Strum to Vancouver. Dredger says personal meetings are done for the day with Brad Richards. What team didn’t bother to show up face to face? The Rangers. It will be interesting to see how long Richards takes to make a decision. Leiweke confident it won’t be dragged out too long.


Ponikarovsky gone. Carolina.


Giguere to the Avs looks likely. Will he take a backup role? They just payed a Kings’ ransom to get Varleymov, who wants to be a #1 goalie. If Giguere signs there, takes the #1 spot and Varleymov bolts for the motherland…. I will actually feel sorry for Avs fans…. But would very much enjoy the razzing come Frozen Fury.


Helene says that the Kings video presentation to Richards included messages from Jerry Bruckheimer and Kobe Bryant. Pretty cool that they put together a video just for Richards that required them to go outside of their game video library. Helene also says the deal is rumored to be about 6.5 million average salary.


Souray to the Stars for one year. Vamdermeer to the Sharks. Former King goalie Garon to the Lightning. Jamie Langenbrunner is lonely.


Panthers really want a playoff spot. Signed Fleishmann 4 years 18MM.


Oilers actually sign one of the good guys. Eric Belanger. My condolences to a player I’ve always loved. I can’t imagine that big gap in his teeth is going to feel good in the icy wind.


Benoit Poulliot and two other guys you don’t care about to the Bruins.


Brian Elliott to the Blues. Chuck Kobasew to the Avs for 1.25MM per year. Finally the Avs did something intelligent. Big fan of Kobasew.


Sorry for the lack of updates. A Blue Hawaiian called to me from the pool bar. Well, maybe 3 Blue Hawaiis… Posting now from the beach. I love you guys way too much.

By the way this is still Surly. Scribe is in San Diego… Apparently to someone who lives in the OC that is considered luxury. Back to hockey.

So we’ve got Bergenheim with the Panthers and Handzus with the Sharks. Yuck. Gave him 2.5MM for two years. I wanted Zus back for 1 year @ 2MM, so I’m not too bummed. Although not looking forward to him shutting down Kopitar. Love ya Zus, fare thee well, but not too well. On the bright side, odds for Brad Richards got slightly better with Stevie Y announcing he is out of the running, citing too big of a gap in money to bridge. That leaves the Kings, Leafs, Rangers, Philly and Calgary if you need a good laugh. Also, Rangers said to be far from highest bidder for Richards. I like our odds.


Now we are hearing Calgary’s odds for Richards might not be too bad. McKenzie puts them ahead of Kings and Leafs. Must’ve been one hell of a presentation. Calgary is tight in cap space and have not done anything yet to suggest they are going to be any better than last year. Does Brad Richards think he can be the sole difference between missing the playoffs and contending for a cup? Maybe Richards doesn’t want to be the final piece of the puzzle. If he signs in Calgary he wants to be the only piece…

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  1. Hey Zad, stop yelling on twitter!

  2. Very scary time. If we sign Richards, things explode, and we can only have him for a Kovalchuk contract and it will be nuts. Dean, Tim, and the coaching staff is there to present their offer to Richards and his agent in person so I guess that is exactly what we are willing to do… Hopefully if we sign him, Doughty signs for less. Outrage over Edmonton being retarded makes more sense.

  3. Also, LOL @ Hammond being used again and Dean telling him he is going for a mid-range signing while he and everyone else from the organization is flying over there to beg on his knees for Richards to sign with us on a cap circumvented deal :P

  4. There is so much planting of information going on right now, misdirection, it’s like counter intelligence.

  5. LoL @ Jagr to Philly. Sounds like they bought him too, offered twice the going rate.

  6. So, I hear B. Richards wants to place center. If we get him, what do our top 2 lines look like? Does MRichards move to the left wing? Kopi or BRichards for #1 center?

  7. This is really intense. Can we just get B. Richards and Doughty signed and get our Stanley Cup?

    • … If Lombardi truly felt confident enough in his ability to land Brad Richards, he wouldn’t have overpaid to get the other Richards.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Brad Richards situation. As for Doughty, we’ll see. I’m of the mind that if they weren’t far apart on money, he would have signed already.

      • You’re also of the mind that Lombardi can do almost no right.

        If your first point was true, then DL would have been going after swingers today instead of B Richards.

        Lombardi likely always planned to go after B Richards, and When M Richards became available, jumped on a sure thing instead of the uncertainty of a UFA signing. Once Smyth was gone, Lombardi proceeded with the B Richards plan now that he has the freed up cap space.

        I wont get into how grossly we disagree with your usage of the term overpaid.

        I’m sorry to say JT, I think Lombardi is going to ice quite the competitive team next season. I hope it doesn’t upset you too much ;)

      • Oh, and as for Doughty, its likely the second biggest contract that will be signed This year. Its THE most important contract to the Kings organization since Kopitar. It doesn’t bother me that they are not rushing it. I doubt an offer sheet is going to be signed and years are just as important as dollars. When they say they are alligned on money, I believe him. Cap hit is tied to years though, and as a 20 year old child, how many years he commits to is an enormously big deal.

  8. I just hope we don’t miss out on all the LW’s out there. There are a few good ones left. Sure, they are no Brad Richards, but I’d hate to miss out completely because we were swinging for the bleachers

    • Not a huge concern. Aswe all know, Lombardi prefers trades anyways. If we miss out on UFA LWs, a trade is very possible. With the addition of Mike Richards though,is giving a healthy Parse a chance that bad of an option? Sure we prefer someone more proven and big ticket, but Parse isn’t a terrible option. Still, I’m confident the Kings will make at least one more addition this summer regardless of how today and B Richards shakes out.

      • I agree. Today is only one day, and doesn’t make or break anything. The Kings will still have options, and are only seeking the best possible option, for the time being. If they come out with nothing, they’re still going to have enough to improve from where they currently are. The only question is, how much improvement they will achieve, but there will be a move somewhere.

        We’re already ahead with the Mike Richards trade. I’m greedy too, but practical.

    • If we don’t sign a UFA LWer, we let Scott Parse and Kyle Clifford try out for the spot. Not a terrible situation.

  9. Leino, Gagne, and Fleischmann are standing pat waiting to see what happens with the Richards saga, if we fail with Richards, we will overpay one of them, so at least we are leaving with something.

  10. Leino is out. Buffalo.

  11. Richards, Gagne, or Bust now. Fleischmann and Leino gone.

    • I have a good feeling about Richards. Seems like AEG finally wants a cup!

      • I think those words have been uttered before.

        • Except Richards is no Kovalchuk in many ways. But i disagree, the words ‘AEG wants a cup’ have never been spoken or typed. I’m the first. ;)

          • Definately can’t fault them for lack of effort, from what I’ve been reading.

          • I think they’ll land Richards… I feel that they are remembering how embarrassed we were being used by kovalsuck last summer and are finally taking the initiative and going to nab a true offensive tool

          • I really hope so. If we sign B. Richards and Doughty, aren’t we pretty well set? I wont be able to sit still until the season starts if this happens.

          • If we sign Richards (I consider doughty a given) I say we are not just cup contenders but cup favorites.

          • Lets hope Gretzky et all said the right things in that video! If Hollywood magic can’t sell him on being a King, nothing can!

  12. Can you say Deja Vu…….. this feels like last years drama! Good thing we have M. Richards, but we need to sign Doughty.

  13. I must see this video lol… Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, David Beckham, and Jerry Bruckheimer? This thing is sounding epic.

  14. In other happy news. Tambellini’s son has been banished to Europe.

  15. Could be Richards or bust soon. Philly talking with Gagne and it is reported there is interest on both sides. If we fail, we will be left with attempting a trade or entering the season with Parse =/ Either way we are competitive and expected to go far at least :) Happier times to be a Kings fan.

  16. NHLSourcesSay
    #Sharks agree to terms with Michael Handzus


  17. Calgary VS NY. Really TSN?

  18. Sounds like it’s going wait until tomorrow.

    Think that is good for the Kings. He needs to sleep on it.

    Now please sign Doughty.

  19. With all this talk about Brad Richards wanting to play center, if we sign him, what happens to Stoll?? Does he really get relegated to the 4th line, or do we look to move him?

    I would love to see Richards play LW, personally.

    • I’m sure the Kings have laid out (with statistics) where he would succeed in the Kings line up, and how good the Kings would be with him at which position. That’s why they brought the coaching staff.

      I do hope Kompon kept his mouth shut though.

    • One of them would be converted to wing, it is unlikely we move M.Richards to the third line like the Flyers.

  20. Gents,

    Good to hear Kings took coaching staff. GM, Coach, Captain, Rogie, Bob Miller…all would
    be good – serious and worthy of respect.

    Bryant? A movie director? Were Charlie Sheen and Ron Jeremy not available? What do these people have to do with any of the 16,005 of us or our team? I thought we were looking for a hockey player. To help us win the Cup. I never heard of these assholes when Rogie and Gary and Danny Maloney were dueling with Lemaire, Mikita and Sanderson. That kind of corporate presentation/booster garbage is enough convince any red-blooded man to instruct his agent to contact Boston, Philly or Chicago – right now – before I lose my lunch. NOW I understand why we have such UFA trouble – these assholes have no pride, and it shows.
    have such UFA difficulties.

    • It’s been reported that Gretzky was part of it. Bryant makes sense, because he’s part of the LA culture, and he’s a winner. Don’t know who else, but I’m sure it was more than just another waisted, coorporate booster shpeel. The Kings were trying something never done before, and far more thought out then any other team there. If it works, I bet this will set the precedence for future signings for all teams. If it doesn’t, then it’s just another failed attempt.

      I’m obviously hoping it does work. It’s a great idea, and it shows initiative. The Kings went the extra mile, while Yzerman just showed up. As long as the Kings made their point clear, they have nothing to be ashamed of.

      It’s also 18,118 now. It hasn’t been 16,005 since the old Forum days. Not a big deal, just thought I should mention it.

  21. Brad signs with NY Rangers…shocking the entire hockey world, oh wait, that was the big “overnight” decision for Brad?

  22. I don’t think it is a surprised to anyone. He was going to the Rangers and just went through the motions to see if anyone would offer a ridiculous deal. Time to call up Gagne since this debacle cost us everyone else :P


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