And just like that, probably as I was pressing publish on my Richards-Loktionov-Brown dream, the Kings turned around and sign former 40 goal scoring left winger Simon Gagne.

I’m over the moon, even if my dream is deferred by a year or two (or until Murray demotes Penner). Gagne, when healthy is a fantastically talented GOAL SCORING winger. This guy can snipe with the best of them. He can play defense if my memory doesn’t fail me. Injury history is the obvious concern, but our medical staff has proven to be pretty damn good and our training staff is no slouch either.

I think it is safe to say that on paper, the Kings are officially cup contenders, so long as Doughty gets signed before training camp. I’ll post more after breakfast… Still hungry and sunburned… Still crazy.

Can I get a GO KINGS GO!!!