And just like that, probably as I was pressing publish on my Richards-Loktionov-Brown dream, the Kings turned around and sign former 40 goal scoring left winger Simon Gagne.

I’m over the moon, even if my dream is deferred by a year or two (or until Murray demotes Penner). Gagne, when healthy is a fantastically talented GOAL SCORING winger. This guy can snipe with the best of them. He can play defense if my memory doesn’t fail me. Injury history is the obvious concern, but our medical staff has proven to be pretty damn good and our training staff is no slouch either.

I think it is safe to say that on paper, the Kings are officially cup contenders, so long as Doughty gets signed before training camp. I’ll post more after breakfast… Still hungry and sunburned… Still crazy.

Can I get a GO KINGS GO!!!

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  1. I am over the moon right now. This is exactly what I wanted to happen since we got Richards. So happy. Can’t wait for the season to start!



  2. Nice! If he can stay in one piece this might prove to be more significant than B. Richards. Gagne is every bit as skilled, is a true LW and has familiarity with M. Richards and the Philly-LA philosophy. This might be the piece that takes us to the top. Welcome aboard Simon and for goodness sake, stay healthy.

    • Bluntly, I take a healthy Gagne over a healthy Richards and the price tag is a consideration there BUT I just don’t see him staying healthy. Call me a pessimist on this one.

  3. An entire top six of 30+ goal scorers. Stoll and Parse on the 3rd line should provide much needed scoring depth.

    Murray better not fuck this up.

    • Seriously. Last chance Charlie.

      I still want one more veteran presence in bottom six. Not sure Parse fits on This team anymore…

      • I think if we roll out 4 lines that actually have the ability to score (meaning scratch Westgarth unless we really really need him) I think he’d be a good addition there. Say Lewis takes 3RW, a line of Parse-Loktionov-Richardson would be pretty decent.

        • Loktionov will be in Manchester. That is how Dean wants it. Stoll is UFA next year.

          There will be injuries and Loktionov will be called up first.

          A lot of chatter about Toffili taking RW3 in camp. We’ll see, should be a very competitive camp this year. Can’t wait for the development camp coming up.

        • So your saying Clifford-stoll-lewis and parse-loki-richardson is the bottom six? I could live with that.

          Only problem is we are short one natural right winger without westie. Not advocating playing him much(though he far exceeded my expectations in the playoffs) but parse doesn’t do too well on rw and Richardson has only played there very sparingly and is easily his weakest of the three positions. I hate to say It, but Richardson and Lewis are a little redundant. I love them both, but ultimately I think you keep Lewis on the roster and Richardson as your 13th spare forward and go out and get a veteran natural rw like a zubrus or Ward or someone for cheap the 4th line RW.

          • Parse-Stoll-Lewis

            That’s my bottom six. Kings have enough skill in the top six to finally create problems for other teams defensively. The Kings bottom six will be more productive without trying to use too many skilled players out of position.

            Westgarth figured it out in the playoffs and I’m fine with him getting 6 minutes a night.

          • Clifford will earn a top six role by December.

          • We have a rw that will do fine in an energy role – my man crush in a small package, Brandon Kozun. Also, don’t be surprised if Kitsyn makes the team and plays on the 4th line.

          • I had forgotten about Kozun. Right now my head is on the cup, not initiating rookies :). Kitsyn would fit that 3rd/4th line RW best. I think Kozun is the first call up if Williams goes down. Howeverr I do expect him to give it a good run at training camp. The battle between Kitsyn, Kozun and Toffoli should be really fun. Looking forward to development camp next week!

          • Didnt I read somewhere that kitsyn went back to the khl and wasn’t planning to attend camp?

          • If you did that’s news to me. He likely went home for summer but after coming over to play CHL Hockey last year I can’t imagine He would turn down his first real shot at NHL training camp. Our prospect whiz would have known about This and his only word has been he thinks kitsyn is at or near NHL ready.

          • His jaw is NHL ready, at least.

          • Actually, my initial response was no, but I think this is right. Checking on it. It wouldn’t stop him from coming to the big camp, just development camp…I think

        • meaning scratch Westgarth unless we really really need him

          … The Kings are trying to be the Philadelphia Flyers; of course they’re going to play Westgarth all 82 games. That’s a lock.

          • JT, Just get the ‘we would have been a better team with Simmonds and schenn than with gagne and m richards’ comment out of the way already.

            I’m honestly wondering if/how you think the kings wont be improved next year.

            If tortarella was our Coach and Brad Richards signed here, would you be saying negatively that he just signed here because our staff had a history with him? Sure, we have several former flyers. Most gms take on players they are familiar with, this is far from a lombardian philosophy.

            Who cares how many cups the flyers have won? Did they have brown, Kopitar, doughty, Johnson, quick or Bernier?

          • … Actually, I find this whole off-season to be quite amusing. This was the Day of Reckoning for Lombardi and Murray, and they’ve shown their true colors. If they’re gonna go down, they’re gonna go down doing what they want to do – which is try to turn this team into the Philadelphia Flyers. I respect, to a certain extent, that they’re doing it their way when push comes to shove. Obviously, that kinda makes that whole bit about “building from within” a load of B.S., and so much for trying to build their own identity instead of copycatting another franchise.

            The Kings have been there and done that, in the early part of the Gretzky era, and they had a stronger team back then. If they couldn’t win the Cup while trying to be the Oilers, what makes you think they’re going to win it while trying to be the Flyers?

          • Personally, I think that this is shaping up to be the most complete team in Kings franchise history. Having Gretzky was obviously huge, but we’re getting offense, defense, and great goaltending now, more complete overall. We’re not quite there yet, but they’re really close, and they’ll be better soon enough. If we don’t win a cup with this group of players, we wont win for another 20 years. I’m expecting WCF next season, SCF the next. I think once the Kings get past that first round they are just going to tear through teams. Just gotta get to the postseason in good position with a healthy roster.

          • I disagree. The kings are still built from within. Its practically impossible to build a team full of draft picks so I don’t know what you are expecting When you say build from within has been abandoned.

            This team has been built from within. The leaders and stars are draft picks or grew up with us. Just because we added gagne and Richards and traded away a few young guys doesn’t change That.

      • No reason to get rid of cheap scoring depth. Parse with Stoll should work well since they will face other 3rd and 4th lines.

        Which line do you try and shutdown against the Kings? How many teams have two defensive lines to compete against a healthy Kings lineup? Kopitar and Richards are top two-way centers and Stoll is perfect for the third center. Kings will have the edge in almost every matchup next year. Doughty and Johnson are the wild cards. They show up next season, the pacific should be the Kings to lose.

        Dean is the man.

        Pray for a healthy camp and pre-season.

  4. Here’s to our training and medical staff!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Just wanted to say to all you asshole morons who talk shit about Murray here comes another great player happy and proud to be under his command. Thank you and goodnight. Kings 2012 !

  6. I’m gettin nervous about Drew. Sounds like his agent might be an asshole.

    • His agent is a god that owns like 1/3 of the NHL :P It also helps that his agent is also the agent for Steven Stamkos. The two biggest RFA’s in hockey, needing contracts the same year and he is getting 10% from both of them :P Look at this freakin’ list of players….


      • Good grief. Nothing like cornering the market. Is that even legal? I wonder if players like Richardson have a six month waiting period to see their/his agent. We’ll get with you Mr. Richardson when all the important contracts are signed. :)

        I’m thinking we won’t hear about a DD signing until Stamkos signs. Stamkos will set the bar and Doughty will fall in just behind.

  7. Reaching out to all y’all. I really want to post Gagne’s full injury history and do a write up on it, but after two different, long attempts at google searches, I can’t seem to find it. I remember seeing a site that had all of a players injuries listed and explained, for Justin Williams, I believe, but I can’t remember the name or where I saw it. Does anyone know where this info is listed succinctly?

  8. Wow!

    Sydor25 pretty much summed it up for me in a nut shell “Murray better not fuck this up”.

    Aside from the concerns about porposely trying to make this the Flyers west, the Kings have actually taken some reasonably good peices from there. These are peices that are already well known to some of our key players, the coaching staff, and Management. The mix of that and our own well developed homegrown talent, is fine with me, because it’s not like these players were below average players, we’re talking about, but cream of the crop guys, who could actually help us.

    Gagne’s health for me is a concern, but then again, so was Williams health, before the season even started. What a season it could be for us, if he is healthy, and what a playoff run we could make, if that holds true.

    also, just for you Surly, GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!GO! KINGS! GO!!!

  9. I guess I saw this one coming, and feel pretty strongly about Smyth’s replacement
    Great contract…..leaves plenty of room, one of the STEALS of the UFA market.

    But what about other areas needing to be addressed, or player replacements??

    Handzus replaced by Richards, even though Stoll is the replacement and the replaced.

    Ponikarovsky’s Replacement??????? Will it be Penner???? IF the Kings are still going after David Booth??? Or will it be Dwight King???? He was really out of place along side Kopitar ( If that’s even possible) but everyone seemed out of place as his left wing last season. Dwight King had a good season in Manch, and at 6’3″ 220 he may be ready. Or will it be Parse?
    Coach Murray’s Line formula may not be what it once was now that Handzus, Poni and Simmonds are gone. His 3rd line shut down top line system may involve the 2nd line more so.

    Point being…..we may have upgraded Smyth to a slighty younger, but much more managable contract & player, but the only real upgrade has been Richards for Handuzus, which I must6 say is a serious upgrade.

    There is NO size and grit besides Clifford on the bottom 3 linesw, and most of those guys are gone in the UFA Market. Even Carcillo, who I thought was one of the guys Deano loved, signed to Chicago for less than a Mil. And when talking all this playoff preformer angles…..Hall was a standout defensive shut down forward with Tampa Bay , and was signed for a pitiful 660k for 1 more year, 6’4 220″ and Rupp at 6’5 230 not even at 1.5 Mil. and I think he’s got 2 cups.

    I read all of you setting up our bottom 3 lines with or without Westgarth……EEe gad!!!
    The talent is there, there’s talent in Manch and coming, but if the minutes needed to shut down teams, which is our coaches style involves energy without attitude, then the 1st and 2nd lines are going to have to do the majority of the dirty work, and how healthy do you think they will be by 2012.

    We need 1, and only 1 Mean Mutha f*cka, beside Clifford to remind teams to keep there heads up , if we don’t sign or trade for one, then pencil Dwight King into your line cards, and IF he fails, Jordan Nolan will be right behind.

    • You posted this comment drunk, didn’t you?

      • Mild case of the Green Leaf Bobby!!!!! But, even though it’ll take Gagne a Month or 2 of healthy play to grow on ya……..

        I was VERY, Very serious

        So who do you see Stepping into any of last seasons 3rd line or 4th line vacated jobs?

        I expect a sober outlook, I mean ……this is LA

  10. Torres to Phoenix not so expensive

    Rypien!!!!!!! the pound for pound meanest respect getting Mutha F*krrrr gets 550k from the Jets, right now that Bender Burrows is getting ready to mark his calender to take a sick day when they play Winipeg.

    Clifford has also been exposed to an open blindside haymaker…..TWICE
    This can’t be our playoff standout’s fate next season!!!!!

    If we want to hold Deano to his word, paying your dues in the minors…….the role we lack and need may also be for Johnny Zeiler!!!!!! Who steps up and plays his best hockey EVERY AHL playoff….He’s as wide as he is tall in person, has become a responsible and respected player with a serious edge…..more so than the Cluniac. You may not remember him centering our 4th line this season, but that is a positive!!!!! He came up, filled in, with no negitive attention. I can’t comfortably pencil in Westgarth every night on the 4th line like Coach Murray does.
    Lokti, Lewis will have to play short handed just so Murray can have his Goon.

    • Rick Rypien is a psychopath crazyhead. Wikipedia says so, so it must be true. No, seriously, the dude is nuts. I don’t think we need another distraction/cancer in the locker room like Avery.

      • Yup. Same reason I don’t want Torres. Fucked in the head.

      • When you put it that way, OK , if Rypien is a crazyhead IN the lockroom, OR any of the lost UFA’s and such. Let em go!!!!

        Point is The Kings need a Crazyhead on the Ice, that can contribute some Offense or Defense.

        But I’d settle for a better not F*k with my teammates kind of guy that can play

        In other words, somebody Unlike Westgarth.

  11. Another Big 3rd or 4th liner gone to our rival, Mancari to the Canucks


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