Brad Richards’ Destination Decision – New York Rangers

Brad Richards made his decision. The New York Rangers.

The New York Rangers offered John Tortorella, Brad Richards’ coach in Tampa Bay. Don’t underestimate the importance of that. Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt. That and a front loaded contract was enough.

Don’t be bitter. There was a part of me, the logical side, that did not want him. At 31, his better days are behind him and not ahead. He is still a damn good player but it is unreasonable to assume he will get better with age at 31 especially on a Rangers’ team that is still, to be kind, several players away from being a contender. On the LA Kings, Richards would have thrived. He would have been part of a layer of relentless attack and would not have drawn the opposing team’s best defenders each night. Depth does that. On the Rangers, he is “the man”, while the often injured other man plays half the season once again. This is Brad Richards’ loss far more than it is that of the LA Kings.

And I don’t know about you, but the Mike Richards trade still has a smile on my face and we are left where we began…with one more spot to fill at left wing.

Should we have left Richards alone and signed one of the mid-level free agents? You can argue that. I however advocate you can’t have it both ways. If you are going to complain that the team is not doing enough to become a contender, you cannot at the same time claim that they should have passed on a player that would have made them a Cup favorite.

This was fun and unexpected. That sneaky Dean Lombardi and his mid-range player diversion sneakiness…the sneak. GO KINGS!

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  1. With Brad in NY, Doughty just lost what little negotiating power he had. No way does an offer sheet come his way with the excess cap space the Kings have now.

    He will get less than $6 million on a 5 year deal now. He will get more if he signs for 7+ years.

  2. The Rangers once again made a stupid deal. Richards will be a 6 million cap hit in his late 30’s. Dean would be a fool to pay that much money for that term. So fuck ’em, go ahead play in New York.

    Doughty deal needs to get done, and I hope his agent doesn’t make this ugly. I get the feeling it is turning ugly fast.

  3. To be honest I’m glad we didn’t get him. The only thing I’m bitter about is that most of the “prominent” UFA are already signed as off yesterday (who’s left?). So now we have slim pickings…


  4. I do feel relieved………..

    Brad Richards would have been a dangerous weapon, but this is Terry Murray’s & Jamie Tampon’s offense. I was not sure of the fit. Also I posted here 6 month’s ago after watching a post game interview, that Brad Richards was acting like a big cry baby pussy, and we did not need this guy in our lockeroom. There’s a better fit out there……..this happened for a reason.

    Simon Gagne, still unsigned, same age as Richards, but at one time was clearly the better playerRemember that Dallas had a better record with Richards out of the lineup than when he was in the lineup this season. Their goal production was also greater when he was out!!!!
    Gagne needs to revamp his career, needs a familiar staff to get his confidence and game back.
    LA could be that place…….

    Tim Connely, still unsigned, needs to put all doubters to rest on his abilities. He could have more skill than Gagne or Richards, but his health has never given him a shot at greatness. Maybe the center position has his number,but the wing could be hisd be his savior. Could this be a signing that makes DL look like a master.

    David Booth, this trade rumor is my favorite. Good size and compete and production on a really shitty Florida team. I Know Moulson has even more production on a shitty Islander team, but this kid is still 26 and is over achieving for a former 3rd round pick. Florida seems to be bringing in new blood, and still needs to get to the cap floor. For some reason I’m getting real good vibes if this deal can be had, at what cost , who know’s……….

    More than the loss of signing Richards, was seeing Ward and Cole go. But WTF!!!!!!!! The cost was through the roof!!! 3 mil a season for Ward. 4.5 a season for Cole. Both 4 year deals!!!!
    Some GM’s seem to like prison sex!!!! But the Leino deal ( Who I didn’t want) may have been the roughest reaming of all of them.

    Onward we go, and where it stops???????

  5. I know he had ties with I Torterella, but just what is it with the homer love for 4 seasons and let alone NY. Been there, and can’t say I loved it. It’s a cluster at best even if you live on the Island or even in Westchester county, getting to the city

    California on the other hand, actually less tax, only by a .25%, earthquakes, and? You don’t have to worry about the 4 seasons, no snow unless you go to the mountains, cleaner beaches , your a hockey player making bank so send you kids to private schools and live in Orange County or in San Gabriel valley, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas. It’s not like the drive is any worse than trying to get to MSG from any part of NYC or surrounding areas.

    Just goes to show you he doesn’t really care about the cup again, he won’t be winning it in NY anytime soon. BR can rot in NYC for all I care, saddest part is we all heard he wanted his destination to be The Rangers in the first place, I really just really don’t even know why we tried with him. We all gave him credit for having brains and in the end pardon the french, went with the nutsack reaction just like Kovalchoke and chose the NYC/NJ area.

    What to do next? I’m not enamored with any of the options left out there. Make a trade or stick with what we have…

    • Van Nuys? Lol. I live in Van Nuys and the fact that you put it in the same breath as those other places tells me you’ve never been to Van Nuys! Or should I say, Mexico… The poor part. Van Nuys sucks the big one.

  6. Good luck to you B-Rich. I hope for your sake, Tortorella makes the Rangers a real contender. In other news, GO KINGS GO!

    I won’t be bitter or anything. In his interviews last night he spelled out that he wasn’t interested in the Kings. I’m not surprised at all.

  7. I was excited to see the Kings were in the running for Richards. After being used and laughed at last year I thought there was no way the “prize” of the UFA market would even look at the Kings. The fact that Richards took the night to think about an offer that he had (most likely) decided a month ago says a lot about how far the Kings have come.
    If the Kings sign Gagne do we all wear orange and black to the home opener?

  8. I was shocked we were even interested. I can only thank DL and upper management for giving the effort at landing the big players to complete our team. It’s the first time I’ve felt like they (Kings organization) actually want to build something special. It didn’t work out, so on to the next piece of the puzzle, but thanks for trying.

    Nooooooo! Zues went to the Sharks? Damn, I was much more happy when I thought he was a Flyer. I can’t root for him now.

    • This morning I woke up thinking it was all a bad dream. And its not. My favorite King is now a no good stinking shark. I think it may take a while for me to get over this one. A stanley cup would help though. Yes sir.

  9. I think the Kings dodged a bullet there.

  10. I personally feel the choice was a wrong one that he will regret. Not that I wish any ill will on him, just that LA is close to turning this franchise into something special, and he could of been a major pivot in that turn around. He made a choice (and I am thankful that, true too his word, he made the decision quickly), and that choice was right for him and his family, but the hockey world just lost out on something spectacular.

    I can’t thank him enough for making the decision quickly, and allowing us the opportunity to continue our search for that perfect fit. He could have strung this out, and did major damage to this franchise by stalling (like other players in the past have). He showed a lot of class, in making his decision quickly, and I have nothing but respect for him. Good luck today Brad Richards in New York, because tomorrow you are my enemy.

  11. The New York Rangers: Where good players go to underachieve and then get demoted or bought out.

    Good luck with that, Brad.

    I’m happy we tried to sign you because that means we were excluded from the ludicrous signing frenzy of July 1. Some of those deals are outrageous. Wisniewski for $5.5 million? Tomas Fleischmann for $4.7 million? Yeah, okay.

    We’ve got a damn good team without you, and something tells me you’ll regret your decision very soon.

    GO KINGS!!!!

    P.S. I can haz Drew Doughty contract now?

  12. I’m fairly happy that focusing on Richards stopped us from signing Leino, Flash or Cole to those ridiculously stupid contracts.

    The only one who got paid a good price that i wanted was Jussi Jokinen and he never made it to UFA in the first place, so no lost sleep over that one. Gagne is a good option and I disagree with Bobby on acquiring him, but who knows what is possible out there on the trade market. If Gagne were to play healthy all year (I know, a big if), I could see him returning to 40 goal form playing with Kopi or Richards, and on the PP, both.

    • Did you see that Toronto just signed Tim Connolly to 2-year/$9.5 million contract? LMFAO! Good God, that’s awful.

  13. There was a part of me, the logical side, that did not want him. At 31, his better days are behind him and not ahead.

    … Isn’t Simon Gagne 31? And injury-prone to boot?

    You can bet that if Brad Richards were once a Philadelphia Flyer, Lombardi would have offered a better deal, and (for once) actually gotten it done.

    I say the Kings should run out right now and trade Drew Doughty’s rights for Chris Pronger, because being a Flyer is truly the essence of hockey greatness – after all, look at all the Stanley Cups the Flyers have won in the last 35 years – certainly more than Brad Richards has won in that span oh wait … what?

    I also say that the Kings should add orange to their black and white logo to complete the effect. Maybe put a little wing on that crown, so the rest of the NHL knows exactly where they stand.

    • I am lukewarm, not to be confused with Luc warm, about the Gagne signing. I actually think Gagne is a slightly better talent and a better sniper than Richards but those injuries are worrisome, Still, it is a low risk, mid to high reward move. Your comment was dripping with greasy sarcasm by the way.

  14. I agree Deno had balls this time. I do have a question on the front loaded contract. Thought league was trying to stop this?
    Torterella and don’t forget Richards BF Avery :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. and P. S.
    The agent is the greedy one holding up Drew’s contract.
    And even though Zeus is slowing down..he is still the stud on the PK. I am bummed :(
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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