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  1. That…was…. awesome!

  2. That was great!

  3. … Ahhh, a video bagging on the Rangers – made by Maple Leafs’ fans, and Kings’ fans (wait, I mean FlyersLite fans) joining in on the laughter.

    The cup of irony runneth over.

  4. That was entertaining! Without sounding like a traitor(not!)..Rangers are. my East Cosst team(Father..my hockey mentor fron NY). Watched most games last year..
    my Fro :)
    I like their young guys..Boyle was great!
    So best to them.
    Think alot of teams will have a good season.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. … I didn’t say anything about rules, did I? Just said it was pretty ironic.

    Leafs and FlyersLite fans: “Hey Rangers, you suck! lolz”

    Rangers: “Yeah we have won a Cup in the last 40 odd years, how about you guys?”

    Leafs and FlyersLite fans: “Shit.”

  6. I had to actually listen to it twice to really catch all the brilliance in the lyrics. Absolutely hillarious. That rapper certainly has a working knowlege of Ranger affairs over the last few years. An average fan of hockey couldn’t of put that together and made it work within the confines of melodic content so successfully. A++ for creativeness, and effort. C+ for South Park cut outs.

  7. It’s funny because it’s true.

  8. Haha that was brilliant! Thanks for posting :)

  9. Damn…these guys caught the whole bit: Brashear, the scouts, you name it – all of it! I was listening and thinking about Vancouver lyrics but why bother – those lyrics write themselves, now don’t they? (start with “dumb” and “Diduk” and let it flow…)

    Too bad its kind of hard to care about GS at this point – the wit is nearly wasted on the man.


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