Here is the THN article on the winners and losers of free agency.

Here is his quote on the Kings.


Los Angeles Kings
A year after missing out on Ilya Kovalchuk, the Kings were once more passed over by the season’s biggest free agent. That may be a good thing, given the immense dollars and nonsense invested in the deals, but the fact remains the on-the-cusp Kings had to settle yet again.

Simon Gagne was a very good player until injuries and concussions slowed him down and he would have been a good pickup for someone if they could have got him for a reclamation player’s contract, but a $3.5-million cap hit for two years is too high for my taste. If being in Philadelphia and Tampa Bay didn’t help get him on track, what is to suggest L.A. will be different? This deal will also handcuff any other big splashes the Kings try to make this season and next summer.

Here is the comment I posted on his article:

Did you seriously just mention the LA Kings as a “loser” in free agency and completely miss the fact they acquired Mike Richards in a trade?

Tell me please you were on drugs, had just suffered a serious concussion when your partner lifted his knee at the wrong time or are otherwise a moron. Come up with something that justifies that neglect. Did you know the LA Kings acquired Mike Richards? Do you follow much hockey? On a different note, regarding Gagne and the “handcuff” to which you refer, are you aware that the Kings currently have $12.5 million dollars in cap space and will have an additional $13 million coming off the books by the end of the season?

Look, I don’t mind you having an opinion, but Jesus at least make it seem informed. Research is your friend. Use it or please do something else for a living because hockey and writing are clearly not in your top 100 strengths.

…and I just read your opinion on the Avalanche giving up a 1st and 2nd for Varlamov. You like that one, eh? Wow. Ok, I am going with the third reason. Moron.

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