For Part I, click Steve Tambellini is a prick.

For Part II, click Steve Tambellini is a prick, II.

Now, for Part III. This part will include the Lombardi Translator 2011 upgrade version courtesy of…moi…This is from Helene Elliott’s article.

Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi, contending the Edmonton Oilers have twice traded him players who are not able to play, said Friday he will “look at our legal avenues” to get a remedy.

“The bottom line for me, I would have rather invested my money with Bernie Madoff than invest in Edmonton’s word,” Lombardi said.

Oops. He just associated Edmonton’s word with Steve Tambellini’s word. The moment he said this, he regretted using the term “Edmonton” because he implicated an entire city into the fraud he believes was perpetuated by Tambellini. This type of blanket statement is not common for Dean, so let’s see how he fixes it later.

Lombardi initially agreed to take forward Gilbert Brule in exchange for left wing Ryan Smyth but balked when he said the Kings’ lawyers determined Brule had not been procedurally cleared following a concussion. Unwilling to void the trade because Smyth had asked to leave Los Angeles — and because Smyth’s departure would take a huge burden off the Kings’ salary cap — Lombardi agreed to instead take center Colin Fraser and a seventh-round pick in the 2012 draft.

Lombardi said he knew Fraser had suffered a fractured foot last season but was told Fraser was days away from being cleared.

However, Lombardi said the Kings’ doctors found not only an unhealed fracture but an alarming cyst in Fraser’s foot and a blood disorder. Lombardi said Fraser will require surgery that would keep him out four months. Lombardi also said Tim Leiweke, the chief executive of the Kings’ parent company, AEG, tried to broker a settlement but the Oilers have not responded to the Kings’ requests for further discussions.

Lombardi wanted blood…pun intended. Tim Leiweke doesn’t want this kind of attention if it can be avoided. Tim is an exceptional negotiator and has less rough edges so he was going to pick up the phone and call Tambellini with an opening salutation other than, “hey mother f*****”

“Tim has made several overtures to try and settle this in a fair manner to put the deal back where it’s supposed to and we’ve gotten no response,” Lombardi said. “So the heck with it, we’ll look at our legal avenues right now.

Tim called. We want an uninjured player. Give us someone that we can send to Manchester, buy out immediately or can compete for the 4th line. Tambellini has not responded. So, we are getting the league involved in this. I will research this, but I don’t believe “legal avenues” would involve a lawsuit. If the NHL cannot bring resolution, there may well be some alternate dispute resolution forum, such as arbitration.

“This kid needs surgery now, which is going to put him out four months. It’s not even close. To be told he’s going to be cleared that Wednesday and now we get him and he’s clearly not cleared and to clear him he’s going to need surgery … and that’s the one [injury] they told me about, let alone the other two. On the heels of Brule? Holy smoke.”

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you…and f*** you.

He added, “In my 20 years I’ve never had this happen once, let alone twice in one week. And people used to think maybe I was crazy but when I was scouting for Philly, Edmonton was my favorite city because of the history of the building and the crowds seemed like honest, working-class people. You still had a blue-collar feel at times. And I don’t think this conduct is emblematic of that city at all.”

There we go. The first sentence, “in my 20 years…” is an emphasis of the previous point. Steve Tambellini lied not once but twice. He is a prick. The second sentence and remaining paragraph is a tangent completely designed to make up for that overbroad statement that inadvertently implicated and included the entire city with Tambellini’s actions. Dean does a good job here to set the record straight before his earlier quote becomes a call to war by Edmonton…although, really, what are they going to do? Work up the courage, then smoke some weed and riot? Oh wait, that’s Vancouver.

Lombardi said one possible solution would be for the Oilers to take Fraser back until he’s fit to play. The Kings can’t waive or trade Fraser if he’s injured and unable to play.

To Steve Tambellini: YOU pay for his surgery, YOU take his cap hit, YOU face the consequences of your deception, YOU bastard!

An Oilers spokesman said General Manager Steve Tambellini was traveling and unavailable for comment.

Tambellini likely doesn’t give a damn.

Never a dull moment with the Kings …

I don’t know about that Helene. We’ve had some pretty dull moments.

Oh, and when asked if there had been any progress in his negotiations with restricted free agent defenseman Drew Doughty, Lombardi repeated what he told The Times earlier this week, that an agreement is not expected for a while.