Insert grain of salt between your cheek and gum. Ready? Read.

A Mart is very happy with the two year deal. It gives him a chance to prove himself. A one year contract would not have necessarily been a vote of confidence. This is. Good for Alec. Surly & I are very happy for him.

Is Brad Richardson going to remain an LA King? Good question. Don’t know the answer for certain of course but don’t be shocked if he doesn’t start the season or finish it wearing the crown. Consider this informed speculation with teeth.

Anze Kopitar may have had a minor set back in his foot healing. Nothing serious. He should be ready for camp…put down the knife…step away. No Seppuku necessary. I knew you would overreact to this.

There is a certain kid invited to camp that Dean Lombardi loves…however, we don’t know who. 3…2…1…research.

Rumors regarding Dustin Brown and any trade are crap. Treat them accordingly.

For those coveting Alexander Semin to LA (and you know who you are), don’t you think another deal would have to precede it? I think so. But who? Who? Use your head. Don’t get your hopes too up.

Keep an eye on the Nashville Predators. Since discretion is often the better part of valor, I will take the Forest Gump approach and finish with, that’s all I have to say about that.