Remember When I Told You To Relax About Drew Doughty? Well…

…relax about Drew Doughty. For those that don’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook, a head’s up that I will give you more information on Tuesday unless of course the deal is done, signed and official by then, in which case, we toast and drink. If not, look forward to some tidbits to assist your presumptively teetering sanity.

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  1. You’re such a dirty tease….. ;)

  2. He better sign, I just bought a bunch of his t-shirts at the Team LA sale!

  3. They have to get this deal done. I thought that the money end of it was good for both sides, and it was just the term that had to be worked out. If that’s still the case then give him the term that he wants. How does Lombardi propose to replace a talent like that, if he doesn’t sign?

  4. Founded or not, I love reading this. Even if you only end up spilling that AEG and Staples Center are rolling out a new selection of beers, I like to think Drew Doughty is getting his pen hand ready for signing a long-term, well deserved and financially responsible contract presented by Mr. Lombardi, this weekend. So… thank you.

    • Financially responsible leaves the team with enough money left to sign other talent that the team needs.

      I am starting to get nervous about this. Could be a major distraction for the team if this drags on. This agent of his could be a real asshole.

    • I want to see those ultra-fast, bottom-to-top beer dispensers everywhere at SC….

  5. Zach Boychuk:

    Time to hit the Calgary Stampede with Thomas Hickey and Drew Doughty

  6. Bobby, you torture and give hope simultaneously. I am now looking forward to Tuesday, which is typically the bitch day of the rest of the week.

  7. What’s so fuckin’ special about Tuesday anyway?

  8. Sign him.
    If it’s too much trade him.

  9. Oh that is freaken funny Dutch!

  10. Hmmmm, so obviously if he doesn’t sign by Tuesday, something of a news story is supposed to get leaked, Me thinks DL is going to say something that gives us the impression he could be shopping DD for a big time forward + experienced d-man so we can get back to the business of playing hockey, not that he actually intends to. But if this drags most the summer DD may have some fans turn against

    • If thats the case, way to blow the surprise. You’re like the overseas news correspondents…

      “Well Jim, we’re planning to attack at sunrise, and if the boys get some some good sleep tonight, they will definitely be ready, oh, yeah, also, that fuel depot on post is completely unguarded, so to have the bad guys hit it, would be a terrible terrible shame… Back to you in the studio!”

  11. Maybe Drew will pull a Brad Richardson and sign on the morning of the Kings Fans Cruise. Brad is the reason I am not worried about Drew. If it took until mid July for him to sign last year, Drew could take to early August.

  12. Doughty for Stamkos

    • Had he followed the example Kopitar set in the 2010 off season I might feel differently.

      In the meantime if your talking $6-7M/yr good…if that arrogant now, impossible later.

      A future great like Boyle…maybe…but what has Boyle won?

      • 6 or 7 (although no one knows the real offer except DD his agent, and DL, and they ain’t talkin) would be fine if that’s what DL feels is fair. DL isn’t just some fool who doesn’t know what he’s doing, and if he works it out to that number than I am confident that DL felt that was a fair deal.

        Funny how Stamkos is a hold out, asking for a high wage (speculative also) and yet, not only do Kingsfans not claim Stamkos is immature, selfish, huge ass hole, handcuffing his team from making neccessary improvements, but some of those same fans want to trade DD for Stamkos (who is handling his contract in the exact same manner as Stamkos).

        Seems foolish too hate DD for it, but ignore that Stamkos is doing the exact same thing (which is only opinion on wether anything is wrong with taking a while to make a deal anyways). A franchise would be foolish to let either player go anywhere, when they’ve just spent the last 3 years building a team around both their talents.

        • DL is no fool indeed and does not build a team around 1 player, neither does TB or SY, obviously stamkos ain’t even been there that long.
          DD regular sesaon numers last year unimpressive, SS the opposite, take him over Donoughty.

          • So when DD’s numbers are more impressive next season are you going to shift your loyalty again. DD had better numbers 2 years in a row before SS showed up with good numbers of his own. Maybe ask for DD back after he wins the Norris?

          • Next year? I want a piece of that crystal ball. Do you even know which DD will show? Seen him at a gym lately?

            And yes, I would feel more generous if his numbers are good next year….just as you would claim vindication.

            Shift my loyalty? If the Kings bite lets hope it isn’t an expensive Doughnut (strudel?) with a telegraphing slap shot that shows up in Germany.

  13. Is it Tuesday yet? I’m dying to know this info about Doughty.

  14. Tick Tock Tick Tock (no Kesha)

  15. It’s Tuesday….!

  16. Hello? Is today the Tuesday you were talking about?

    …more to come

  17. I’ve already hassled him on Facebook. That’ll teach him to tempt a Kings fan with the promise of information. LOL

  18. We’re waiiiiitinnnnnnnnngggggggg

  19. ZZZzZZzZzzzzZZzzZZzZZZzzZZZZZzzzzzzZzzZzzZZz

  20. Update from hammond is that there is no update…


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