Viva La Raza! Alec Martinez Signs Two Year Extension

No, I am not hispanic but that title is dedicated to all of my latin brothers and sisters (one of whom sat directly in front of me in row 119) who are big Alec Martinez fans. He shall earn $1.475 million ($737,500.00 cap hit). Well done, Alec. Now, take that game to the next level, start burying the puck, hit the 10 + goal mark and 20-25 assist plateau. I want to see this Michigan born soon to be 24 year old (July 26) push toward the top 4 and earn a bigger pay day 2 years from now. GO KINGS!

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  1. What’s a raza?

    His cap hit before was $875,00.00. Could it mean less bonuses, more strait cash, and a 1 way contract this time?

  2. ha ha. What’s a raza? It means long live the people. Regarding his dinero, he got bonuses last season, which pushed it to $875K. I don’t know yet what bonuses, if any, are included in this contract.

    • Just messin with ya.

      I suspect it would be more base pay, but it hasn’t yet posted on capgeek.

      Is his dinero a taxi driver named robert?

  3. Nice!
    I love hos enthusiasm ..wicked top of slot shot.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. What a great deal for a guy who very well could prove to be top 4 worthy halfway through the deal.

  5. Viva La Raza? Really? How about “Long live America!” And a big F-U to all idiots who put their race above the greatest country on earth–a country tthat gives people who ESCAPE from corrupt, murderous, third-world countries like Mexico the opportunity to realize their dreams in the land of the free. Congrats Alec. You are a great AMERICAN!

    • Nope. Not going to go there. There is far too much fun potential in this comment but it’s way too off topic. You may want to look up race and learn the difference between race, nationality and ethnicity. Knowledge is your friend. You can be a very proud American while respecting and honoring the latter.


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