My fealty I give to you, our readers. Not much can spur me into waking up at 6AM when I’m not getting paid to do so or don’t have a tee time to make. The opportunity to see the Kings prospects, old and new, participate in drills and scrimmage is one of those rare things that will get my anti-dawn ass out of bed and all the way down the miserable 405 to Toyota Sports Center. I don’t go to the Kings Prospect camp this coming Monday or Tuesday only to view with my eyes. I go to lend you those eyes.

I will bring a camera with me, and am hoping to get another body with a second, to video as much of the action as possible. I’m going to try to get an overview of the scrimmage action, as well as many of the drills in practice, but I think I would prefer to try to isolate a few prospects in turn. So I ask, who do you most want to see?

Right now my a plan is to focus on Tyler Toffoli, Brandon Kozun, Linden Vey and our latest first (idiot) second round pick, Chris Gibson during the scrimmage.

Any requests?

I will try to get the videos uploaded as soon as possible on Monday and or Tuesday late afternoon/evening (hoping to make both public days, will probably only make one… Looking more like Tuesday at this point).