Requests For Development Camp Video

My fealty I give to you, our readers. Not much can spur me into waking up at 6AM when I’m not getting paid to do so or don’t have a tee time to make. The opportunity to see the Kings prospects, old and new, participate in drills and scrimmage is one of those rare things that will get my anti-dawn ass out of bed and all the way down the miserable 405 to Toyota Sports Center. I don’t go to the Kings Prospect camp this coming Monday or Tuesday only to view with my eyes. I go to lend you those eyes.

I will bring a camera with me, and am hoping to get another body with a second, to video as much of the action as possible. I’m going to try to get an overview of the scrimmage action, as well as many of the drills in practice, but I think I would prefer to try to isolate a few prospects in turn. So I ask, who do you most want to see?

Right now my a plan is to focus on Tyler Toffoli, Brandon Kozun, Linden Vey and our latest first (idiot) second round pick, Chris Gibson during the scrimmage.

Any requests?

I will try to get the videos uploaded as soon as possible on Monday and or Tuesday late afternoon/evening (hoping to make both public days, will probably only make one… Looking more like Tuesday at this point).

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  1. Wasn’t Chris Gibson our 2nd Round pick?

  2. Those picks sound good. I’d also like to see some of Deslauriers.

  3. Other than the players you named, I’d also like to see Jordan Weal. Didn’t he have a few breakaways during last year’s camp?

    Too bad we can’t watch Kitsyn or Forbort this year.

  4. My brother said Weal looked good from what he saw of him today during the drills. Maybe keep an eye on him too? Btw, thanks for doing this, Zad.

    • Weal looked great last camp. What a hard and accurate shot he has.

      Alas, Zad will be otherwise occupied during camp. It will He little old me doing the filming (a good thing too… I’ve seen Scribe’s camera work :) )

  5. Thank You as I cannot make it :(
    Will rely on your judgement.
    Has anyone heard how Loktionov is doing?
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  6. How anout Ray Kausito?
    Good media guy on Twitter.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Maybe a Heidi Androl up-skirt video…??

  8. Just back from watching a few minutes of team A practice. To my untrained eye there were 3 standout forwards. A quick look at the program showed them to be….Vey, Tiffoli, and I can’t remember for sure who was the 3rd. I saw them make easy work of scoring on Chris Gibson.

    Was Kozun on Team A?



  10. Video of Czarnik & Nolan would be appreciated

  11. Sorry guys, I didn’t make it out today so the videos won’t come until tomorrow. Will keep an eye out for Kaunisto, Nolan & Czarnik. Czarnik is hard to miss. He’s huge, has hands and was very impressive I thought at last years training camp.

  12. In the meantime, read Dennis Bernstein’s great article at the fourth period about Gagne, the man, the myth,the left wing…

    Very enjoyable read. Bernstein is one of the few Kings’ media people I actually consider a writer.


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