Development Camp, Day Two Impressions

Just got home from Toyota Sports Center. I filmed the entire scrimmage, which I will post the length of in as few clips as YouTube will allow (though the camera didn’t perform quite as well as i had hoped, particularly for the action at the far end of the ice), as well as a decent number of the drills for both groups. Before I dive into organizing that mess, some general thoughts and impressions.

Standout player of the day for me was Andy Andreoff. This kid is tenacious. His work ethic is phenomenal and his hands aren’t too bad either. He scored often in drills and created his fair share of what few scoring opportunities his team (Black) had during the scrimmage. Really liked this kid.

Kozun was fun to watch as always, though I don’t think he was particularly happy with himself today. At the end of his practice session he had quite the sour look on his face while he cursed both under and over his breath. Emotional kid, that’s a good thing. In the scrimmage I was happy to see him throw what little weight he has around along the boards. He shot was hard and he gets it off quickly, but he didn’t have the accuracy going today.

If Forbort is ready for the big show in two years, we won’t feel the loss of Scuderi if today was any indication. His defensive stick work is deft, striking like a viper. He doesn’t throw his weight around like a bruiser of any sort, but he does use his size effectively to his advantage positionally. I half expected him to look tall and goofy, but he fills out his frame rather nicely for a kid.

Andrew Campbell has come a long way. I’m still far from his biggest fan, but whereas the last two years I’ve attended these camps I’ve come away thinking “what the he’ll does Lombardi see in this kid?”, this year I think I may have finally seen it. Jack of many trades, master of none. His skating has improved a great deal.

Deslaurier was quiet but always solid. As always, his skating is exceptional.

Muzzin was easily the best player on the ice. He used his size along the boards much more effectively than he had in the past.

Kaunisto was awesome to watch in the drills, but less impressive in the scrimmage, though he had a couple if nice shifts.

Speaking of which… Chris Gibson was pretty darn old in the scrimmage, but he seemed a trifle lazy to me in the drills. Whereas Jones was focused and wholly intense for every drill, Gibson didn’t seem to put forth all his effort. I guess not every can be like Quick in practice. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Czarnik is strong and fights for his ice.

Invite Alex Roach was good. Great skater and made some nice decisions with the puck, though he did fumble it a few times.

I forget who is number 72 (Nic Dowd I think?), but he has a pretty decent shot.

Vey is solid all around and had a pretty good day. He didn’t generate much in the scrimmage, but he hounds the puck. Though i echo most people’s comment that i wish I wish he was bigger.

Toffoli… Didn’t impress as much as I had hoped. I barely noticed him during the scrimmage, and though he scored a few beauties in the drills, he also sent more than his fair share of shots wide. His skating was better than last year, but still labored. I want to say he was floating out there, but I don’t trust my memory quite enough to say that for sure.

Tryout David Eddy was fun to watch in the scrimmage. He threw his weight around every chance he got.

Kopitar’s countryman Blaz Gregorc was pretty good. The poise from playing in the SEL showed. Nothing particular about his game stood out to me, but he made sound decisions with the puck and seemed to be a pretty good passer.

I know everyone wants to hear about Mersch and Shore and Schumacker, but to be honest, I didn’t notice them all that much except for Shore’s fantastic snipe (the only goal of the scrimmage).

OK… I think that’s about it. I’ll have the videos posted as quickly as my Internet connection an patience permits.

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  1. Just started uploading the scrimmage. Going to take a while… looks like about over 2 hours for each period…

    Quality turned out a little better than it seemed while I was shooting it, so at least there’s that. Hopefully Scribe will put out his damn Doughty news sooner than later to tide you over in the interim :)

    • You need a better connection…;)

      • I think the first one is done. Second in an another hour or so. Had to leave the house. Will post it soon as I get home which should be within the hour.

      • No way. He is the best. We will see when the contract details come out. You see a tweaked NMC or no trade and that may be evidence enough. Also, let me ask you this? You are Lombardi. You get a 12 year contract offer, $6.5 million dollar cap hit with a straight NMC. You accept it? I don’t. I am ok with the term except NMC. I don’t want to lose around 7 seasons of flexibility. I tweak it and go back with a limited no trade. You?

        • With a full NMC, the cap hit needs to be closer to Richards. $5.7 million cap hit with full NMC, done.

          • And if Drew wants $6.8 with a full NMC? See how that becomes the sticking point?

          • It’s still money and term. Drew isn’t worth $6.5 million on a 12 year deal.

            The whole point of the long term contract is too spread out the money. Start low and end low, just like Richards.

            I just don’t think Drew is worth $6+ million cap hit on a long term deal.

            This is why I’m not worried about Drew signing in LA. It will get done when the cap hit gets closer to $6 million on a long term deal and $5 million on a short term deal.

            I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2 year deal for $5 million. Dean isn’t going to get near what the agent wants on a long term deal, it will be up to Drew if he wants to come down to get a long term deal done.

          • While yes adding years should decrease the cap hit, we aren’t talking about a guy who is going to retire at the end of his contract. This isnt Kovalchuk, Drew is a baby who SHOULD have 15-20 spectacular years ahead of him. If Doughty is the player we think he is, at the end of a long term deal he would still be at the top of his game. So adding the kind of bogus low term years at the end wouldn’t do for Drew, and rightfully so. Also, the looming CBA makes it hard to keep the first few years low because players want to get big payouts while this CBA lasts. It’s a toughie.

          • You think Drew is worth a million more per year than Richards?


          • That’s not what I said. And Richards contract wasn’t signed with an expiring CBA.

          • So, Helene has now confirmed the LA Kings’ offer was $6.5 + for 9 years. She also confirmed what we said earlier – Dean has had their counter offer for a while. So, still think it’s not a NMC holding it up? Our source is pretty solid. I think you will find out that is exactly the hold up. Let’s take this to the new article I just posted. We can continue there.


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