Development Camp Scrimmage 2nd Period

2nd period of the development camp scrimmage. Nic Shore’s goal is at 13:50. Of course I almost missed it shifting my elbow…

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  1. Was that Cajkovski who was trying to pinch when Shore scored on that 2 on 1? Looked like Mignardi tried to drop it back to him and both players ended up facing the wrong way.

    • Yup. Except it wasn’t a drop, Mignardi tried a backhand pass to the middle to hit Andreoff I believe. It got blocked, he fought for it for a second, Cajkovsky pinched in to help and neither saw the puck pop out of the zone quickly enough.

      • Your right. I was going off of memory, and posted after watching the whole period. Should of went back and rewatched it before I posted. Good stuff, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Thanks.


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