At 7:54pm today (July 12), Helene Elliott posted the following in her article:

Don Meehan, who teams with Mark Guy in representing Doughty, said Tuesday he hadn’t spoken to the Kings about Doughty since June 23. Meehan said he assumed the Kings were focusing on their trade for Mike Richards and (ultimately futile) pursuit of free agent Brad Richards, but those deals are long done.

It’s believed the Kings are offering up to nine years at more than $6.5 million per year.

“I think he’d be happy to stay if we agree upon terms that are acceptable to him,” Meehan said. “And those are our instructions, to negotiate with L.A. on that basis to secure something that he’d be happy with.”

Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi said the sides haven’t agreed on term or money. “They both kind of work hand in hand,” he said.

Also today but about 5 hours earlier, I told you in the Doughty article:

Dollars matter. So does length. However, our source has told us Dean Lombardi has had Drew Doughty’s contract offer for a while now and while the latter two items may need adjusting, we understand neither are in the realm of a deal killer (read: terribly outrageous). The main sticking point may be the no-movement or no-trade clause Drew has allegedly inserted therein (you can probably guess it is a NMC). Absent this flexibility killer clause, this deal may have been done (as it becomes a more straightforward dollars and length discussion) when we told you but, alas, this is why Lombardi and Drew’s people at Newport Sports Management, Don Meehan and Mark Guy (experienced agents though different personalities) get paid the big bucks.

$6.5 million for 9 years doesn’t do it? Now, why would that be? Because there may be a no movement / no-trade clause that is holding this up? There is a reason I trust my source. He told me what nobody else had said and I told you 5 hours before the very efficient (and Johnny on the Ball) Helene Elliott confirmed it…he also told me this weeks ago but, ironically, I didn’t consider it all that important because we thought the deal would get done and didn’t realize an NMC or no trade may be the sticking point.

Now, we can guess what Drew’s offer is. Likely $6.8 to $7.2 million and likely longer than 9 years. Add a NMC and, let’s say it’s a 12 year offer, that is 8 years Lombardi’s hands would be tied…Drew’s NMC would kick in after the 2014-2015 season.

Do you lock Drew up for 12 years? 11? 10? What is the longest length you give him with an NMC and without? What is the most amount of money? Now that you have confirmed from an official source Dean has had the contract for weeks and the LA Kings’ offer is $6.5 + for 9 years, what do you think Drew and his agents have countered to Lombardi that Lombardi has held since June 23? Or do you now believe that the NMC / no-trade is the only hang up?

I think I know. But, I want to hear it from you.

On a final note, I hinted about “deadlines” in the earlier Doughty article (second to last paragraph), but with the Brad Richardson signing being announced today, the coincidence of it all is too amusing to pass up. The reason I had to wait until today to post the Drew Doughty NMC news was because our source indicated today may have been “deadline” day – in other words, the LA Kings’ offer was allegedly open until today at a specific time of 2pm PST (I held the article just to see if Drew signed, as I was asked to do). When that didn’t happen, what gets announced instead on deadline day? That Brad Richardson is signed. A fun coincidence.