LA Kings Dev Camp Group B Practice Video

Here are excerpts of most of the players asked for in some isolation.  This includes Nick in 318‘s much prettier footage, which we are very thankful for him filming.  His work will be obvious.  The order of the video is:

Tyler Toffoli 0:00-2:22

Linden Vey 2:22-3:21

Jordan Nolan 3:21-3:40

Toffoli, Vey, Nolan Rushes 3:21-4:29

Andy Andreoff 4:29-4:49

Andrew Campbell 4:49-5:51

Nicolas Delsuariers 5:51-7:54

Chris Gibson 7:54-8:45

I have lots more.  Most of same drills with other prospects, I’m getting a little weary of clipping these out tonight, so I will attack Group A tomorrow.

Let me ask you this… would you like to see the longer form version of this stuff with more of the prospects whom I wasn’t focusing (tryouts and such), or will this kind of thing do it for you?

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7 replies

  1. More :)

    Does my vote count?

    And where is the link on this post? Am I missing it?

  2. I’m jealous. Wish I could go.

  3. Hey guys, This video interview starts out with TM being asked about a phone call and right at the beginning, the guy who edited it, cut out the original question and who TM was referring too. Do you guys know if it is about Tambellini, or DD?

    At first I thought DD, but after I thought about it, I’m thinking more Tambellini. Hell of a place to start the video.

  4. Let’s do more of this surly… Good times…
    Vey, andreoff, and delaussier impressed me most

  5. That was great. Thanks for taking the time and putting forth the effort putting this together, boys.

  6. Have two more videos coming from group A. Have better whole clips of drills in there. Another 25+ minutes of footage…


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