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  1. GREAT video! But did he have to show him scoring against the Kings? ;)

  2. Is it ok to keep on saying that I’m really excited for the coming year?

  3. Of all the great Richards stuff on youTube, this one makes me giggle….the most.

  4. The only problem I have with that video is the few moments that we have to hear Jim Jackson commentating… Every time he gets hyped about what could be a possible shot attempt, I want to blow my brains out. That being said, welcome to LA Mike!!

  5. Exciting stuff man! This guy is something special, and I can’t wait for him to start playing for us. How lucky we are to have this guy boost our roster. It’s almost as if we’ve switched places with Philly as one of the best teams in the league, but without the shitty goaltending (which was what I believe really held them back). Now they’ve got the goaltending they think they need, but gave us their heart and soul to get it. Their loss is our gain.

    It used to be a basketball term, but now I think it will be a hockey term for all Kingsfans “I wanta be Just Like Mike”.

  6. I am just loving having Richards here, because for the past two seasons one of the glaring weaknesses with the Kings was enough grit on all the lines. We would get it with Brown,Simmonds, with Clifford, and with Ivanans or Westgarth, but the top two lines were getting pushed around a lot. Having Richards in the lineup will go a long way toward helping solve that problem. Richards is going to make the Kings much more exciting to watch, no doubt about it.


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