Last Development Camp Video… I promise

The bulk of the Group A practice from Tuesday.

You’ll get a pretty good look at everyone from this group in this video, so here is a refresher of players and numbers.

Defensemen (in black): 6 Muzzin / 41 Roach(t) / 54 Gravel / 83 Miller(t) / 84 Forbort / 85 Gregorc(t)

The goalies: 39 Morrison / 46 Machovsky / 65 Brown – all tryouts.

Forwards: Blue jerseys – 51 Kozun / 77 Czarnick / 82 Kaunisto.  Red Jerseys – 43 Shumacher / 72 Dowd / 60 Weal.  White jerseys – 48 Eddy(t) / 55 Mersch / 56 Shore.

Now moving on to bigger and better things… I hear that Lombardi guy is pretty pissed at some Canadian dude, but I don’t talk politics.

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3 replies

  1. Thanks for posting all these. I wish I could have been there myself!

    From what I’ve heard, it sounds like Deslauriers and Kozun have impressed most. Would you guys agree?

    • They are definitely two of the best prospects who were at The camp even though I don’t think either had their strongest outing. Deslauriers is coming off injuries and was pretty clearly taking it somewhat easy out there and Kozun was emotional and inconsistent. Still, both of their talents shine through but as far as who put their best foot forward at camp, I’d Give that honor to others.

  2. I was there on Tuesday and that kid Miller really stood out to me.


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