Duco Goes Wiener, A Twitter Tragedy

So, the Vancouver Canucks just acquired a restricted free agent by the name of Mike Duco. I know, no idea who he is either. Turns out Duco has a twitter account, or had one. During the playoffs last season, he did what many of us did and, well, chirped about his love affair with Roberto Luongo and the Sisters. Ready?

“sick of watching the sedins dive and lay on the ice,” Duco tweeted on June 6.

“HA…solid night Luongo,” he wrote after Roberto Luongo melted down in Game 6.

Er, awkward? Hell no. AWESOME! Now, he is a member of those very same Vancouver Canucks.

Unfortunately, rather than handle it the way Surly and I would have, which is to punch one of the Sedins, kick Luongo in the nuts and get booted off the team, Duco took the low road and…

“I apologize to all three players involved, everyone knows that they’re three world-class players. I feel like it’s very important to move on from this. I’m looking forward to possibly being teammates with them. And in any situation, I want them to know that I’m the type of player that goes out and plays hard and I’ll have their back no matter what if we’re on the same team.”

Jeez. Grow a pair.

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4 replies

  1. Nice. How abject is that. Guess that little problem with the Bruins made them realize they need to to toughen up a bit – stop instigating and stand up. Nice to see they haven’t lost their touch.

  2. Great pick up. Advantage Vancouver.

    Vancouver will quickly re-channel Duco’s tenacious online “chi” against opponents and hope the sisters and Robbie are out of therapy in time for camp.

  3. Good for the Nucks, Luongo and the sisters will have to prove Duco wrong and
    play better…… Duco in for a hot time on the ice.

  4. Duco?…….. What a douche. I would of respected him more if he would have said

    ” I apologize for nothing. We weren’t teammates then and I hated you. Now that we are teammates, I’ll kick anybodies ass who comes near you ”

    Instead he basically said

    ” I’m a kissass and don’t take what I said offensively PLEASE. I don’t want to get on anyones badside. If you give me a chance I’ll make it up too you ”

    What a pussy!


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