The first RFA hammer of summer 2011 has fallen as the Tampa Bay Lightning announced today that Steven Stamkos has signed a 5 year deal worth 37.5 million smackaroos.   That’s $7.5 per year for remedial math students or those of you who have a grudge against calculators.  Good for Yzerman, good the lightning, fair for the NHL.

But is this good for the Kings?  Does it even factor in to the prolonged and last heard stalled negotiations between Lombardi and Doughty?

I will venture to say this is good.  Not great.  Not special.  But good, in that it’s minutely beyond nonplussed and lacking the requisite suck quotient to be bad.  $7.5 million per year is not outrageous.  High, extremely high, but not some pain in the ass Ovechkin contract.  I believe the 5 years includes one UFA year for Stamkos.  However the money and term themselves likely have little to do with Doughty.  Though the two young studs were drafted back to back, they have had very different developmental curves aside from the obvious big difference that one scores goals and the other “hip checks the shit out of” people.  What we have to hope for here is not a comparable in Stamkos, but a domino effect for RFAs.

Shea Weber and Zach Parise remain the other two big fish in small or really stinky ponds, respectively, waiting for new contracts.  While those two either struggle to avoid or sit patiently and wait for an arbitration hearing, Doughty’s head agent Don Meehan now has one less thing to worry about and one more big paycheck in his snakeskin-lined pocket.  Though the word is that Lombardi has been the one biding his time with Doughty (with a dash of logic pointing to the Shea Weber arbitration as a reason why), I can’t help but imagine Drew’s agency won’t be making a stronger push to get their other golden apple signed before it falls out of season… by starting the season… the hockey season.  Get it?  Me neither.

I think my point is that I really don’t care about Stamkos or his shiny new contract and that I’ve been bored having nothing to write about for a week.

What’s your point?