L.A. Kings’ Tidbits On Brad Richardson, Jake Muzzin & Nicolas Deslauriers

One reason Brad Richardson remained a Los Angeles King? Terry Murray. Our coach likes him and wanted Dean to keep him.

Jake Muzzin had an excellent mini-camp and is making it difficult for the team to send him back to Manchester. He is back to training and well on his way to becoming a beast on and off  the ice. You may be looking at our number 7 defenseman. Training camp will be very interesting.

Last summer, Nicolas Deslauriers worked out with an MMA trainer. Now, the LA Kings hired one to teach the basics of grappling and close combat. If Kyle Clifford pulls off this move next season, we know why…

Kyle Clifford's New "Finish Him" Move?

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  1. I’ve always been a fan, but it’s time for Drewiske to go. Assuming we carry 14 forwards on the roster, keep Muzzin or Voynov as the 7th, and let the other one be the first call-up. I know there is logic in keeping Drewiske as the 7th because he has more experience, but one thing our experience has told us about Whiskey is that he takes several games to play himself into game shape/speed, which does not suit the role of 7th defenseman well. In that sense, I preferred Harrold (did I really just say that? I must be tired), because Petey played consistently whether he had played the last two weeks or hadn’t played in two months.

  2. Harrold > Drewiske!

  3. I totally want to do the Shao Kahn voice if Clifford ever nails someone like that XD

    Though reading that they have an MMA trainer in the house? This should be extremely interesting.

  4. Harrold > Westgarth!

    Gann did a nice write up about Muzz, but I still think Hickey’s the one to replace Whiskey if we were to trade him. I have a feeling though, that Whiskey isn’t gonna just go quietly. If he gets a chance to play, I bet he makes his presence known in the line up. Muzz and Hickey are going to challenge, but Whiskey’s been with the Kings the whole time and knows what’s expected of him, more than Muzz and Hickey. Wouldn’t mind seeing Whiskey make Greene expendable, but he’ll have to exhibit more of a meanstreak to make that happen.

    • Whiskey’s knock has always been a lack of Physicality. No way he can replace Greene.

      • Whiskeys a player trying to get better. Martinez blew everyones socks off when he came in and played so soundly. The previous season, everybody said he’d never be an NHL defenseman. I’m not claiming Whiskey will, just sayin it would be nice. At some point every good player takes that next step, and sometimes it comes from where you least expected it too.

  5. I hear what you all are saying about Whiskey but do you remember last season before he became a healthy scratch until the end of time? He was playing well. During that time, an article was written about him and TM was quoted and said that Whiskey does everything that he’s asked. They asked him to be more physical, he started using his body and even ended up getting into his first NHL fight. They said his work ethic is phenomenal. He may not have the raw talent of other defensemen but he puts his heart and soul into it. I will admit, I’m a huge Whiskey fan; he’s been my favorite player for a while now. So, I’m probably, ok, I am, way partial.

    • Hey I’ve been a whiskey supporter for a long time. I’ve even been known to say in the past that he should be the 7th defenseman until he’s 35 years old. He did get more physical when asked of him. I was saying he isn’t ever going to be as physical as Greene. Not to mention that Greene is a huge voice in the locker room and on the bench. Drewiske is a quiet, salt of the earth guy. Quality dude and admirable player.

      He very well may stay our 7th dman. Ultimately Muzzin/Forbort/Voynov/Hickey/Deslaurier, etc need to replace Mitchell, Scuderi and Greene. So the question becomes do you keep those guys in the minors until one of the current three’s contract runs out and then hope they are ready to step right in, or do you sacrifice the known quantity in Drewske to give a young future mainstay in the lineup more experience?

      • That’s very true. Whiskey is very reserved and, well, everything you said. I’m definitely not arguing with anything you say. The question you ask is a good one. I’m the first one to admit that I’m an emotional girl and look at hockey from an emotional aspect… well, and one that I hope is sprinkled with some logic. I am going to first say that I adore Whiskey. I have talked to him on numerous occasions and I wish more players had the heart that he does. This is a guy who wants to play, who wants to prove himself and knows, especially with Martinez just blowing the socks off of everyone, that he has some work to do. I think we’re going to see him step it up. Again, maybe just wishful thinking on my part…. but, I sure hope not.

  6. An MMA trainer – well o.k. Pretty interesting. Grappling. Boxing? When Murray’s hiring was anounced, my first thought was: well at least we won’t get fucking shoved around any more. Not hoping for the old Blackhawks fight card, just standing our ground. With anybody. (God Boston were beautiful in that final).

    • I think we’ve improved in that area with Richards. I’ve watched quite a few Philly games, and seen him fight 3 times. I think he’s added an element in a place that we didn’t have before in our top 6. Westy, Clifford, and Simmonds faught, but not while playing on the top 6.

      Basically we swapped out a 3rd line scrapper for a 1rst or 2nd line scrapper, to put a tough guy right where he could do the most damage. I can’t wait to see this guy tear it up alongside our most skilled guys, and protecting Williams, or Kopi will be a hell of alot more effective now, then sending Westy out to fight some 4rth line goon.

  7. Exactly – the man’s presence must be respected (i.e. ignored at your peril -scoring, passing, or the odd bit of punishment), meaning more possession and more room. Hopefully, with it made clear that we mean business and can/will return chump change with interest, we might even avoid having to make our point nightly. Ideally, we won’t even need to fight (I know, we will). The man clearly has heart, and rises to the occasion. I expect to see the pulse of the team quicken, and if so, then it may be felt that now is the moment to begin contending in earnest.
    That is legitimacy. Once that moment arrives, it won’t be taken away by on-ice opponents. It will be up to us how it plays out over years. I always enjoy – savor, really – the refusal of past champions to go away quietly. Even Ana. – years removed – played with that kind of self-respect. I am hoping for an extraordinary moment – the only other time I can recall feeling it arrive here was when Sandstrom buried it up high over Potvin’s shoulder and I thought/felt: It could be.


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