Mike Richards To Visit Los Angeles

Earlier today the Kings quietly announced that they have scheduled a press luncheon with Mike Richards for July 27th. So mark your google calendars or your Icals or whatever else you use to make up for a lack of memory for next Wednesday at 1pm to watch the live portion of Richards’ first bona fide media scrum with the Kings.

It’s about time. While we certainly don’t insist that Richards disrupt his summer plans to rush out here, we are glad to finally see our new boy donning the sweater. Speaking of which, though I like the black jerseys, I’m a little perturbed that I can not technically say that Richards will don the crown at the luncheon. What do I say other jersey or sweater? Don the plate? Take the black? I really have to stop reading Game of Thrones.

For the full press release, click here.

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  1. Technically the new jersey has a small crown on it under the LA, inside the homeplate crest. Nowhere on it does the word “Kings” show up though.

    Donning the Plate for the luncheon is probably most accurate.

  2. What Dominick said. Also, the crown is symbolic, a state of mind. There are those who you know from the start are only borrowing it temporarily (Ponikarovsky, Nagy, Modin, etc.). And then there are those whom it fits perfectly, who you know were made to wear the crown and would look like misfits in anything else (Robitaille, Kopitar, Brown, Doughty, etc.). Let’s hope Mike Richards is in the latter group.

  3. Yeah I know there is the teeny little crown on the plate… but that would be like saying that when a new Detroit Red Wing takes his jersey that he is donning the spoke.

  4. The Black LA Jerseys are very cool but I also love our Crown. It does make for a dilemma.
    Wish we had a combined one :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • I hate the plate, love the crown.

      What I really don’t like about the plate jerseys is the disappearance of the “LOS ANGELES” on the hemline. I really think that its cool.

  5. Would love the shield crest on an outline with LA inside it, and the crown, or a crown outline with the shields on the shoulders. Los Angeles on the hemline, and Kings on the hemline in the back.

    We sound like a bunch of seamtresses. I’m gonna go make something with my power tools, and drink a beer from a dirty glass now.

  6. I really like the Lion Rampant portion of the old shield design, and I love the way the spirit of that is incorporated into the Surly & Scribe logo. I think that the Black Plate is perfect as a third jersey, and that it looks closer to a soccer jersey than a hockey jersey.
    I’d like to see the Lion Rampant (the Lion X design) on the crest, with a crown logo on the shoulders, and some incorporation of LA or Los Angeles into the crest design.


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