Kings’ Fan Cruise Now Basically ‘Fan Only’ Cruise

Helene Elliott has just reported that Drew Doughty made a last minute decision to cancel his participation in the Kings’ Fan Cruise, scheduled to leave, erm…. nowish.

Interesting that just two days ago we had a nice little discussion about Doughty being trapped at sea with 300 King fans in the comment section of the Doughty Contract Update.  So it would seem that what was just a joke turns out to be a bitter reality for those fans who forked over their cash to board the cruise.  Barring another last minute change (like Kyle Clifford emerging from the middle of the Pacific after conquering Poseidon and pillaging mermaids to join the festivities) Trevor Lewis is the last remaining current player to attend the sea-faring adventure. This is hard to gauge for me.  On one hand it is understandable that Doughty would not enjoy being pestered non-stop about his contract-to-be.  On the other, I gotta say, bitch move.

Going with the benefit of the doubt, we have to assume that Doughty made this decision at the very last minute hoping that the deal would get done in the 11th hour, thus making for a cruise down to Mexico filled with songs of praise.  However had I been one of the people who booked this cruise expecting to hang out with Doughty, Lewis and Wayne Simmonds, only to have Simmonds traded and not replaced on the ship and now Doughty dropped out, I would likely be fervently demanding a refund.

Perhaps if any of our readers are on the cruise to Baja, they can give us a report when they get back.  I am very curious to know what, if any, concessions the Kings made to counter the absence of the star of the show, as well as the general attitude of the passengers.  Was it still fun? Was the mutiny led by or against Bailey?

Then again, maybe Doughty just has the runs.  There is no official word on why Drew decided not to go, so since we are trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, we’re going with diarrhea.

Also, our condolences to Trevor Lewis, who now has to face an entire ship of likely disgruntled Kings’ fans alone.  Well, he does have Bailey and Darryl Evans there.  This could lead to the Evans’ moment we’ve all been waiting for, where he finally hulks out and rips off one of those tight shirts of his in a single viscous tear before going on a rampage.  Smash Darryl, smash.

Finally, Helene gives us a quick quote from Lombardi regarding the contract negotiations: “Focused on negotiations for raising the debt ceiling now.”

Though Bobby is the one with the PhD in Lombardiguistics, I can take this two ways.  1, just a joke.  2, he’s having to ask Uncle Phil for more money to throw at Doughty than he originally budgeted.

Ultimately there is a lesson to be learned today.  Forget the cruise, save your money for Frozen Fury.

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  1. Last year, Stoll and Greene cancelled or maybe it was just Stoll but I vaguely recall both were booked for it. I am not going this year and that is in large part because I saw this coming. The Kings owe the fans who paid for this both an apology and free tickets to a game or two, partial refund, or something to make up for this. It is both unprofessional and insulting.

    • Yeah… but you still had like three players there last year right? Richie, Whiskey and someone else I think? Having only one player there is very lame. They should have replaced Simmonds right away in the first place, not to mention this crap with Drew. Unprofessional is exactly right.

  2. Ok…here is my suggestions…….first don’t mutiny against Bailey, after all he is a constant right now in our world of ever evolving players. So I say Kings fans unite and take up their hockey sticks and sail after the Disney cruise ship (really can you miss a big red boat???). Mount an attack on that ship because after all they are the ones who brought about the Ducks (typing that name makes me a little sick to my stomach) and take the ship as a prize and bring back the spoils to split up at another yard sale at Staples.

    Yo ho Yo ho a pirate’s life for me!

  3. I don’t blame Drew for this move. The event planners should have considered this possibility.

    Absent an agreement, there is always a degree of uncertainty that would make for awkward banter with the fans. I would have cancelled too. Drew, just do what you need to do to get this contract worked out.

    I agree that the Kings should do something to make it up to the fans on the cruise that expected to see Drew.

    • I would not have cancelled. Part of being a man (verses a boy) is dealing with uncomfortable situations. You smile, you tell the fans you love them (if it’s sincere) and let them know that it is in the suits’ hands, but he wantsto remain an LA King for the rest of his career. In the end, if he DID go, that would be a nice statement to the fan base. Not going was the easy and painless way to go. Still, I do put a lot of the blame on the Kings for not announcing this sooner or getting Drew’s commitment to do this or not do this sooner. It is the organ-eye-zation that left the fans on this cruise out to dry as well.

  4. I was on the cruise last year and in the beginning the players attending were Stoll, Greene and Drewiske. And, honestly, the reason my friends and I went on the cruise were for those three players. Then, we get on the ship and find out that Greene had a friend that had a brain tumor (or something of that magnitude) and wasn’t going to make it (which was completely understandable). Also, Stoll was sick and he had apparently gotten sick just the day before. So, at the last minute they rounded up Richardson (which was a decent replacement) and Parse who is the most antisocial person I’ve ever met. I was slightly disappointed but, in the end, it was a decent time. This year, I saw they scheduled Doughty… and they also kicked up the price. If I were one of the fans on the cruise, I too would demand some sort of refund… or they better have come up with some awesome replacements at the last minute.

    • The cruses sound a lot different the the days of sitting at the Melody Bar drinking with the Broad Street Bullies and players from other teams after Forum games.

  5. This whole Doughty thing is becoming more uncomfortable every day. Even more f’ed up following his withdrawal from the cruise. Yeah they should have seen it coming and not booked him…

  6. Soooooooo……if he doesn’t show up for Frozen Fury………… can I get my money back? lol

    Diarrhea! Fricken hillarious!

  7. … I think a post that I saw while cruising around (haha, get it? cruising? uhh moving along) on the intarwebs describes my feelings on this development quite well:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of Doughty because of his ability to play hockey. I don’t need to see the dude in swim trunks and lathered up in spf 50, on some cheesy cruise.

    • I hope someone comes back and posts about all the trim DD missed out on. LOL

      • Drew may have difficulty managing all of this “trim” at several levels. I am not going to get saucy or obnoxious by this, but at times he needs to act a lot smarter. Part of meriting a higher wage is to act like it.

    • Well duh. Like Bobby said this is as much a Kings’ issue as it is a Drew issue. It says something about who drew is as a person and where his maturity level is at the moment, but mostly I am looking at the Kings, because while yes I am a doughty fan for his hockey ability, part of staying loyal to the Kings team is feeling that we are respected and treated as fans. I don’t like the team advertising a bag of pot that has oregano in it.

    • Yeah! They would probably have kept him below deck as ballast, anyway!

  8. I am now glad I did not go this year. Drew should have gone. He could have said something at the cocktail party tonight like, “Hey, I know I am not signed but I got my cell and this boat has a fax machine, so if something happens you’ll be the first to know. Until then please no questions about the contract. “Most people would respect that.

    • Most people would respect that

      … If by “most people” you mean “nobody”, you’re absolutely right.

      And, the thing is – not only is it ridiculously unnecessary for Doughty to go on this cruise in the middle of a negotiation process that will impact his young life more than just about anything else he’s experienced to this point, it is also unknown as to who or what is truly responsible for Drew’s absence from the event. The whole “he’s a boy, not a man” and the other jabs at his professionalism and/or his maturity is based completely on nothing; it’s just jumping to conclusions without knowing the real facts, and looking for another excuse to bash a guy who many have bashed since last season’s training camp.

      • This is just silly. Both Helene’s article and the official quote (which is around here somewhere) made it clear he didn’t want to go. He pulled out. It didn’t state he was ill, he had an emergency titty f*** from Carmen Electra or something that would justify his absence. You are the one jumping to conclusions because the only logical answer is he didn’t want to go while contract negotiations were pending. Oddly, you acknowledge this fact by stating “not only is it ridiculously unnecessary for Doughty to go on this cruise in the middle of a negotiation process” and then later claim “it’s just jumping to conclusions” as to the cause of Drew’s absence. In any event, he made a commitment. It was a small one, just a fan cruise, but I assure you a lot of fans got tickets because Drew’s name was on the list of attendees and to back out at the last minute is, at best, unprofessional or, if you chalk it up to his age, immature. There is no sinister motive here – it’s not like this was premeditated and he was twirling his mustache and claiming “mu ha ha” I’ll f*** with some Kings fans. He didn’t want to go due to pending negotiations, it may have been uncomfortable for him and he chose the path of least resistance and cancelled. Let’s not make too big of a deal out of this. I think if he had gone, it would have been an nice thing to do for the fans and would have made a positive statement. Unfortunately, he took a different road.

        • This is just silly. Both Helene’s article and the official quote (which is around here somewhere) made it clear he didn’t want to go.

          … Now wait, I thought there was no official word on it. How are you so sure that it wasn’t just both sides mutually feeling that this was the right thing to do in these circumstances?

          I just think it’s a case of people jumping to conclusions based on their own bias and pre-conceived notions regarding a person that they don’t know the first thing about, over something that’s largely insignificant. The team is really the party at fault here. Those in charge aren’t stupid; they knew what was coming this off-season with Doughty, and they weren’t prepared for the possibility that negotiations would drag out and throw a wrench into the plans. They were just lazy, and the fans should be directing their displeasure at them. Directing it at Doughty is just barking up the wrong tree.

          • Absolutely the team is who is at most fault here. Poor planning and they are the ones ultimately responsible for making good on what they promise the fans when taking their cash.

            As for jumping to conclusions based on bias, maybe so, but it’s also sound critical thinking to say that drew or his agent said no to the kings. Maybe the kings were totally cool with it, maybe it pissed them off. Actually they probably were fine with it because if they weren’t they likely would have given the reason behind his backing out. Either way, we do have official word that drew back out, not that he was asked by the team not to go. Whether that was his agents doing or drew’s personal decision, who knows. But while it’s not 100% sure, it’s sound reasoning to assume it was because of the contract. If it was another reason, teams usually aren’t shy about saying a player had a personal emergency or is too ill to go. Either drew was uncomfortable or his agent told him to back out as a mini shot across the bow to the team.

            Who knows, it is insignificant in the grand scheme, has nothing to do with drew the player or the teams future success, but how the kings handle this does say something about where their approach to and treatment of the fans is at and ultimately, that is the issue that concerns me. I just want to see the team do rig by the people who went on the cruise. That’s why I asked in this article for them to Give us personal reports when they return. Hopefully we will hear from some in the next few days.

  9. With all of the progress the Kings as an organization have made, sometimes they forget to see the big picture, that being fan support.

    Someone should probably be suspended or even let go for this kind of error. In a time where people are scraping by (granted, if you can’t pay your bills then maybe the cost of a cruise is not a good idea) to have this kind of PR issue with fans makes the organization seem somewhat out of touch. At the least, the Kings issue a partial refund and an apology package to each person who signed up to hang with this guys (not my cup of tea but to each their own) that includes a couple of game tickets that are not in the nose bleed and am jersey/shirt/hat combo.

    As people have posted, the Kings planners should have seen this coming and had not only a back up plan, but another back up plan. Simmonds got traded so you round up someone else…Doughty is in the middle of a complicated contract negotiation so duh, maybe realize that he may be advised not to go. I agree though, bitch move on his part at the last second.

    As for Bailey…make him walk the plank.

    • I remember a time when being a Kings fan was a lonely occupation. LAKI has seemly done a good job creating a viable (and marketable) Kings community but the game is changing.

      The charming small town player attitudes that persisted for so many years is all but gone. Bigger and bigger paydays coupled with revolving door player turn over and difficult contract negotiations are separating players from fans. Blue collar players like Simmonds use to be the heart of many teams year in and out. Now that role often falls to contract year players.

      Heck, the Kings can’t even keep the same uniform for two seasons in a row. What does that say for tradition? What does that say for a team whose players cheat paying fans of the chance to rub elbows with their sports heroes?

      A pay to play Player Cruse with no players? Even for someone who finds such activity silly, I feel such callousness on the part of the Club is both shocking and distasteful.

    • I agree with everything you said except for, leave poor bailey alone. As long as he uses the fire extinguisher on Darkwing, or gets a fat lady with a helmet that has oversized Viking horns on it, singing at the end of a victory with a sword in hand, he’s got my support.

      The failure by the Kings to at least secure a back up plan, means someone dropped the ball here. It’s not like they didn’t have more than enough time to replace Simmonds, and that at least should of been confirmed long before the boat was even being prepared to recieve guests, wether or not DD would even be a question mark or not.

      Now the issue of DD dropping out at the last minute could have 3 possibilities.

      1. Nobody gave it enough consideration.

      This would be a major blunder by the Kings, because DD can’t seriously be expected to follow through without being signed because of all the disraction to DD it would cause during a crucial time in the negotiations. It had to at least be prepared for, considering the preperation for the cruize itself. If it wasn’t, then shame on the Kings!

      2. DD gave them confirmation, leading them to believe he would attend, then he suddenly made the decision not too.

      Yes! absolutely a bitch move on DD’s part, because it wasn’t just the organization that was counting on him keeping his word, but the integrity of the team, and the support of a lot of hard working fans who loved him and this team enough to spend their hard earned money, and dedicate this small portion of their lives to sharing in a celabration of a team they love. If that’s how it went down, then Shame on DD!

      3. DD has been trying to back out gracefully for a while (due to the current contract negotiations), and the Kings tried to force him to go anyway without at least finding some replacements, because he had already made the commitment.

      This would be a bitch move by the Kings to try and force DD to do something he isn’t really required to do, and only agreed to do it when the decision to participate didnt directly mock his current statis of wether he’ll even be a King when he gets back. If he felt this would be unwarrented, and unwanted due pressure, then given the circumstances and reasonable time, a replacement should have been found regardless, out of respect for DD’s wishes during a tough negotiation. If the Kings decided he was going to do it anyway, and decided to play hardball with him, then shame on the Kings!

      Not sure how it all went down, but I hope this doesn’t in anyway cast a shadow on the current negotiations, or add any negativeness to them.

  10. Trevor Lewis is the shit. I hope this year is his breakout year(points wise)
    I like trevor alot

  11. We went last year mostly because of Greene and Stoll, sadly Greene and Stoll could not go for various reasons. Richardson was great, very friendly and gracious. Parse? Well, he was like what another poster described. Drewesike, well his now wife was attached to him like glue. The cruise it self was fun, it was great to mingle with other Kings fans and we did have a great time.

    This year we decided not go go because of the price and to be honest, I am not the biggest Doughty fan. I knew Doughty would not wind up going, but they couldve at least found a replacement. Or maybe he shouldve gone anyways and had someone from the PR department warn everyone not to ask contract questions. I am very curious to hear from people that were actually on the ship this time around to see how it went!


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