Helene Elliott has just reported that Drew Doughty made a last minute decision to cancel his participation in the Kings’ Fan Cruise, scheduled to leave, erm…. nowish.

Interesting that just two days ago we had a nice little discussion about Doughty being trapped at sea with 300 King fans in the comment section of the Doughty Contract Update.  So it would seem that what was just a joke turns out to be a bitter reality for those fans who forked over their cash to board the cruise.  Barring another last minute change (like Kyle Clifford emerging from the middle of the Pacific after conquering Poseidon and pillaging mermaids to join the festivities) Trevor Lewis is the last remaining current player to attend the sea-faring adventure. This is hard to gauge for me.  On one hand it is understandable that Doughty would not enjoy being pestered non-stop about his contract-to-be.  On the other, I gotta say, bitch move.

Going with the benefit of the doubt, we have to assume that Doughty made this decision at the very last minute hoping that the deal would get done in the 11th hour, thus making for a cruise down to Mexico filled with songs of praise.  However had I been one of the people who booked this cruise expecting to hang out with Doughty, Lewis and Wayne Simmonds, only to have Simmonds traded and not replaced on the ship and now Doughty dropped out, I would likely be fervently demanding a refund.

Perhaps if any of our readers are on the cruise to Baja, they can give us a report when they get back.  I am very curious to know what, if any, concessions the Kings made to counter the absence of the star of the show, as well as the general attitude of the passengers.  Was it still fun? Was the mutiny led by or against Bailey?

Then again, maybe Doughty just has the runs.  There is no official word on why Drew decided not to go, so since we are trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, we’re going with diarrhea.

Also, our condolences to Trevor Lewis, who now has to face an entire ship of likely disgruntled Kings’ fans alone.  Well, he does have Bailey and Darryl Evans there.  This could lead to the Evans’ moment we’ve all been waiting for, where he finally hulks out and rips off one of those tight shirts of his in a single viscous tear before going on a rampage.  Smash Darryl, smash.

Finally, Helene gives us a quick quote from Lombardi regarding the contract negotiations: “Focused on negotiations for raising the debt ceiling now.”

Though Bobby is the one with the PhD in Lombardiguistics, I can take this two ways.  1, just a joke.  2, he’s having to ask Uncle Phil for more money to throw at Doughty than he originally budgeted.

Ultimately there is a lesson to be learned today.  Forget the cruise, save your money for Frozen Fury.