Video: L.A. Kings Hits & Highlights To Get Your Blood Pumping

One of our readers, Ben, submitted this excellent LA Kings video. Loved it. May be the best edited one I have seen to date. Great job Ben and a special thanks to Rising Sun Graphics.

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  1. Now starts the longest 2 months of life! I mean, I’m getting older, I shouldn’t be rushing time, but damn-it, “wake me up, when September ends”!!

  2. Love this video. I want hockey.

  3. This really is one of the more fantastically done fan videos. Ben you should send this directly to the Kings. They played another fan video at a game last season. This is at least as good as that one.

  4. This is professional quality editing. If it was a little bit shorter, I would say the Kings should use it as their pre-game video. It’s just awesome.

    • they may balk considering Zus, Smyth, even Frolov I believe are shown in the video. It IS awesome though.

  5. EPIC video! Thanks for posting.

  6. Yeah. Just fucking yeah!

  7. Thanks for posting, guys! Big ups to the kind comments as well! I love me some Kings and as an aside, the Surly & Scribe blog logo is the best Kings blog logo out there, hands down!

    Respect and Love! Keep up the good work, fellas.

    Let’s get October started already.

  8. That was outstanding. It’s 3:30am and I was ready to pass out from exhaustion, but now you got the blood flowing……

  9. Damnit, the off season was already too long. The promise of a great season already so tempting…and now, you have to ratchet things up a notch.

    Great work.

    Drew, sign the damn deal.

    Penner, do more lunges.

    Calendar, turn faster. (Damn, did I just admit I’d be willing age faster for hockey to come sooner?)

    Go KIngs GO!

  10. Love it. I really like the last LA graphic not to mention Clifford beating the lights out of Polak, Doughty giving the warmest welcome he could muster up for Taylor Hall, Kopi making Tim Thomas look silly, the hits from Brown and Green, deke from Williams… Can’t wait to see some richards and Penner 2.0 hits in here along with some sniping from Gagne. WE WANT THE CUP!


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