Which Former LA King Did You Most Want To See Lift The Stanley Cup?

On the 10th hole today, having just hit a pitching wedge over the postage stamp green, I walked up to my ball and an odd thought struck me…no, it wasn’t Jacob’s errant shot (he wasn’t with me today), it really was a thought. Which former Los Angeles Kings’ player did I most want to see lift the Stanley Cup as a member of the Kings?

My first thought went to Robitaille but the fact he lifted one with the Red Wings kind of…oh, I don’t know…ruined it. The thought stayed with me as I set up over my ball and chipped it to within about 8 feet.

Taylor? Dionne? Wells? Vachon? Blake? Blake…how the f*** did that get in my head…I set up over my putt, annoyed…

Gretzky? Granato? Sandstrom? Hrudey? Putt just caught the left edge and rolled in for par, a small fist pump, Palffy? Deadmarsh? Allison, ha ha, moving on, Stumpel, how did I miss Charlie Simmer? It was time to get my head back into the game, so I saved the thought for you.

Who is yours and why?

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  2. Lappy….
    Now be the ball…. na na na na na….

  3. I wanted to see it go from Allison to Palffy to Deadmarsh …just like the goal to win the Stanley Cup…oh wait, that was just a dream.

  4. … The four that usually come to mind are Dionne, Taylor, Blake, and Robitaille – although Gretzky has said that not winning the Cup with the Kings was the biggest disappointment of his career, and I tend to think that my biggest disappointment as a fan is also the fact that none of those Gretzky-led Kings’ teams from 89-93 could go all the way. The perception of that team, and of Wayne (as well as guys who are usually so underrated by this fanbase, like Hrudey and Nicholls and Sandstrom and Granato), would have been different if just one of those teams had somehow broken the jinx.

  5. Rogie. With Bob Pulford standing behind the bench. It would have created a different history for us from the outset. He would be in the Hall of Fame, and his mere appearance in the building at a playoff game would carry serious freight.

    As it is, we are in a little group with St. Louis and Minnesota fans who had the real thing early on, failed to close the show, and have been left to shake our heads at our fates while lady Fortune bangs the undeserving rich in Denver and Dallas. Pass me a bucket…

  6. Per JT’s post, I’ll take Gretzky/Hrudey/Sandstrom and Granato any day of the week – a Cup at that moment would have refuted the prior failures with a big exclamation point. And to do it with stolen bank funds…Bruce McNall will always be Mr. McNall to me.

    • … If Bruce McNall had AEG’s money – the Kings would have three Cups, possibly four.

      Much has been said about the guy (and rightfully so), but if there was ever a person who wanted to see the Kings win more than Bruce did, I haven’t met him. And, he wanted not only to see the Kings win, but to see them relevant, you know? To see people throughout L.A. and the hockey World focusing on them, talking about them, paying attention to them.

      The Kings truly arrived as an NHL team after winning game 7 of the ’89 Smythe semi-final; I believe that firmly. And they did it with Bruce McNall as their owner; in fact, they did it because Bruce McNall was their owner. And I consider myself so lucky it happened when it did, because that’s the exact time when I came of age as a hockey fan and a Kings’ fan.

      Four years before, the Kings were treated by the hockey World with a sort of mild neglect, like a stray dog in the backyard. They had weird uniforms, they were over a thousand miles from their nearest rival, they hadn’t beaten anyone good in a playoff series except for in ’82, and that was largely dismissed as the fluke of all flukes. In ’89, everything changed. The coverage for that game 7 was like a Stanley Cup Final game – in fact, Marty McSorley said that there was more coverage for that game than for any game during the ’88 Cup Final. Imagine that. And it was all centered on the Forum. It was the first game 7 the Kings ever played in L.A., and it wasn’t against the baby Oilers of ’82; this was the four-time champion Oilers – battle tested to the max, proven winners. And, the Kings beat them after falling behind 3 games to 1.

      Sure, game 7 in Toronto in ’93 was unforgettable. But, for me, game 7 in L.A. in ’89 is right up there.

  7. First, this is a great question. Of course my initial thought was of course Vladimir Tsyplakov. Because whenever anyone asks about Kings players one should always answer assertively with “Vladimir Tsyplakov”.

    After that, I thought awhile and I think two guys come to mind: Adam Deadmarsh, because it was impossible not to love his game and his heart. I’m so fucking retarded about this guy I think they should retire his number just for the shit he pulled against the Red Wings.

    The other player I would have loved seen lift the cup was Bernie Nicholls, only because if he had done it he would forever be the fat guy at the alumni functions getting wasted and telling stories. And that would make it worth it.


    • Lol! I think we have a winner. Tsyplakov. Still perhaps the most fun NHL name say. Just rolls of the lips beautifully.

      As for me… Personal attachment I have to say Palffy. Setting aside the time when I was most enraptures by the Kings and attempting to speak rationally, I’m going with Simmer.

  8. Ryan Smyth.

    Too soon? ;)

  9. Bud Holloway.

    • … Yeah, apparently Bud’s off to Sweden now. It’s too bad he wasn’t a former Flyer; he definitely would have been called up before now.

      • Yeah… I can’t decide if its worth its own post. It probably is, but I have nothing to say to the issue really except “good luck Bud”. Maybe I’ll change my mind and make an article out of it later. Maybe I won’t.

  10. Teddy Purcell……with Brian Boyle a bitter second

    IF and when the NY Islanders make the playoff’s MATT Moulson

  11. Taylor…Killed me when we didn’t win in 92-93. It was his time to lift it. He played his entire career in LA and was a pretty humble guy.

  12. I wanna see Kopi lift it :)

  13. I just had an epiphany… if thats how you spell it? Kinda off topic but I know why Doughty hasn’t signed yet. He simply needed an excuse to avoid going on the Fan Cruise. Who wants to be bombarded with all kinds of random people asking questions, and asking for autographs. What better excuse than the old, “O, I’m not signed yet and that would just be all kinds of awkward to hang out with fans I may not be playing on.” Classic! It all makes sense now and we can all get a good nights sleep. :)

  14. How can I not put enough thought in this and leave out my heart felt answer to this question

    Hands Down!!!!!!


  15. Marcel Dionne, well for that matter the whole Triple Crown Line

  16. Alexander Frolov! I must be true to my Fro…Although he couldn’t be any further away now..
    Anyone for a 2014 Winter Olympics Road Trip?.. At least I did get to see him score his First
    Stanley Cup playoff Goal. Next to a Guy I wish we still had.. where is that fountain of youth.
    Bernie the Pumpernichol..
    And let’s not forget our own Jim Fox!!!
    I also wish we could have seen Rob Blake lift the cup.. although his departure soured many
    King’s fans I always so enjoyed his intensity.. and speaking of Captains… Mattias Nordstrom..
    he was all heart/class/ grit as everyone knows.. and lastly I will say Kelly Hrudy..loved that
    oh and I also must now say.. forgive ..it takes a while for reality to set in..
    Handzus and the Nightrain.. still bummed over their departure..
    and I think like Scribe I could list many more..as I LOVE our Kings..
    so lastly let’s give a shout out to a guy who may have lacked skills but he sure loved the
    game and his teamates.. Raitis Ivanans.

  17. Just now read everyone’s imput.. what a fun blog question this has been.. TY to all for your
    insights.. TY Bobby for a Great off- season question!
    and shoot .. forgot on my last entry..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. i am compelled to mention Mike Krushelnyski and Steve Kasper. the late 80s/early 90s were the formative years of my concept of hockey, and while i knew they were Gretzky’s Kings, those guys seemed to be driving the bus, influencing games in ways i could sense if not understand.

    also Steve Duchesne, for blueprinting the baller D-man. and for the personal touch, pulling peewee me out of drills at summer camp in culver city to do some one-on-one skating work, getting me to lengthen my stride. 15 mins made a devoted fan for life. Mario Gosselin was super cool too. ah, memories…

  19. oh yes.. Stevie Duchaene.. I forgot.. that was some exciting time when those three Rookies
    came into the organization.. LUC( who I did not say as it kills me personally but makes me happy for him he got one..But not as a King) Duchesne.. and Jimmy Carson.. fun times!!
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  20. Look back Marcel. Looking Forward, Anze.

  21. After all these comments and no one has mentioned Daniel Berthiaume!? For shame Kings fans! And what of Kyosti Karjalainen!? This is a tragedy! Brian Benning anyone? John McIntyre?

    And of course……VLADIMIR TSYPLAKOV!

  22. Very Nice..Absolutely!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  23. McSorley. The guy was all guts and heart. And after the stick incident, he deserved some redemption.

  24. Probably Vachon.

  25. Thanks for mentioning Steve Kasper and Bob Miller.

  26. Ziggy Palffy, Jason Allison, Bob Miller !


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