On the 10th hole today, having just hit a pitching wedge over the postage stamp green, I walked up to my ball and an odd thought struck me…no, it wasn’t Jacob’s errant shot (he wasn’t with me today), it really was a thought. Which former Los Angeles Kings’ player did I most want to see lift the Stanley Cup as a member of the Kings?

My first thought went to Robitaille but the fact he lifted one with the Red Wings kind of…oh, I don’t know…ruined it. The thought stayed with me as I set up over my ball and chipped it to within about 8 feet.

Taylor? Dionne? Wells? Vachon? Blake? Blake…how the f*** did that get in my head…I set up over my putt, annoyed…

Gretzky? Granato? Sandstrom? Hrudey? Putt just caught the left edge and rolled in for par, a small fist pump, Palffy? Deadmarsh? Allison, ha ha, moving on, Stumpel, how did I miss Charlie Simmer? It was time to get my head back into the game, so I saved the thought for you.

Who is yours and why?