L.A. Kings Player News About Alec Martinez, Maxim Kitsyn & Jarrett Stoll

For those wondering, no, this is not the news I tweeted about and put on our Facebook yesterday…that upcoming announcement is not player related. However, I did get only moments ago some news and tidbits on three of our players.

Alec Martinez has put on 5 lbs of muscle and is receiving targeted coaching / training to improve his skating and defensive zone coverage. Good news for our “depth” on defense. A-Mart has skill. Does he have top 4 skill? Next season may help answer that question.

Few were more disappointed than me when I read Maxim Kitsyn left for the KHL. I learned today he was just under too much pressure to play in the KHL or he would have stayed in North America. While he “hopes” he can do the same thing (and come back) this coming season, he also believes he is a year or so away from making any NHL debut. The troubling thing is this is not a new story. This is the plight of many talented Russian kids. There are forces at play in Russia that make it very difficult for a young, talented Russian player to leave the mother land. That typically spells the end of a potential NHL career because the player misses his window. Let’s hope our boy, Maxim, is not another one of those unfortunate tales.

Jarret Stoll wants to stay in Los Angeles after this season. And why not? He’s hip. We’re hip. Hip people should hang out. While much may depend on his performance this season, some preliminary talk has already begun on an extension. It’s not coincidence that Jarret’s face is in just about every press event with Mike Richards. Don’t be surprised if he is signed even before the season starts.

Yes, we too have heard that we are “close” to signing someone but the source well is currently dry. Nobody is talking…so we’ll keep digging. GO KINGS!

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  1. As far as Stoll signing an extension, not at 3.6 million a year anymore… No longer a top six forward… Not saying he’s not a valuable member of the team, just that we have a bigger picture to manage (salary cap) and he is not indispensable… The future is now King’s fans, we have arrived… The time has come to put up or shut up!

    • Whether he is a top six forward or not he is a huge component to the Kings depth and deserves something around 3-3.5 easy.

      • Yep. Remember that Zeus was making 4 million a year and he wasn’t a top 6 player either. Those faceoff wins and shootout goals really add to Stoll’s worth too.

  2. “Yes, we too have heard that we are “close” to signing someone but the source well is currently dry. Nobody is talking”

    I have a feeling DL found your source! Anyway contact with him in the last 24 hrs? :P


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