L.A. Kings & Drew Doughty May Have An Agreement In Principle

Just heard from our source minutes ago. Are you excited? I am excited. The L.A. Kings and Drew Doughty may have an agreement in principle on a long-term deal that may no longer have a NMC provision as a stumbling block. I am told there is also a “back up” 5 year deal in place. Everyone chatted via conference call and it ended well with a happy Drew.

The devil is always in the details so this is not done and I expect both sides will continue to feed the media the work in progress lines, as quite bluntly they should, until the contract is signed. It could take a while still to finish it. Let’s hope that’s only days (and not weeks) away.

Our source has the eyes and ears pointing in the right direction and the stealth one will try to find out the terms. Who knows, if we’re lucky and the timing works out, we may even scoop the dollars and years for you before it hits the rest of the media.

As always, we do it for you and we’ll do our best.

Know tonight that Drew Doughty is one step closer to remaining a Los Angeles King.

Raise your hand to the computer screen. High Five. GO KINGS!

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  1. I’ve been refreshing for like 25 minutes. I can’t wait for this saga to be done. I trust both sides are looking out for their best interests, but I also trust that both sides are keeping the other at the forefront of their thoughts.

  2. Tomorrow would be a good day to sign. It’s my birthday and a contract would make the best gift ever!

  3. Ya baby! Get’r done!

  4. Honestly, I don’t think many people truly believed Doughty would be anything but a LA King.


    • Hey dumbass first of all it’s winipeg not winterpeg, and second that armo is better than any Turk player, Ohh wait there are none.
      Go Kings!!!

  6. “the stealth one” thats funny dude!!

  7. Funny you posted this last night and this morning I’m seeing all the usual reports that there is no deal in place with Doughty. Coinicidence??

  8. Until something is signed by both parties, this is just a rumor and I thought you didn’t play the rumor game? The fact that the “deal” could happen or fall apart any moment makes this a rumor.

    As to the other media reporters, they are just confirming that nothing is “done”. Zad never said it was done either, just a little more likely. The parties could still be waiting to see what Weber gets.

    I think anyone could have posted this on July 1st and they wouldn’t be wrong. Every RFA has a deal done in “principle” with their club. The Kings and Doughty were always going to get a deal done. It just comes down to term and money, just like every other RFA deal that is still pending. There was never any real sense that anyone was too far apart to get a deal done.

    Parise will sign with NJ, Weber will sign with Nashville. Stamkos wasn’t going anywhere but Tampa, Callahan & Dubinsky weren’t going anywhere but NYR. Same with Yandle and Phoenix. RFAs almost never move teams, especially top talent RFAs. Drew isn’t going to hold out either; it will get done before camp. I don’t need a “source” for that.

    Nothing to see here, you forgot to sign off with “more to come”. ;) Keep those blog hits coming!

    • You are being silly now right? You think anyone at anytime can post there is a deal in principal and refer to a conversation with all the powers that be and that would be accurate regardless of the facts? Come on man. This isn’t a “rumor”. A discussion did take place, they have a deal in principle (for the first time) and now comes the tweaking. Read the article I posted today. Facts are stubborn things.

      • True, a deal in principle could be fact right now, but it doesn’t mean both parties will sign said deal. That is all that people care about, they want a signature. Isn’t that why you added his signature to the blog page? Still no signature from Drew on a deal with the Kings. Everything else is a rumor. I believe that what you have posted is fact, but it still doesn’t change anything in my mind. Drew is going to sign with the Kings, the only thing most fans care about is $ and term. You didn’t post any of that information, are we still talking about the 9 year deal you posted about before or the new 5 year deal? Or is it a 2 year deal?

        It is still down to $/term, which is has been the entire time. Sure, the NMC could now be settled and that could have been the last stumbling block in the proposals and that could be the new fact. Everything you said is a fact and it still doesn’t mean that a signing is imminent.

        Unless, you believe that this will get done before Weber signs? I still think one or both parties are waiting for Weber’s contract. If he signs before his hearing, it will have a lot of relevance to Drew’s deal. If he goes to arbitration, there will less relevance.

        Are you going on record that Drew will sign before Weber? If they have a deal in principle, Weber’s deal should have no bearing on Drew’s, right?

        • I am not in the fortune telling business. So, I don’t know whether it will get done before Weber. You know what I know now…well, almost what I know now…I can’t post everything after all. :)

      • BTW, I was a little bit silly. You have to be to get noticed. ;)

  9. To my frustation life has been in the way the last few days inabling me to be up to speed here,,
    reading your email headlines just doens’t quite get it done..
    Ques… hopefully not too dumb..
    the NMC,, no movement clause, who does not want? what did you mean by stumbling block?
    There will be one or not one?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  10. Unrelated question and comment – Hey guys, the work you do and the site is really great. I think your lion crown shield logo is amazing and it blows away the weak new home plate road sign nightmare logo the Kings have on their new black jerseys.

    Would you consider letting the team use this logo (minus the surly & scribe) on their jerseys if they asked you??

    Our team is amazing and they need to look amazing on the ice. I think they would with your shield logo.

    Please comment back.


    Erik “the ViKING” Drury

  11. With Weber getting $7.5 million, I’m guessing you can throw away that agreement. Drew won’t be signing it.

  12. Im not sure i like this deal, thats an average of 7.4 million dollars! and for what? we know that he can potentially be the best D man in the game for years to come but he hasnt proven it at all, extend that contract to 8 or 9 years and ill be happy. I hate Doughty’s agent by the way and I’m sure everyone else does as well


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