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Since there is some friction from certain media types (or, more accurately, one) about our Drew Doughty news and since this comes from someone who I respected (and still do) but who has probably never read the site, let’s get a few things straight: A deal in principle (having handled hundreds before they came to fruition or needed further tweaking, which I am not sure this person can say for himself) is not the same thing as a “done deal.” I chose my words carefully for that reason. But, the alleged pundits (again, one of them) who rely on their work to put food on their table and are financially motivated to sell their product (whereas Jacob and I do this solely for the love of the game and the team & turn away about 10-15 advertisers per week) grind their teeth because they don’t want to believe our information is correct.

Now, I don’t post everything I hear and sometimes I am purposefully cryptic about it when our source and I agree that the news is not arriving with enough specifics or we simply don’t want to believe it. I also have no patience for bad information. That is why 2 sources became 1. 1 has consistently been right, the other has been hit and miss. Thus, I eliminated one of them. Now, IF those who throw daggers read the site, what would they have seen? Here are a few examples (by no means comprehensive) off the top of my head:

We told you before anyone else did that Dean Lombardi had the Drew Doughty contract offer and had held it for a while. Helene Elliott (who Surly & I love and consider the best source for LA Kings news) confirmed it later that same day. I actually heard about it well before I even posted it but, at the time, I didn’t give it much thought.

We are the one who told you first (before anyone) that Nicolas Deslauriers signed a 3 year deal with the LA Kings. In fact, we confirmed it days before it was announced by anyone and we told you 5 days before we scooped it that it was imminent.

We are the ones who gave you a head’s up about Ryan Smyth potentially no longer being a L.A. King before anyone (including the simply awesome Bob McKenzie) mentioned it. That is what prompted me to write this Smyth article but I almost didn’t want to believe it so I intentionally kept it very vague and kept what our source directly told us away from it. Note, we had not heard that he “asked” for a trade, but that there were talks of a trade and also note that I specifically mentioned on June 13 (a week before Bob McKenzie reported Ryan had asked for a trade) about “…trading him to the Oilers for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick, or another Canadian team…” because I specifically heard there were talks with the Oilers.

Where was the mainstream media on this issue on June 13?

Where was the one that questions our source?

We were also the first ones that mentioned Smyth’s decision was between two teams, which we later learned was the Oilers and Flames. We were the first to tell you the deal was done (which then became the Gilbert Brule and Colin Fraser mess) Again, before anyone else.

Those who read our site know there is more but you get the point.

This doesn’t include all the information we get that I purposefully don’t post because it is not specific enough. For example (and one of about fifteen in the past three months), before the pick swap happened with the Predators, I heard (days before) that the Preds and Kings were talking. “Talking” could mean so many things that I kept it away from any article.

Now, to the one who claims the source is not legitimate, how is it that we are breaking news hours, days and sometimes over a week before anyone else, including the mainstream media? Including you? Do you think we are just really good “guessers”? Did Surly find a crystal ball? Am I really Dean Lombardi? Facts are stubborn things.

Onto Drew Doughty. Is it possible some of the information that comes to our source is “planted” by either camp to create tension for the other side? Sure. That is possible. Negotiations that are in the public eye sometimes get planted information. We have even acknowledged that. But, know that our source has proven himself right, time and again (though not 100% of the time, which nobody can claim for a myriad of reasons you likely already know) and thus, I trust what I hear – in large part because I don’t just hear information but am told where it comes from specifically and how much faith I should put into it (which prompts me to sometimes keep it away from posting). If someone out there wants to question it because the typical pundits don’t know anything about it yet and when they call Lombardi or the agents, they get canned responses, then I would only say, respectfully of course, that is a short cut to thinking but, nevertheless, their right because goodness forbid a couple of damn bloggers with a passion for the team know more about anything hockey than someone who needs their site for a paycheck. Remember, we don’t do this for money, fame, or anything other than we love this team, we love this game and love our readers…and quite frankly, those who give us respect and act like professionals get the same in return. As for the other, well, you know what they say about opinions.



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  1. Nice article, but the other post was still a rumor. ;)

    New facts, sure, but still no signature on a contract with the Kings.

  2. In short, I think you are spot on!

  3. Bobby, you and Helene Elliott are the sources I rely on for MY Kings information. You have always shown very scrupulous judgement in what you publish, and only offer teases when all the facts are not fully in place. Keep up the good work, man!

  4. Sounds like there are some salty critics gnawing at you. I think what you wrote about it is credible; when I read it I my thought was that the news meant some “progress” in a lengthy negotiation process. I did not take it that Drew has his pen out.

    Most fans want this over with. Particularly for Drew who needs to focus and be more mature in several aspects. Needs to get his head into the game.

    It is the end of July and I am jonesing for hockey…

  5. You were flat out wrong when you said: “There is no signature yet but there is a deal in place. It’s awaiting signature” a month ago. Unless I’m mistaken, you offered no apology or explanation on this manner. Now, you are upset that people aren’t taking this report you made seriously, and that reputable news sources are telling people that there isn’t a deal in place.

    Then, you go on to point out all the times you’ve been right before, which is awesome. If something falls through or is wrong, you shrug it off, but if its right, you brag that you broke it first? You write out this big lecture that “facts are stubborn things”, but when you report something that turns out not to be factual, you don’t feel the need to amend or explain?

    If you want to brag about how you get it right and don’t tolerate bad info, then get it right; and own up to it when you don’t.

    • Don’t create a straw man. If someone said, “but you were also wrong before”, I would say, “I agree” and further state that I have become more careful what I post and also ask more questions. But, when someone claims that the source is not legitimate and completely discounts all of it as bullshit, then I am compelled to ask what I did and write what I wrote. Do you see the difference? There is one. It would be akin to you being right 7 out of 10 times and someone tells you “you are full of crap, you have no idea what you are talking about”. Finally, consider that these deals (like most bigger deals) are not static. You get close, you get a deal in place, it falls apart, back to the drawing board, you work out some terms, other terms become an issue, and so forth. Those experienced with negotiating big contracts / deals (like myself) know this from professional experience.

  6. We love you Surly and Scribe. Your passion and integrity shine forever bright. No need to explain yourself, young, chap. Keep rock’n it fellas.

    I will say, there is one thing a pisses me off about the two of you…..where are the damn shirts? I want a Surly-Scribe t-shirt. Good grief, how much longer must I wait? :)

  7. Keep it up guys! Your blog makes summer less dull (on the hockeyside of things).

  8. I don’t mean to sound like a total fangirl, but I love Surly & Scribe! Not only do you guys give us great info, you’re also very talented writers. I’m an editor by trade, so I appreciate quality writing. Plus, I will never forget the nice email Bobby sent me when my dog died. That meant a lot!


  9. ..sometimes blogger spats are as entertaining as rumors….

  10. i enjoy reading your articles everytime you post em keep up the great work

  11. No need for a defensive posture as far as I’m concerned. Your never going to please everybody all of the time. Most of us here understood full well what the context of your articles were reporting, and most of us know there wasn’t any guarantees, even when the possibility was reported (Shit happens). Not many of us feel your source was bogus or that your integrity is questionable, so just keep doing what your doing and let your work overtime speak for itself.

    Love this site, and love the work you guys do (even if Surly doesn’t write every other article LOL).

    P.S. Put me down for a 3-X longsleeve black t-shirt, or hoodie.

  12. This thing is shaping up to be just like the Stamkos deal. All of us out here get all hopped up on stupid rumors (Stamkos to Phil) and worry about the long days of no NEWS, when in fact the negotiations were pretty steady, not dramatic, and relatively easy. just because it takes a long time to get a deal signed does not necessarily mean that a deal was hard to reach. Stamkos even said, after signing the deal, that at no time had even thought about going to another team and the rumors of contract difficulty made him laugh. I have a feeling this Doughty deal will be the same.


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