Several months ago, the boys at VIP Tickets approached us. They said they dug our vibe and wanted to team up. While I am in the habit of regularly sending away those who wish to advertise on our site, this was different. First, they were actual readers. They love the LA Kings and read our site regularly. I tested their hockey and LA Kings IQ and came away nodding approval. Second, they were receptive to our thought of doing something fun and exciting for you. We didn’t want money. We sought something special.

So, we talked..a lot.

To what end?


VIP Tickets and Surly & Scribe are proud to announce VIP will give us 4 tickets each month (commencing at the start of the season) to give away to our readers – two in the 100 section, two in the 300 section. This ticket giveaway will go through the end of December and may continue for the remainder of the season. The tickets will be spaced out every 2 weeks or so.

What’s in it for us? Just the satisfaction of your smiling faces…and seeing you engage in the contests (two contests each month) Surly & I come up with to win these tickets.

Now, you know we have a sense of humor, are edgy and like to cause trouble.

So, what oh what will we have you do to get these tickets?

Nothing unlawful of course but let’s just say we could, if we were so inclined, make a damn good reality TV show out of it. There will be pictures, videos, and more frolic than you can shake a stick at. For those details, you will have to wait for the next announcement.

Please join me in thanking VIP Tickets for their generosity & support and click on the VIP image link at the right of your screen (below the Surly & Scribe logo) to visit VIP for the best LA Kings ticket deals and seats.