Let’s Talk About Andy Andreoff, Brandon Kozun & Drew Doughty

One kid who impressed Dean Lombardi at development camp was Andy Andreoff, a 6 foot tall, 185 pound center who plays a nice two-way game and has that “Clifford” edge about him. While he is still young and probably not ready for a bottom 6 role, Andy turned heads and not the traditional way he is used to doing it – the latter being planting his fist to the opponent’s right cheek.

Brandon Kozun should bring everything he has to training camp…and nobody should have to remind him of that for him to know it. The coaches like him. Lombardi likes him. I love him…and my vote doesn’t count. Brandon has every bit of the Martin St. Louis potential within that alleged 5’8″, 180 pound frame and in this NHL, the one that places a premium on speed and scoring ability & not necessarily size, a third or fourth line wing position is his to lose this coming season. Before you tell me, “but he’s still too young…” He’s 21. If he is mentally ready, he is ready.

Here is something else you can “relax” about regarding Drew Doughty – he is hard at work on his workout regime, the one our strength and conditioning coach Tim Adams assigned, and I hear Drew has every intention of coming into camp in top shape. For those who have engaged in intense cardio workouts on the sand and have had the pleasure of being in the weight room every day doing switch outs, you very much feel Drew’s pain…and gain.


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  1. I agree about Kozun. I think he has potential to be a St Louis, Cammi, type of player…..hopefully not the Rosa type.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing Andreoff at rookie camp…..Sounds like a late bloomer, and we made good at the draft. This subject I hold dear as a Die Hard On Kings fan.


    Our hope for another star or fan favorite from within our own design

    Last year we got a glimpse of Lokti & Muzzin

    Last season we got to know and love Lewie,Marty and the Big Red Dog

    Just who will fit where, and what position will open up due to circumstances that will give some young guy a chance.

    There must be so much potential and talent in the forward ranks, more than we can see, because Oscar, Elkins and BUD jumped to Europe even before rookie camp started.

    Can’t wait to see Czarnick, Nolan, Kozun & King.

    Hate to see those guys not on the ready for a call up, because they were right THERE. Soooo close to their dream, but so much talent coming in and around them.

    Nice problem to have!!!!!!

  3. Saw Andreoff at development camp. He has all the tools and the toughness that the Kings need. Looking forward to seeing him come camp time :)

  4. eehhh …eehhuhuh



  5. Let’s hope that Weber gets $5-6 million in arbitration. Rummors have the numbers submitted as $4.75 and $8-8.5 million. Guess which side submitted which number? :)

    Anyone remember what was submitted for and by Cammy? And what he ended up with on his 2-year deal?

  6. Development. It will be a small (?) but genuinely satisfying moment when the subject leads beyond Luc (with Smith, Goring, Murphy et. al. left ah,…unsaid). Two goaltenders? Its impressive – the Kings in their entire history have developed one championship goalie (Billy Smith – god how that always hurts) and fielded three such goalies (Rogie, Kelly & the Cat- Gary was an exceptional backup and I don’t buy Mario Lessard on a real contender). I believe that
    this approach sets the organization of this time apart from all prior periods – in the right way.

    Bear down Chicago Bears – and Fuck you very much Jerry Angelo. Can’t wait to lose to the Lions, not to mention the potato-eaters up the road. The weather in Jan. won’t help if we’re forced to play in Atlanta, now will it? But nice job getting another punter…

    Sorry, guys – hockey, football and boxing synapses pretty much fried and stuck together up there…


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