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From the Press Enterprise (an Inland Empire paper), two sections of the interview with Jack Ferreira with emphasis added:

He spends the first half of the season following the Kings, serving as an extra set of eyes and opinions, with side trips to see the club’s AHL affiliate in Manchester and the odd drive over to Ontario to watch the ECHL’s Reign. After Christmas, he spends his time looking at college and junior prospects, cross-checking the work of the team’s area scouts in preparation for the June draft.

“It’s basically whatever Dean wants me to do,” Ferreira, 67, said with a chuckle.

He is a valuable complement to Lombardi and assistant GM Ron Hextall, filling in whatever gaps need to be filled and contributing the instincts and wisdom of the hockey lifer.

Later in the article…

“This year we were up in Toronto for the scouting combine and Dean had some meetings with Newport Sports (Doughty’s agents),” Ferreira said. “He came back and they were discussing what went on, and I just looked at him and said, ‘Dean, they don’t want to make a deal. They’re not ready to make a deal.’

“That’s gonna be a tough one. I would not be surprised if he was a holdout. I went through it with Paul Kariya, and Dean’s been through it.”

The scouting combine was about two months ago, right?

Like life, timing is everything. “Whatever Dean wants me to do.”

This is one of the many reasons I love Dean Lombardi. This is genius.

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  1. Are you suggesting DL made JF say this in order to put pressure on DD and his agents? All it did was make me nervous. And if it isn’t true, won’t it just piss Drew off and possibly alienate him?

    • I’m thinking that the purpose is to prepare Kings fans that it might be some time before a contract is signed… and at the same time put pressure on Drew..

      • It may not be this either (to prepare the Kings’ fans). The Devil is often in the details, as the cliche goes. Sometimes, it takes a bit more (or, in some discussions, another voice) to iron out those details.

    • No, DL did not make JF say this. When two people have worked together for decades, one doesn’t have to make another say anything or often even directly ask.

  2. I got slammed by a commenter over at Quip’s site for this opinion but … I honestly would not call it Armageddon if Drew somehow ends up not on the Kings.

    Everyone knows he “took a step back” last year but … I take that point one step further …

    He had ONE good year.

    Let that sink for a second and you’ll understand why I don’t believe in giving the farm away for “probable greatness”.

    Had he 4 great years … this would be a different conversation from me entirely.

    • I agree… If Lombardi can’t get a very favorable deal (say 6,5 mill for 7 years) he should not sign a deal longer than 3 years! There’s no doubt that Doughty has all the talent in the world, but he hasn’t yet showed the workethic necessary to be a Norris candidate year after year. He’s a young guy and I would guess he gets there, but I wouldn’t bet $ 7,5 million a year on it…

    • Does the name Larry Murphy mean anything to you? How about Zhitnik? Sydor?

      Kings need to stop trading young defensemen. It is never a good idea. Just imagine if Detroit traded Lidstrom when he was 21.

      Drew Doughty is a special player. He is a unique talent that can’t be sent away.

      Unless Drew asks to be traded publicly, you do not move him for anyone.

    • He had ONE good year.

      … SO glad you’re not the GM of the Kings, if you actually think this.

      Just because he wasn’t a Norris candidate last season doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good season. He averaged over 25 minutes a game, was in the top 20 of even strength scoring among all NHL defensemen, and was the Kings’ best blueliner by a wide margin.

      He had a better season defensively in 10-11 than he did in 09-10. He scored 25 points at even strength – just three fewer than he did in 09-10 – in six fewer games. He did all this despite an early-season concussion that threatened to derail his season.

      He’s had one excellent season and one good season. And he’s going to have more excellent seasons and more good seasons before he’s through, so your “probable greatness” crack is B.S.

      If the Kings don’t pay for Doughty now, they’ll definitely pay the price later. No one means more to the success of this team than Drew does, right now. Maybe Kopitar means as much, but not more.

      As for Ferreira and Lombardi, I know better than to believe anything they have to say, so this story is insignificant. I remember Ferreira as the guy who fired Ron Wilson in Anaheim because he was “too candid with the media.” Yeah, Jack’s a real hero. Totally not surprised to see him on Lombardi’s leash.

      • I don’t know how to say this any other way so .. .let me be clear on it … I don’t want Doughty to be traded. This is not what I’m advocating here.

        But someone please enlighten me…


        Did any of these guys get MEGA Deals at year three ??

        seriously … I wanna know

        and yeah .. I’d rather see him sit out a year than be traded as well .. but …. all I’m saying is he shouldn’t be paid like Lidstrom when he hasn’t earned it yet.

        • What did Kopitar do to earn the $6.8 million that Dean gave him for 7 years? Dean set the bar for players coming off their ELC for LA. If Drew signs for 7+ years, he will get close to $6.8 million per year.

      • Matt Goerge, I usually agree with you, and love your posts, but when it comes to DD, I disagree.

        I often see Kingsfans use the “one good year” phrase, and even though I try to point out all the positives from last season, and even try to use stats to back it up (which I’m slowly starting to give up even trying to point out) I get ignored.

        Funny thing is, that the 15 point drop in points is the only stat people can use to back that observation up, and even though I point everywhere else, they still fall back to that one stat, as if GM’s only keep track of points scored to measure a players worth.

        Irony is, except for Williams (who played a lot more games, so doesn’t count), Brown, Stoll, and a couple of defensive defenseman (who’s added scoring barely registers on a richter scale, to begin with), everybody else took a hit scoring wise, not just DD.

        Why use the one stat, that by your standards, should be a negative for just about all our KIngs, and only point your finger at DD. Other than the drop in points, you have no valid complaint about DD.

        If you feel he’s not worth as much as he might be asking for yet, that’s O.K., but DD is an excellent player, and his contributions to this team shouldn’t be belittled, but celebrated.

        He is still betting better, and better, aside from the drop in points.

        • well that’s an excellent point … and you’re right .. the “one good year” thing is not fair …

          I do attribute the “step back” to the concussion .. so again .. that’s not fair either.

          i’m just … having… hard .. time .. wrapping brain … around .. big time .. contract ..2 years in.

          I guess what I should have posted above was, I’ll really be okay with almost whatever.

          If he gets the big money, I’ll shrug it off and go .. eh .. he’s the best we’ve had in years so good on em.

          If on the other hand…. Dean sticks to his guns and essentially says “you gotta earn it kid” .. and the worst happens and Drew’s not on the team as a result … I’m not going to hold it against Dean.

  3. I know that the concussion doesn’t explain the pre- and early season fitness issue, but
    I do believe that it really flattened out the rest of Drew’s season once he returned. He really didn’t look like what we had seen, though he flashed moments against SJ. An injury like that takes awhile to get back all the way from, even after you’re fit to resume activity – you don’t feel like yourself for quite some time. You take it a little easy, make sure you got the basics covered, make sure you’re still good. He’ll be fine – by which I mean his old self.

    If he needs to hold out, or if Lombardi prefers to sit him out, then that’s business. Both sides can negotiate to reduce their risks, and it could take awhile (not so much time as events). Both sides likely view this as the single most important negotiaton they will have, and I would say that they are right. But at some point they’ll come up with something they both can live with and do the deal. He’s our guy. The organization has mostly lacked coherence at the top over time, which explains the prior decisions we all hate to remember. That doesn’t seem to be the case at this time. I’d hate to start the season that way, but I believe we’ll be fine.

  4. I took Jacks comments as “just an educated guess”. Judging from the time frame of his comments, he seems to have had a pretty strong opinion, and his opinion turned out to be right.

    Back then, he had a 50/50 percent chance of being right, and he took a guess. Maybe a little butthurt over Holdouts hurting him in the past, but if DD was signed, no one would have heard about him guessing wrong.

  5. In thinking about this negotiation, the factor that interests me most is the question of time, and who it favors and why. This often changes in the midst of a negotiation, causing movement
    on a side. Assuming both parties are rational (i.e. both sides remain committed to a meeting of the minds at a point within the range of values indicated by the comparables or with a very good argument as to why not), then I assume that DL stays firmly in the lower half and DD in the upper half/at or near the top (both presenting arguments and agreeing to disagree for the moment) and time becomes important. As has been pointed out, DL has been seen to move off this position before (Kopitar) and so may be expected to do so again, assuming that DD’s contract requirements are rational (if not to DL’s preferred taste). This would lead DD to suspect that time favors him now, as DL would not be left with an agument that those requirements are “excessive”. I see a very strong argument for DD to stake out that position and hold to it. The quoted comments strike me as perhaps an acknowledgement of that reality (though any public comments during a private negotiation are suspect).


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