Drew Doughty Contract Negotiation Update

So, Drew Doughty wants a long-term deal & Dean Lombardi prefers that as well though a back up mid-term agreement (5 years) is still in play. Drew Doughty wants a specific type of cash distribution throughout the long-term deal plus veto power on any trade so he can choose his destination but Lombardi wants to keep the cash more steady from one year to another and needs a more flexible no movement or no trade clause, depending on the rest of the terms…including getting rid of the NMC/NTC all together if the deal makes sense for L.A. I am not publishing the cash distribution component of this out of respect for the ongoing negotiations. That is the most recent Doughty update as of 6:59pm tonight when I got this news. I still have not heard whether the Shea Weber arbitration award blew up or otherwise modified the deal in principle and until I hear otherwise, nothing has changed in that regard.

I told you recently about deadlines and patience wearing thin. It’s still wearing. In fact, the rubber is almost off the tires and, in a few miles, we are going to start seeing sparks fly. When one sees “accommodating” as a sign of weakness and starts making unreasonable or overreaching demands and draws negotiations out longer than necessary, that person should not be surprised when amenable becomes withdrawn and cautious…which further causes delays.

Finally, we are at the 11th hour. The two sides are too close for this to fall apart…but, and this is a big but, if it does fall apart, metal will meet concrete on the open road. I don’t think it’s going to get there. This will get done. GO KINGS!

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  1. That’s a lot of assumptions. Wow. A lot of asses being made.

    So, who is the fly in the ointment? Drew’s agent?

  2. Either way, I look forward to the season starting. If he hasnt signed by then, well, its his loss, not ours. I love DD as a player, and know he will go far in this league, and hope that he can make a decision that is smart for now, as well as later.

    If that means taking a little less money, for the time being, and showing that he IS worth “Weber-money” (when he gets to that point), then bring it the fuck on. If he is unwilling to accept the fact that he hasnt been in the league long enough to make “Veteran” demands, then I will be even more sad watching this unfold. His reputation will be ruined and he will become one of “those” players.

    All I see at this point is a young stud thinking he is “King-Dick” and not realizing that he is still a prince.

    Dont alienate your fans, or your team Dewey. It wont end well for you.
    A Concerned Kings Fan

  3. In other news, AEG keeps their AAA credit rating….

  4. Doughty for Parise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I haven’t seen a weekly poll in, well… weeks. I say we bring it back on this, we can all throw five dollars in a pot, and the person who guess correctly in years and cash wins! Scribe can’t guess, but can act as the house and take’s 10 percent of the pot..

    Ha J/K

  6. I’m down to start doing some polls again. Not too much else to talk about…

  7. The best news I have read all day

  8. Funny that where we are, in the negotiations, is exactly where I’ve been trying to speculate we’ve been all along, to those who have been pissed off with DD this whole time. It seams easy to blame DD (or his negotiators), but I don’t see DD’s side as the only side making demands or wanting concessions.

    Hopefully we only have to do this once for the next 9 years, but I do think it’s a fair compromise to go 5 years, because it takes 1 year of eligibility for free agency from DD, but also gives both sides 1 year to make another deal for more years. Could end up costing the Kings more money though when it comes around, because the market is sure to be higher by then, for quality defenseman, and he just might price himself out of the line up when it comes around (much like Weber in Nashville).

    I’d rather have a set price that we can manage for 9 years, then get hit with a bill in 5 we can’t afford to pay (but that’s just me).

    • I think your right about the longer term.

      Another blogger pointed out that defensemen take longer to mature whereas forwards kinda peak at 28-29, a time when most defensemen are coming into their own.

      If Doughty’s the superstar everyone hopes it would be a real shame to loose him at age 28.

      At the same time with economics being what they are you hit it on the button.

      Who knows what a poor boy can buy with just $6.5M (pretax) a year in 2016? Scary not knowing what money will be worth. Perhaps a good argument for a front load.

      But one thing, with most contracts falling in the $3.6-$5.5 range with Weber getting one year only where does this go. As a guess… a performance kicker in the middle that could send it higher in the later years.

  9. I too am looking forward to the season starting. I am especially looking forward to being at Staples watching the big screen as the Kings enter through what looks to be either the employee entrance at the Excalibur in Vegas or the side door of a Shakey’s to a soldout crowd. Also, can’t wait for the horribly loud pseudo-metallish punk to be driven into my eardrums while flashbulbs from up above me blind my retina. Oh the Staples Center experience…. Did I forget to mention the awesome laser show before the game? Note to the Kings, you never want the laser show to be better than the actual show. I would pay an extra buck a two for a beer (I know thats like 25 bucks) if Staples would just leave my senses alone for three minutes in between periods. I’m not there to be dazzled by CGI Kings battling evil goblins in Islanders jerseys on the overhead. Or cheer on red, blue, or green cars during the commercial timeout. Or that dumb lion, whats his name? Bailey. Yeah. I’ll totally curb job that hyena if it gets anywhere near me during a game. We have Mike Richards now!!!!! Its serious, we are going to knock peoples teeth in AND score 5 goals…..its not Knotts Berry Farm or f’n Medieval Times!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. i just watched the replay of Game 6 of the SJ series. I’m fired up.

    • First of all … Bailey is the shizzle.
      Agreed on the poorly produced CGI chess board opening thing.

      and most importantly …

      During the Red Wings games, anyone NOT wearing RED gets a 50 percent discount on Beer. It would be worth it just knowing all Wings fans were paying more …

  10. Just to follow up:

    Kingston would totally shank that Bailey before he even knew it was a fight. Also, I went to Staples to watch the Kings play the Florida Panthers. (Don’t ask). There was one guy, one lonely guy wearing a David Booth jersey. The pair of nuts on that guy, right!?

  11. Very much appreciate the Shakey’s crack – “the employee entrance at the Excalibur or the side door of a Shakey’s…”. Nice. I too get teary at the way in which that loose bit of medieval masonry slumps back and gets hit again by the next guy’s shoulder on the way out. Especially when lacking sleep or being mildly intoxicated. I have actually shown up at my buddy’s pub late so as not to hear he and the bartender (Bruins, Hawks) howl at me and start up with the Underdog busting through to not win the Cup stuff (their assholry is at a premium these days, for obvious reasons). There have been nights when that stupid wall was the dubious highlight of the game (seemingly whenever we play St. Louis). I do realize that in past years it may have made our minor-leaguers feel less homesick, but… the Cup should not be made to pass through such an opening, any more than it should pass through a duck’s bill or shark’s mouth or whatever.

  12. like any of you guys really know whats going on..lol


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