So, Drew Doughty wants a long-term deal & Dean Lombardi prefers that as well though a back up mid-term agreement (5 years) is still in play. Drew Doughty wants a specific type of cash distribution throughout the long-term deal plus veto power on any trade so he can choose his destination but Lombardi wants to keep the cash more steady from one year to another and needs a more flexible no movement or no trade clause, depending on the rest of the terms…including getting rid of the NMC/NTC all together if the deal makes sense for L.A. I am not publishing the cash distribution component of this out of respect for the ongoing negotiations. That is the most recent Doughty update as of 6:59pm tonight when I got this news. I still have not heard whether the Shea Weber arbitration award blew up or otherwise modified the deal in principle and until I hear otherwise, nothing has changed in that regard.

I told you recently about deadlines and patience wearing thin. It’s still wearing. In fact, the rubber is almost off the tires and, in a few miles, we are going to start seeing sparks fly. When one sees “accommodating” as a sign of weakness and starts making unreasonable or overreaching demands and draws negotiations out longer than necessary, that person should not be surprised when amenable becomes withdrawn and cautious…which further causes delays.

Finally, we are at the 11th hour. The two sides are too close for this to fall apart…but, and this is a big but, if it does fall apart, metal will meet concrete on the open road. I don’t think it’s going to get there. This will get done. GO KINGS!