Drew Doughty Takes On The Diamond?

Drew Doughty has reached the summit of worldwide hockey glory — as the Olympic gold medal around his neck can attest — but the London native is hoping that success will transfer to the baseball diamond this weekend.

The defenceman, along with some of his NHL brethren, will be taking part in the Grand Slam for Cancer charity softball tournament Saturday at West Lions Park to benefit the Wellspring cancer support program.

“I don’t really have any baseball background,” Doughty said, laughing. “I can toss the ball around and hit it pretty far, but I didn’t play much baseball growing up.”

The rules are real simple. No sliding into any base. No heroic attempts to field the ball or dive for it in the outfield. No running over the catcher trying to step on home plate and no more than 1 hot dog and 1 beer. In fact, can he just go golfing for a charity instead? Without Erik Johnson driving the golf cart I mean…

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  1. This doesn’t seem like a very good idea.


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