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  1. just saw this one too

    • Loved the Led Zep remake. Took a minute, but got better as I listened to it. All the Kings action made it sound even better. Personally I would have put heavier guitars in there, but I like it.

  2. CANNOT WAIT!! Also, love the JWil goal against the Lightning!

  3. Love the video, especially since it is missing any obnoxious bro music. As for the chant at the end, cool, but man I hate that chant. I swear it sounds like, “Let’s go Chris” to me every time

  4. I need to teach AJ a few things about aspect ratios :)

  5. What are aspect ratios? lol

  6. Thanks guys for both videos. Gave me a woody!

  7. I just hope that Richards and Gagne don’t take a step back when they hit the ice for the Kings. If they even simply maintain their play – the hits, the scoring, the pressure – we are already a better team.

    Which begs the question: which King throughout their history represents the biggest disappointment in terms of expectations? I’m not talking about a player like Poni never really making the impact that we had hoped for, but someone like, maybe, Frolov – who we all thought had much more potential – and showed it from time to time – but was never really able to sustain it. Who would you choose?

  8. If you haven’t watched his 2010-11 season preview I suggest you do. It’s amazing..
    -go kings!!!!

  9. Sweeeet! AJ used my Kings logo! Great video, AJ.

  10. Nice work AJ. Thanks DAG and Paulski.


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