We Dig Wil Wheaton’s Style

So, this Wil Wheaton…pretty cool dude. Before I read this article, I wouldn’t have known who the hell he was but now, he has gained 2 fans. From our favorite blog, Puck Daddy:

Today’s Special Guest: Actor Wil Wheaton, star of “Stand By Me”, Sheldon antagonist on “The Big Bang Theory” and, of course, Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Check out him out on “Eureka” on the SyFy Channel  and read his musing on Twitter at @wilw.

1. The Player You Most Love To Hate

I’m a life-long Los Angeles Kings fan, so I don’t have to work very hard to despise the Mighty Ducks, and everything about them.

From the worst broadcast team in the history of televised sports to the ugliest uniforms this side of the Kings’ Burger King alternate sweater, this team — that exists because of a children’s movie — makes my skin crawl.

So, while I’d love to say “anyone who has ever worn a Ducks’ uniform,” I have to spin the Wheel of Irrational Sports Hatred … which landed on Ryan Getzlaf.

Okay, this is easy: I’m a nerd, and while I’m not under any illusions that the average hockey player wouldn’t shove me in a locker just for the lulz, there’s something about Getzlaf in particular that makes me want to cast him as the Asshat Jock who everybody hates in a hockey movie. I bet he’d nail the audition, on account of HE PLAYS FOR THE MIGHTY FREAKIN’ DUCKS.

Click on the Puck Daddy Wil Wheaton Guilty Pleasures article for more.

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8 replies

  1. O.K. Now I’m a fan. LOL

  2. How fun was that to read!
    Of cursecwe hate tuem all..I have one exception..you know who..
    Lubo ..I thoght he was a great little King with who played all in
    But way to go Sheldon..if you have not watched
    The Big Bang Theory..you must. I was a late comer..saw 2 late reruns about this time last year and Hooked! The funniest and best written script.
    Great cast..A
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. That is friggin great. Celebrities generally don’t try to slam anything that hard, because they don’t want to alienate anyone or their money. For him to go on the record with those quotes, he has to be a serious, serious Kings fan.

  4. More Duck bashing Pleeeeease!!!!!

    Good Luck Harry!!!!! Signed with the Devils, get’s to play with Brodeur in what could / Should be his last season. Watch Harry have a 40 point season……..x-Kings do get reborn.

  5. If the Kings could get Bettman at Tip a King for 10.00 you could test Wil’s theory the line would never end.

  6. HAHAH! Great article. thanks for posting.

  7. He hit the nail on the head with those comments. Let’s pay special attention to the part about the worst broadcasters in televised sports….how on earth do those two stay employed? I didn’t even know what the term “homer” meant until I listened to those two for a couple of minutes. Calling a fair/unbiased game is the last thing on their minds. I wish Bob Miller and Jim Fox could do all the gigs between the Kings vs. Ducks so we don’t have to listen Alhers/Haywood anymore. I always end up muting the television and listening to Nickson/Evans on radio instead! Thank you, Miller/Fox for the outstanding work you do…true professionals in sports broadcasting. Go Kings!

  8. Hell yeah wil weaton fucking rocks. Hes pretty much dead on about the ducks and their unbiased announcers… And because of their bullshit announcing they had bob and jim call the game in anaheim last year. They should do this from now on.


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