NHL Enforcer, Rick Rypien, Found Dead In His Alberta Home

27 years old.

His entire life ahead of him.

The circumstances of his death have not yet been officially confirmed and we won’t publish that until they are out of respect for his memory and family.

To those outside of Vancouver, Rypien may be best known for an incident from October of last season whereat he got into an altercation with a Minnesota Wild fan and suffered a 6 game suspension as a result. Rypien signed a 1 year contract with the Winnipeg Jets a month ago.

To most of us, he was just another enforcer and, truth be told, from an opposing fan perspective, we probably didn’t like him very much. However, that doesn’t change that he was a human being playing out his dreams of being a NHL player and gave his heart and soul to the game. He also no doubt had many people in his life who loved him and thought the world of him. One such person is Angela Rypien, his cousin, who sent tweets stating:

“Please keep my family and I in your prayers on this very difficult day today!”

“I will never forget today and what sadness and hurt it has brought upon my family!”

Rest in peace, Rick.

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8 replies

  1. Probably not the most politically correct comment…. but I find the exclamation points uncouth.

    This is very sad though. I know Rypien had some serious issues he was spending a lot of time trying to work out. I had heard he was a very nice guy. RIP.

    The NHL has unexpectedly lost too many players in the last few years.

  2. That’s a damn shame. My heart goes out to the Rypien family.

  3. It looks like there may be a certain personality type that lends itself to being an enforcer. Sad to see young people pass on like this. Hope there are no more anytime soon…

  4. theFor the love of the game and every player who brings me that joy I send condolances and my my heart hurts at the loss. Prayers for the family.
    Hope you rest in peace Rick.

  5. I haven’t been keeping track, and there’s no way they are related, but it seems like a few enforcers have recently past away before their time. Rest in peace Rick, and my condolences to his family for their loss.

  6. Bumped into Mohammad Ali one day when he was walking his dog. Nice guy but clearly, even 35 years ago, that head butting lifestyle took its toll.


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