I had to wait until the shock wore off before I posted this.

We are told Doughty’s agents, Don Meehan and Mark Guy, have the LA Kings’ most recent offer. From what we are told, this may do it although, as of right now, it is not signed. It’s an offer, nothing more. There is no final “deal” yet. I told you earlier that there are 2 potential offers on the table, one for 9 years and one for 7. I have now learned that the 7 year deal may be the winner and it comes in at or about $52 million. At $52 million, that is a staggering $7.42 million per season cap hit. That is Weber money. That is Stamkos money. Was one or both the benchmark? We have not heard whether or not there is any NTC or NMC in this offer.

My jaw dropped when I heard the number. My initial reaction was there must be some mistake and this is what Doughty’s agents offered Dean, not the other way around.

Surly & I are trying to wrap our head around this. We will give you our opinions in a separate article. If we hear any more information along the way, we will of course let you know. For now, where is the Advil?