Source: Drew Doughty Offer Is 7 Years At Or About $52 million

I had to wait until the shock wore off before I posted this.

We are told Doughty’s agents, Don Meehan and Mark Guy, have the LA Kings’ most recent offer. From what we are told, this may do it although, as of right now, it is not signed. It’s an offer, nothing more. There is no final “deal” yet. I told you earlier that there are 2 potential offers on the table, one for 9 years and one for 7. I have now learned that the 7 year deal may be the winner and it comes in at or about $52 million. At $52 million, that is a staggering $7.42 million per season cap hit. That is Weber money. That is Stamkos money. Was one or both the benchmark? We have not heard whether or not there is any NTC or NMC in this offer.

My jaw dropped when I heard the number. My initial reaction was there must be some mistake and this is what Doughty’s agents offered Dean, not the other way around.

Surly & I are trying to wrap our head around this. We will give you our opinions in a separate article. If we hear any more information along the way, we will of course let you know. For now, where is the Advil?


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  1. I can live with that, let’s just get it done and play some hockey.

  2. I like Drew, a lot, but in my opinion he isn’t worth that at all…

  3. Holy shit! Not sure what to think…but I’ll wind up accepting it

  4. That’s friggin crazy. He doesn’t even have a Norris! I love you, Dewey, but damn, that’s way too much.

  5. Yeah… My opinion will come tomorrow after I’ve gathered up the pieces of my head and put it all back together.

  6. You guys don’t know how much Jacob and I agonized over this. We were stunned. We actually had reservations about posting this article because we nearly did not want to believe it but our source (or in this case sources) are confident.

    • I want doughty signed, and soon… But man this is a tough pill to swallow. I’m almost mad at our sources, lol… Such a long day at work. I was hoping to come home and crash. Thanks to this that plan has kind of gone out the window.

  7. No way! You must be off by a year. At that kind of offer there better not be a ntc/nmc attached. And there better be weight clauses, concussion clauses, and injury playing poker clauses.

    • I agree! It’s crazy right? But, think about it, like I have been trying to do so. That is what Stamkos got with 2 less years. TWO LESS years. That is a big deal. Drew is giving 3 UFA years in this deal and Steve Stamkos only gave 1. When you think about it that way, it’s not so crazy considering they went 1 and 2 in the same draft.

      • Well, I’m not saying I can’t live with it. But it hampers pickups near the trade deadline this year and we are talking about a player who regressed a bit last year… and had a concussion. And he’s had training issues his whole career. That’s not Stamkos-like. Big items when talking dollars and cents for 7 years. At least if there is a nmc it doesn’t kick in for what?…4 years? I hope he realizes that fans will expect superman every night at that cost if your numbers are right.

  8. Let’s all be glad for a moment that Tallon isn’t our GM right now. While Doughty would be signed already if he were, the cap hit would be 8.5. If Sather was our GM it would be 9.5.

    If Dean is comfortable with 7.42, then i have no good reason not to be as well.

    • >>>If Dean is comfortable with 7.42, then i
      >>>have no good reason not to be as well.

      True…it’s not my money. Then again wait till we see the season seat prices go up next season. Think… Yankee Stadium. Thanks for doing your best to keep us updated. I already can’t wait to see the on-ice product this year! Frozen Fury is only 6 weeks away.

  9. He’ll be worth every penny! Sounds like a good compromise (seven years) for both sides… Kings get 3 years of his UFA eligible status, and DD8 gets the potential of a UFA front loaded, long term deal when he is still at a reasonable age of 28…

    End this thing & let’s get ready for the season!

  10. WOW!!!!!

  11. doughty is not worth 7.42 hes not worth 4.42 maby 4 players get paid for wat they have done and wat they are doing not for wat they might do or have the potential to do my opinion

  12. Does this mess up the team though? We got a kid making big bucks who hasn’t done anything except get the team into the first round of the play-offs. Richards made it to the finals, and makes a lot less than what this rumors states, (and for more years right?). I can’t get behind it, no matter how much I like watching him play hockey. It’s too much money for someone as unproven as he is. Sure he is the best defender most of us has seen on the Kings, but for that money it almost makes him look like one of the best defenders the NHL has seen…that could put a lot of pressure on a guy. Here is to hoping Drew is one of those guys who excels with pressure

  13. Wait…..didn’t they have an agreement in princple weeks ago?

    • The fact that you think those two are mutually exclusive only highlights that you don’t understand what the terms agreement in principle mean or, in fairness to you, it means something completely different than what we said and explained. But, that’s cool. Hey, we write this for the readers and we don’t profit or gain a damn thing from any of it so, by all means, if you want to translate deal in principle as a done and signed deal v. exactly what Lombardi said thereafter (which is that the parameters on a deal had been set, I am paraphrasing) and we wrote, then that is fine. We get it. You disagree.

      • Dude, you don’t understand what a deal in principle means. A deal in principle means that all of the major terms like years and money have been agreed to and the lesser things like NMC have not. If dean is making an offer now, then there was no deal in principle 2 months ago like you guys claimed.

        Setting the parameters of negotiation does not equal a deal in principle.

        • Please educate me on how many 7 figure deals you have negotiated. I will wait. Ask me the same question. A deal in principle means no such thing. If you take a very narrow viewpoint of it, sure, you could use your interpretation. If you take the business use of it, it means exactly what we said – you agree on a range, a high and low, you agree about where the terms should land and you then agree on what areas you have to work on to finalize it. that is a deal in principle. That is the exact same thing as setting the parameters, which is exactly Dean Lombardi’s words and unless you take the complete obtuse reading of Dean’s words as Dean speaking about himself and the team when he says “we”, what Dean said and what we wrote are the same thing. Now, with that said, I get you have a different opinion and that is cool. You are entitled to it. I disagree and I think Dean’s direct statement about the parameters being set sealed it.

  14. Doughty will win Norris this season, IF he stays in shape! Doughty IMO is can score 80+ points.

  15. *mind blown* if this is true. Doughty is by NO MEANS the best player on the team as this salary would indicate. This just promotes hold outs for every “star” player from now on. Too big to fail. I feel like I’m watching the mortgage crisis all over again.

  16. Getting him locked up for 7 years must be worth the risk to Dean and the Kings.

    Having Kopitar, Richards, Johnson and Doughty all locked up long term and 2 #1 goalies fighting it out for their next long-term deal is a good problem to have for Dean and the Kings’ capologist. $7.43 million per is a shit load of money for a 21 year old defenseman. Dean is going all in for the next 2 years to win a cup in LA. $7.43 isn’t that crippling for a #1 defenseman when your #2 defenseman is making $4.357.

    The Sharks are going to have $12.43 million paid to their top 2 defensemen starting in 2012-13. The Kings will have $11.79 million paid to their top 2 defensemen.

    I would rather have Doughty and Johnson than Boyle and Burns.

  17. What if it was 4.5M, 5.5M, 7.5M, 8M, 8.5M, 9M, 9M? Would you not expect the Norris until the third year then? Why does the average matter if the real dollars are reasonable? Again, Ehroff and others have received $10M for their first few UFA years. Why shouldn’t Doughty get a bonus for sacrificing those?

  18. Typo? $62 at 8 years?…. please…. pretty please?…. pretty please with a kopitar signed puck on top?

  19. Gross. I can’t think of any other way to put it. Yeah, we all love Doughty (at least before this shit started) and want him on the team but this kind of pisses me off. If it comes through as being factual, I will lose a ton of respect for everyone involved. That is, of course, if he doesn’t win the Norris this year and help us get to the Western Conference finals at the very least! Otherwise, I’m taking my car down to Staples to have him detail the shit out of it! Hey, we pay his salary (at least part of it) and we don’t get our money’s worth, I want a car wash. I’ll even let him scrape the Doughty sticker off the back window!

  20. Waaaaay too much. I really like Drew Doughty but I like winning the cup much more. I just hope the cap hit that results from signing DD doesn’t preclude the other. We need to spend smart money, not reckless-abandon-New-York money. $7.42 seems like a big gamble.

  21. Definitely way too much .. HOWEVER

    I must say, if this contract is signed, I’m glad the pressure will be on Drew than on Dean in this situation.

    “You wanted it kid … you got it … now show us.”

  22. Hell No. NFW… this KID is not worth that cash. If Dean is more afraid of losing him… then TL needs to help him get over it. This is the type of contract that can cripple the team for YEARS!

    I have said this already.. I would sign his ass and then trade him to Florida for a couple of wingers and a few picks.

    He and Meehan can get their Miami thing going and enjoy years at the bottom of the standings.

  23. Thank God Doughts is signed.. I can’t really say too much $$ or etc. because that kind of
    cash is Way Way over this Blue Collar worker’s head.. but I love our Boy.. actually all of them
    he is an Amazingly skilled player.. I am excited for him to be a long term King and to watch
    him grow and he WILL be here to Raise the Cup.. how exciting.. counting the days til the season begins!
    GO KINGS GO!!!


    The Mythical NMC …

    If this rumor is true .. .and Drew was indeed offered this kinda money … then him holding out for a No Movement Clause is gonna look SERIOUSLY WEAK on his part…

    nicely played Deano

  25. That’s crazy!!!! I mean he’s good but man he wasn’t That good last year. It’s interesting to speculate about the upcoming season and bleacher reports has him as a major flop. Yeah there’s no telling what’ll happen until it happens but my God I think Doughty’s lost his mind.

    • bleacherreport also has #42 as Kings make second round due to richards addition and “deep defensive corps” so………

      • I know it’s all speculation but man that’s waaay too much money imo.

      • They’re also saying: 43) Joe Thornton Will Win the Conn Smythe Trophy…. and the Sharks will win the cup.

        Not on Kings watch!

        • That is a Bold prediction. If it does somehow come true that’ll be a dark day for me. Someone just put me on a firing line if that happens.

  26. Only reason doughty is getting that much money is because he is giving up UFA years. In the open market, he easily gets 7.5.

  27. Much ado about nothing until he actually signs and we get an official announcement. Fun to read all the comments though.

  28. Why am I the only one who’s not surprised? I’m not even mad, because I figured it had the potential to get that high anyway. Just like any other really good team, the Kings are going all in to lock up a franchise player. All the great teams have 2 or 3 really huge contracts with manageable contracts surrounding them. Pittsburgh, San Jose, Tampa Bay, Washington, Buffalo, ect, ect. Plenty of teams with 7 million dollar contracts out there.

    Why should the Kings be any different than any of the other elite teams, since we’ve built up enough reserves to make some deep runs for the next 4 or 5 years? We’re in better shape to take on that salary than most any other team out there.

    Where we’re really saving is in goaltending. For instance Buffalo is paying 7 mill in goaltending, while we’re paying 3 mill. Washington has a forward making 9.5 mill, and 2 forwards making 6.7 mill, and Pittsburgh has 2 forwards making 8.7 mill, and there paying almost double in goaltending.

    What happened to all those yahoo’s who were swearing that Chicago payed the price, and at least they have a cup “why can’t the Kings do that?”. All I saw after they won was “I’d do what ever it takes, or pay any price, for a chance to win a cup, but AEG is too cheap”. Well here we are, and everybodies turning into a bunch of chickenshits.

    C’mon Kingsfans, grow a pair! If thats what it takes, then so be it.

    • Its not the 7 million dollar contract thats the problem. The problem is what are we getting in return? 2009-2010 Doughty? or 2010-2011 Doughty? The later would be a waste of money which is my issue. He has yet to prove himself as a 7 million dollar player… but it looks like the front office is going to roll the dice.

  29. Well, it we want to talk about a big maybe, maybe in seven years $7.4 will seem reasonable but not now.

    Sydor25 however manages to take some of sting off of a deal like this by pointing to the Sharks defensive payroll.

    KWDL also makes a good point about his minutes.

    So what does this mean, a doubling of hand breaded chicken parts commercials during time outs?

    And, to keep him at 28, 2 years, $9.6M?

  30. At least if he signs for this kind of bank, then DL can really lay the hammer to DD in the press to get his butt in shape! No more doughnuts, no more doughy dewey. I’d love to see what he can do when his commitment to fitness really reaches the $7.42M / year level.

    • The only reason DD wasn’t in tip top shape last summer was because of over work the season before with the olympics, and putting in more minutes than any player in the NHL, but go ahead and make your wise cracks about doughnuts, and stuff.

      I hope you’ll be kissin his jock when he comes in to camp in tip top shape.

  31. Not a suprise, but Drew’s agent is saying there has been no new contact with the Kings:

    “Close the circle on Doughty. Per @helenenothelen agent Don Meehan – no deal. Truth be told, never was any recent traction despite reports.”!/DennisTFP!/helenenothelen

    • We never said the deal we reported was a new deal or new offer. Its new INFO we have on the offer that was very clearly made (per Lombardi) almost 3 weeks ago.

  32. All I can say is that at 52M for 7 years he must have a Gary Roberts offseason conditioning requirement in his contract. That is his biggest weakness and translates to a lack of commitment to the organization.

    • I wrote this earlier, but I think it applies here too.

      The year before, he was in shape, and gave us a Norris trophy finalist type season. He also was a stand out in an olympic tournament that featured the best hockey players in the world, and he won a gold medal in that tournament.

      Last season he improved considerably on puck possession, and time management, regardless of the small drop in points (don’t make me bust out stats). He showed up out of shape last summer because he was burned out from the olympics and a long Norris trophy type season, not because of a lack of commitment.

      That overwork was something that no one could have foreseen ahead of time, but is something that probably will not be taken for granted again, by DD, or Kings management. Having concussion symptoms slowed his transition as far as getting into game shape, and his PPG took a hit, but he slowly improved in every other area on the ice statistically.

      Using last summer as an excuse to say comments like “we just don’t know which DD we’re going to get”, or comments like “he lacks commitment” are not fair assumptions IMO, because I believe we do know (and him being in shape now just proves my point, since I pointed this out 4 months ago).

  33. I’m happy with it! Can’t wait for him to sign!! Kings in 2012!!

  34. And it wasn’t even the money that brought the Hawks the Cup – a point underlined by Boston’s success.

    It’s always a risk – meaning that yes, if we go in and then get less (or even much less) than hoped for/expected then we live with it. This particular type of risk is a cost of doing business for a team trying to win the Cup. We draft, we develop, then we must decide. I’m restating Dominck’s point, but a choice has to be made, one way or another – where our team is headed. I think the Richards trade was DL’s answer to that question, and this deal will follow. And we win the Cup or we don’t.

    If he is a bust, then he will be traded for a “fresh start” and the Kings will eat salary cap space for their error, and DL will be hard-put to work around it. Might as well accept that reality – a mill. less won’t change the calculus.

  35. To all the Kings fans who are suggesting that this is an overpay, I have but one thing to say to you… ARE YOU FREAKIN’ INSANE?

    Seriously, shut up. I’m an Oilers fan. You have one of the top five defencemen in the league, and perhaps more importantly, a player who is going to be that for TEN MORE YEARS. That is, frankly, priceless. I’ve seen my team come agonizingly close with a player like that, and then futile ever since the moment he left. If I was a team that was going to be very, very good regardless, I would sign him to a ten year deal at eight and a half per without blinking an eye.

    You know why? Doughty is a unique talent. He’s a high-end two-way player who is going to be one of the league’s stars for ten years, and likely more than that. He will be one of the key reasons that the Kings will win a Stanley Cup in the next decade. I can count on two hands, maybe even one, players that I would trade for him straight up. Crosby, Ovechkin, maybe Price if I was desperate for a goalie… maybe Stamkos or Hall if I needed a forward more than a D-man… and that’s just about it. There aren’t many players I expect to still be dominating in the 2021-2022 season. Doughty is one of them.

    Of course he gets Stamkos money. How is he not as good a player as Stamkos? Do you think agents haven’t noticed that the cap hasn’t gone up to 64.3 million? Doughty is asking for about 11.5% of the cap, which is reasonable for the impact player he is. If the cap goes up a little further, you may only be paying him 10% of them cap in a few years.

    If you don’t want him at a cap hit that is likely a good million to million and a half less than he could get on the open market, then feel free to send him to Edmonton. We’d be happy to give him eleven years at 7.8 per, and have Doughty, Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins routinely kick you guys out of the first and second round for the next fifteen years.


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