I am writing this on the run so time is short but I heard Matt Barry has tweeted: “7 years for Doughty is what I am hearing.”

I don’t believe he has offered any other details as I write this at 7:30pm on Tuesday. If he has, I am sure someone will post it in the comment section.

Normally, I don’t post anything unless it is confirmed by our source as reliable. This has not been confirmed. I am going to make an exception to that rule and tell you what we have heard but please consider (1) this information has not been confirmed to the point I can represent it is reliable and (2) we are working on getting more details but we have one thing beyond our control (time) working against us due to a hectic schedule in the next 48 hours. I will do my best for you.

The unconfirmed report we have heard is there are two deals on the table. The first is a 9 year deal that is less than $7 million. The second deal is 7 years at $7 million ish. What ish? Can’t confirm any of that right now.

Now, Matt’s tweet does not state whether the 7 years he tweeted (without dollars) is the most recent offer, if a contract is imminent or something else. For those that do not know Matt, first, where have you been? Second, he is a very passionate, diehard LA Kings fan. He has received his share of grief over the years (some of it deserved) but each time I have met him, he has been friendly, fun and knowledgeable about the team and the sport.

When I know more, you will know more. GO KINGS!