7 Years, $50 Million, Not $52…Thank Goodness

At 6:27 pm, I heard Dean’s offer is not 7 years, $52 million but 7 years, $50 million. That is a cap hit of $7.14. Still don’t know if there is an NMC or NTC in it. That is better and is still a damn good offer. Thank goodness. Sorry we gave some of you (myself included) a stroke with the $52 million. I owe everyone a beer (limit one per person). If I hear anything else, I will let you know.

At least now I don’t have to worry about Dean having lost his mind but who knows where the counter will come in or if Meehan and company will sit on this one as well. In any event, Drew’s agents have the ball and Drew wants this done. It’s getting more interesting by the day.

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  1. Maybe the offer goes down every day it isn’t signed. :)

  2. Yes it is.. GET IT DONE… make your player happy you greedy agent..
    I will have a Newcastle please..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. You should link the YouTube video of Doughty’s interview from the charity game. Should help with the hold out rumors.

  4. I don’t think Doughty will ever be the best player on our team, so I don’t like the deal still. Paying on potential is dangerous, especially when, in a contract year, Doughty failed to shine. But I guess 7.1 is better than 7.4.

    Someone wrote about the Kings defensive pay versus other teams. While I understand the correlation, these teams also have players who give hometown / winning discounts while in LA, good FA rarely come here, let alone for a discount.

    We need some help on the F front. Obviously Dean is going for the Cup now, so I commend him for that. But I’m a little leery of the Doughty signing only because in a couple years, his contract may strap the Kings somewhat.

    Time will tell though.

    • I don’t think Doughty will ever be the best player on our team

      … He already has been. Perhaps you were asleep during the 09-10 season?

      And, it’s debatable whether he was still the best player on the team this past season, even with the drop in scoring. He definitely was the best Kings’ player in the playoffs.

      • No I wasn’t.

        Sorry, but I fail to understand your logic of him being the best. While he may have been good offensively, his D has always been questionable. Being payed as the best player on the team with a questionable work ethic and one good season does not equate to being payed more than players who have flat out been better.

        • Well I must say that I partially agree with both of you. He was not the best player on the team last season, not even the best d-man (i give those props to Scuds) but as we all know, he’ll be there. Still don’t believe someone is worth Stamkos $$ without even scoring 20 goals a season. DL is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Let’s just let it ride and sign him. Who cares if the kings are a bit handcuffed in a few yrs….I’m sick of waiting for the next season when we are supposed to be contenders. No better time to gamble then now! I’ve got the Kings at 25/1 to win it all and love those odds!

        • Have to agree as they not negotiating based upon achievement but on potential.

          And 7 years vs. 9? At 7 years he’ll just be coming into his own…good timing to renegotiate for another six years somewhere. Humm, almost sounds like he asking to be paid to learn.

          • Yeah. He will presumably be paid on potential. Which is a dangerous path to walk on. I’m not a fan of this idea, but A) who cares what I think, and B) hopefully it works out. He has the talent, just lacks in the drive so far.

  5. BlueMoon on tap with an orange for me!

    I still hope at that cap hit, there is no NMC/NTC. I would think it has to be in the mid 6’s or so if he wants that clause…just my opinion!

  6. Ill take a new castle blue moon or a summer ale. Thanks

  7. Off topic but, but swingers is an awesome movie.

    I’m paraphrasing here, but my favorite line in that movie goes,

    Mike goes, Why you carrying a gun, what in case some on steps to you, snoop dog.

    Sue: hey man you don’t know what it’s like around here, I grew up in LA.

    Trent: He’s from fucking Anaheim!!

    love it, every time Kings play quacks or the Dodgers play LA Angels of Anaheim I always quote swingers…

    Anyways leave it to Roenick (Scribe addition: “that prick”) to give his version of the movie…


    • Anyways leave it to Roenick to give his version of the movie…

      … I hereby petition to automatically remove all references to Jeremy Roenick on this Kings-based website.

      This is J.T. Dutch, and I approved this message.

  8. TY Sydor25!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. Even if this hits September without a deal, I’m not willing to hit the panic switch. Also, how about some of the fans on these blogs get themselves a little perspective and stop fretting about overpaying for Doughty. Is there any question that we don’t get equal value for Doughty if we trade him away ever? I’m not going to mind so much if we overpay him a little. Why?:

    1. Because there’s nobody in the league that I’d rather build the team around if I’m starting over. Sorry to the fans on TSN, but they’re wrong. I would take Doughty over Stamkos and Toews any day (no offense to either of them.)
    2. Cap hit is not as big a concern for the Kings. Why is everyone so concerned about becoming the Blackhawks? It’s not going to happen! We currently have the best assortment of talent at the AHL level in the league. Why worry about the other mid-range talent on the Kings when you can currently replace them, wait a few years, let Sather overpay for the tweeners by 2-3 million, and then replace them with more talent at the league minimum? Isn’t that what we waited all these years for, and why Lombardi worked so hard to build the best crop of talent? Who cares about cap hit.
    3. Who are we worried about losing if Doughty gets more than his current market value? Stoll…Mitchell?? These guys are good players, but they can be replaced if necessary. Quick and Bernier may be an issue in about 2 years, but everyone knows we’re not keeping both of them long term anyway. We’ll have the cap space for at least one of them when that time comes.

    Lombardi has no need to panic, since he has the assets and no worry about wasting time. I have no problems with Lombardi trying to make the right deal. I also don’t care about Doughty taking his time to get what he’s looking for. He’s not going to be in this position for another 5-9 years anyway. Why not get it right now so that he can be happy long term? And for all the talk by the fans about him being greedy…get over it! Doughty’s worth what the Kings are willing to pay him, what his market value is, and what he’s willing to accept. I personally want him to be happy with the deal he gets.

    Let’s just wait for the season to start, grab a cold one, and think nothing but positive thoughts because Doughty’s going to be in the starting lineup come opening game and we will soon be past all this nonsense, and waiting in anxious anticipation for the playoffs and our cup run. Go Kings Go!

  10. Well, according to him, there is no truth to the rumor of the offer.

    And he says numbers aren’t a big deal.

    To the first part, he could be denying it, or your rumor could be wrong, don’t care either way to be honest.

    The second part is pretty funny though. If numbers (money) is not a big deal, I’m pretty sure a deal would be done by now.

    • When I heard him say that the numbers don’t matter / not a big deal, I nearly spit out my drink all over the keyboard. Seriously man. Come on. Remember when Ryan Smyth said that he hadn’t asked for a trade? Yeah…

      • i thought the same thing about smyth when i saw the “all the rumors are false” comment from donuts.

      • I know man. That made me laugh too. I know players are taught what to say by the league, the team, their agents, and possible sponsors. But in reality, it makes me feel like I am a 6 year old kid who asked my parents what that guy and girl were doing in the park and the answer I get is wrestling.

        Someone above asked what do you expect him to say? Well, I expect him to say the truth, even if he doesn’t answer yes or no to rumored deals. Just say, “We’ve had talks. I won’t get into any of the rumors, but my agent has been in discussions with management. Blah blah blah, I want to be a King, yadda yadda yadda, I’m letting my agent do the work, etc etc etc.”

    • What’s he supposed to say though, that he’s pushing to be highest paid player on the team? He also said that his agent is doing this work for him and doing a good job, and he’ll just focus on hockey. Pretty standard stuff.

      I’m all for 50 million over 7 years, personally. But I’m in the he’s a generational talent camp.

  11. How about I buy the two of you a beer(s). With all this hoopla you two are stiring up……you must be a bit dehydrated. :)

  12. How come he didn’t just say that a deal in principle has already been reached and that the two sides are just hammering out the details?

  13. He is definitely saying all the right things. That aside, DD looks like he is in fantastic shape! Face is much thinner, and you can tell from the on-ice shots that he has added some muscle mass. Perfect video, with the exception of that god-awful Sharks jersey that he has on. Very unsettling, even in a charity event.

  14. From Helene Elliot at the L.A.Times:

    “Restricted free-agent defenseman Drew Doughty and the Kings remain at odds on a new contract a month before training camp starts, but they were in sync Wednesday in denying
    reports of an agreement existing in principle or any form.

    “No, not at all. That’s certainly not accurate,” Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, said of reports attributed to unnamed sources on hockeybuzz.com and other websites. “We don’t have a deal.”

    Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi declined to comment but indicated no accord was near with Doughty, a franchise defenseman and Norris Trophy finalist in 2009-10 as a second-year player.”

    I guess Helene Elliot doesn’t know what a deal in principle means either.

    • No, she does. She and I communicated last night. She is a very classy lady and I love our discussions.

      Separate from that, perhaps you need to distinguish between fact and opinion. It would also help to realize that during these negotiations, it is not uncommon to deny what is fact. Did Ryan Smyth deny asking for a trade after McKenzie broke it (and we not so coincidentally discussed it 1 week before McKenzie)? How many times has Dean Lombardi said “no” or denied something when a deal was in the works? Justin Williams come to mind?

      Hey, Drew said in that video that the numbers (money) is not a big deal. That has to be true right? Because he said it when asked? So, all this time that everyone has been talking about dollars (including the media), everyone had it wrong…because it’s not a big deal.

      Also, do you realize before this whole issue over “deal in principle” came up, we gave everyone what we meant by it (which is very different than your definition). Applying your definition of X to something we (before all of this) stated meant Y because Y does not meet your definition of X is an interesting way to hold a discussion.

      In any event, I acknowledge you have a different definition and opinion. That is cool. Mine is consistent with the parameters being set, your’s means that dollars are agreed upon, length is agreed upon, all other major terms are agreed upon and they are left to agree on…what…how much of it will be paid in 100s?

      Moving on…

  15. I’m sure Drew will do the right thing and be a team player by countering 9 years, $45m. We love you Drew!

    I will claim my beer at the St Louis game (10/18) during the first intermission from the short lady on the bottom level that sells Sierra Nevada, thanks.

  16. Any update? Helen says Meehan denies it all. Or is this just the game they play?

    • Ryan Smyth denied ever asking for a trade. How many times has Dean Lombardi (who is now stating “no comment” to the same questions by Helene) given an answer because he doesn’t want to divulge where the negotiations are. The negotiations have gotten to a critical point. If the offer is as we heard it to be – 7 years, $50 million – then I expect both sides to shut down and stop talking. I was actually surprised Drew said anything and I wonder if he got some grief when he said to the reporter that money is not a big deal, or whatever words he used. Let’s ask Meehan if he agrees with his client that the money is not a big deal. What do you think Meehan would say? No comment?

    • Look at my responses to the other comments. That should answer the question, which was a damn good question by the way.

  17. I thought same thing with video..Did see a new move he was trying..
    But that damn shark logo..I wanted to vomit!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  18. Well I was gonna say I’ll take a bud light but since everyone wants to talk nice beers then I’ll take an arrogant bastard please.. By the way bottom line is doughty is still a king and we still have 6 top line worthy forwards so be happy! Can you just imagine a line featuring mike Richards AND Dustin Brown?!? Just imagine it… Are you smiling now?

  19. If the your source for the $50m/7Y is the same guy who told you the cap hit for the 9 year deal is lower (per your previous post), this source is not credible in my opinion, simply based on logic. A nine year deal would produce a higher cap hit based on Doughty’s age today and how old he will be in 9 years. He’ll still be in his prime.

    No agent would negotiate a deal that saw the annual average shrink in Doughty’s situation on a 9 vs 7 year deal. I outlined what I believe what a more logical range is based on deals for comparable players that Don Meehan has previously negotiated and would logically use as a template:



    • Unless that nine year deal has a NTC/NMC in it and the 7 year doesn’t.

      Give up money per year for the clause.

      • Even an N*C version of the rumored 9Y offer wouldn’t require a player to give up that many dollars over such a long-term. The 7Y deal was said to be well above $7M AAV while the 9Y was said to be more than just a shade below $7M AAV.

        That’s too much much of variance.


        • Really? What if I told you that a 22 year old player had 2 contracts on the table, one for 10 years at $6.3 million per and one at 12 years for $5.75 million per. That would be one deal over $6M AAV and one just a shade below $6M AAV.

          Would you claim that would be impossible too? How could a player possibly give up that many dollars over such a long-term?

          Look at Mike Richards’s contract. Take away the last 2 years and that would be the exact scenario that Bobby is describing.

          You can’t use straight logic for contract negotations. You have no idea what is important for Drew and his agent. Maybe they want a front loaded contract and the 7 year deal is evenly distributed and the 9 year deal has most of the money in the first 5 years. There are a lot of variables at play here.

          If it was as easy as you claim, the deal would already be done.

    • Think so? Ok. I won’t comment further mostly because it would give up information I would prefer not to at this point so, let’s just see how it turns out. By the way, I would be pretty surprised if Drew signs any 9 year deal but we’ll see on that issue as well.


  1. Jack signed Drew not so much
  2. Dissecting The Dean Lombardi Quotes About The Drew Doughty Negotiations « S U R L Y & S C R I B E L.A. Kings Hockey Blog

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