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Nothing new on the 7 year, $52 million dollar offer. None of us still want to believe it is that high and, quite frankly, I hope we are wrong. Our source and I talked today and we agree it is a crazy number and nothing would make us happier than to be off by a few million. However, that is the number we heard so that is what we are passing along. We also got confirmation again that there are actually two offers on the table consistent with what we posted earlier yesterday (recall we posted a 7 year and 9 year offer, the latter under 7 million). I am curious about whether the deal has an NMC / NTC in it, whether Don Meehan wants one or else (which would in effect for 3 years in a 7 year deal) but we have not heard anything further about that.

After I saw a report today from EJ that the parties have not talked for weeks, our source checked again and again got confirmation that the parties did in fact talk earlier this week. On this issue, our source is very certain.

Once again, there is NO final deal. We never reported a final deal. We reported an offer and have now confirmed there are two offers on the table. So, Helene Elliot (who we adore and is our favorite hockey columnist) is absolutely right. There is no deal and I assume I don’t have to explain the difference between a deal and an offer.

We also got an update that Drew is very anxious to get this done. What I have heard, I cannot post but I don’t mean anxious, as in he is looking forward to a contract being eventually signed. I mean anxious as in what the F is taking so long…I sure hope this hasn’t become or will not become a pissing match of agent v. GM. If the offers we are hearing are correct, Dean is being beyond fair.

I wonder how long it will take before the powers that be shut down and stop talking to the media? That would be a good sign by the way.

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  1. Do you have any “spies” in London, ON to watch the chairty hockey game that Drew is playing in? Hopefully there will be some pictures of Drew in his hockey gear.

  2. I am glad, it sounds more like Drew just wants it done and the agent is doing the hard line.

  3. Didn’t Kopitar leave Meehan’s agency before signing his 7 year contract extension? Could it have been because Meehan wanted to wait until the summer to get a “better” deal?


  1. Doughty offer - 7 years, 52 million?

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