If a twat tweets twits, does a twit titter tatter twats?

I know Bobby loves it. I know most everyone seems to love it, but really, it’s wrong.

I promised myself I wouldn’t push my own agendas on this site, but I can’t help myself here. I have a serious disdain for twitter, despite its supposed benefits. I only even warmed to facebook (up to lukewarm from previously frostbitten) in the last few months.

Short form speed media only adds to mass confusion based on the misinterpretation of the ignorant. Despite the fact that I have read several pretty clear veiled insults thrown our way, the preceding statement of ignorance is not directed at anyone in particular, just kind of a broad feeling. It’s hard to even pinpoint where these things start on twitter. Its a cluster fuck over there. Like family members at Thanksgiving having 12 different conversations with people on the far end of the table. Often ignorance is to blame, but many times it is merely the expedited nature of twittering that leads to articles being skimmed and regurgitated incorrectly. The more I try and pay attention to twitter, the more I realize it’s an adult version of a game of telephone played with deaf people. This is one case where less is most definitely not more.

Maybe I am missed something, or had an aneurysm and wrote something during a blackout, but I don’t recall anyone, certainly not myself or Scribe, proclaiming that Doughty had a deal in place. And yet (again, unless I missed someone else reporting Doughty’s deal as being done or in place), our report last night that one of the deals offered to Doughty was for 7 years, $52 million, seems to have caused an avalanche of strange hysteria. Reports denied this, Lombardi/Meehan denied that. How can people deny something that was never claimed? Twitter, that’s how.