Quisp Takes Us To Task

Quisp from Jewels from the Crown runs a Kings blog that I read before, well, almost everything else. I would even comment there more if I didn’t have an irrational hatred for the login system at SB Nation (don’t argue with me, it’s irrational and I intend for it to stay that way). Most of you probably either read his site or remember him from the days when LA Kings Insider was Inside SoCal and was an interesting and less… Um… Clusterfucky, shall we say, forum in which to talk all things Kings. In fact, I know that we get several readers who come FROM Jewels from the Crown.

I make this post without an opinion (though there is a mild one in the comments of the article from me), but I pass this on mostly because it seems to be as good an opportunity as any introduce Quisp’s site to those who don’t have it bookmarked yet. So enjoy this article and the ones that come before it.

Looking at Surly & Scribe’s Track Record.

It’s an interesting day for this article as well, since the only update we have for you right now, and likely for the future until Doughty gets over the carpel tunnel and signs a contract, is radio silence. Don’t expect for Lombardi’s ‘no comment’ comment to Helene yesterday to be the last of those from Dean or the Kings, just as it was last year when he was sick of the Kovalchuk business being in the news.

In Dean We Trust.

I can’t wait to have actual hockey to write about. Summer sucks.

Go Kings Go!

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  1. Yo, S & S. I’m a reader “FROM Jewels from the Crown” and I like your blog, too. The rumoring isn’t really my thing but you guys write interesting stories (Love the one on Kings fans in the OC. Can I make one suggestion though? Ban sentences like this one, “It’s getting more interesting by the day,” forever. It’s very E5-ish, if you know what I mean.

    Looking forward to following your blog(s) through the season.

  2. Oh my, I kinda miss the old days of having Anthony around to bash throughout the summer.

  3. Hey, I enjoy both sites but thing you went out on a limb on that one.

    By the way, second on the “interesting” comment

  4. I could care less about your “track record” S&S. I come here because I love reading the articles you guys write, the insight I get about the Kings, and chatting with fellow fans. Keep it up guys!

    P.S. who doesn’t love a good rumor to keep summer interesting? ;)


  5. The SB nation thing isn’t irrational – the system really does suck.

  6. How about banning, “My sources say…” Your articles are great.

  7. I thought it was me with that damn log on..
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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